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Also known as England’s second city, the beautiful city of Manchester, sits quietly in the northeast side of London in a bowl-shaped terrain bordered by the Pennines in the North and East. The dazzling nightlights of the city, lush greenery of the nearby countryside, and plethora of outstanding museums and galleries presenting the visual treats of the majestic city will make your jaw drop. Manchester is the sixth biggest city in the whole of England is home to almost half a million people.People who are welcoming, kind, and are said to have a great sense of humor. The diversity in Manchester is brilliant and vivid.

Take That Concert, Manchester
Music Concert, Manchester       |      Image by Dark Dwarf from flickr 

Another amazing aspect of the city is its warmth. The friendly people and their kind hospitality with blemishes of great sense of humour add to the terrain’s generosity. If we go back in time then the land of Manchester has witnessed industrial revolution as well as had a great influence on Marxism. It is also the origin of famous bands like The Smiths and Oasis. You will find a plethora of amazing music festivals, concerts, and live shows throughout the year. It is known for the rich musical inheritance it has and how gloriously the city embraces it. It is said to be the birthplace of indie music. Manchester’s association with music makes it fun, chic, and even happening throughout the whole year.This shows how rich the heritage and culture the city has.


National Museum
Manchester Art Gallery        |        Image by  It's No Game from flickr 

Take a break from the mundane of your everyday life and explore the antique showrooms, vintage record stores, and authentic boutiques. You sure would not get bored. The city is jam packed with fine dining, topnotch restaurants, and cutesy cafes. The place is filled with endless surprises and activities. Take a stroll in Heaton Park or admire the beauty of Manchester Art Gallery. You do you.  As the city is the home of two of the best football teams in the world- Manchester City and Manchester United, sports enthusiasts will find their homage in the radiant culture of the city. So, what are you waiting for? Take a sniff of the serendipity and serenity in the calming air of Manchester. The city vouches an experience that you will remember forever. 


Image by gtgt from Pixabay

Cathedral, Manchester

Commence your vacation by paying a visit to the majestic Cathedral of the city. It's charming grandeur and glory of Neo-gothic architecture will make your jaw drop. Located on Victoria Street in the city's centre, the stunning structure is known for its elegance.Take a trip around the cathedral that transports you to a time which was simpler yet calm. A true escape from the stressful hubbub of your everyday life.

Image by  stacey.cavanagh from flickr 

Heaton Park

You deserve a splendid day with your beau when on an exotic vacation. The beautiful park vouches to woe you with its lush greenery and variety in flora. It is home to a quaint yet charming boating lake next to a cutesy Lakeside Cafe. The woodlands, gardens, open space under the blue sky of Manchester, and occasional visits by some animals make Heaton a precious gem.

Image by Gene Hunt from flickr 


This inner city conservation area is known for being a touristy spot for a long time. In 1982, Castlefield became the United Kingdom's first designated urban heritage park. As of now, it is jam-packed with a plethora of restaurants and bars. It serves as an abode to two radio stations as well- Hits Radio and Greatest Hits Radio. The canals, warehouse, and even layout of Castlefield create a warm and hospitable environment around it.

Image by michael_d_beckwith from flickr 

John Rylands Library

One of the most remarkable places in Manchester charms its visitors with its gothic vibe with blemishes of late-victorian era type architecture. The High ceiling, oriel windows, white marble statues of John Cassidy will leave you in awe of the place. The place has been blessed by a visit from Charles, Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall themselves. A must visit whenever in the charming city of Manchester.

Image by  Steven Robertson. From flickr  

Science and Industry Museum

Based on the site of the world's oldest railway station, the Science and Industry Museum is a place which holds the pride of Manchester. It consists of 12 galleries, the Power Hall, with water and steam-driven machines from the golden era of the textile industry, as well as vintage made-in-Manchester cars. It's Collection includes a rare 1904 Rolls Royce that is truly a visual delight.

Image by  Neil T from flickr

People's History Museum

This amazing museum houses the story of Britain's 200 year March to democracy and expresses all the pain and pathos perfectly. The museum is blessed with different galleries like the changing exhibition gallery, community gallery apart from the main ones. It is stunningly refurbished in Edwardian Pumping Station.It is so significant to the city as it depicts the history of working people in Britain. This national museum is unique as well as interesting, and of much relevance as it shows the history of the struggle for democracy and equality in the UK. Take a stroll through the museum and live a 200 year old journey meeting the reformers, revolutionaries, voters, and citizens who endlessly strived to see an independent and free England.

Image by wagon16 from flickr 


Lying at a stretch of just 10.3 miles from the heart of the city of Manchester rests this market town in Tameside. With a population of about 45,198 people, this quaint and cute town proves to be a nice place to spend a happy weekend at. Bid adieu to the tormented mundane of your city life and embrace the little surprises Ashton has to offer.

Image by TrotterFechan from flickr 


Contrary to the words of Ewan Macoll song ‘Dirt Old Town’, Salford proves to be rather splendid. It is known for its rich and cheerful cultural scene throughout the year. The town is the hub for live music festivals and vibrant concerts. Something or the other is always up here. Lying at a close proximity of 2.3 miles from Manchester, one must take a trip to this woeful place. Happen to be in the city? Then you have to make a trip to Salford. It is worth it.

Image by davidwilson1949 from flickr


Take a turn and explore the beautiful Altrincham that is tucked about 10 miles from the city. So, do not hesitate to extend your trip and navigate the lanes of this charming city. The small town rests in close proximity from the city of Manchester so it can be easily accessed. The crisp blue sky, fresh green terrain, and silky clouds above it will leave you in absolute awe of the place. So, do not forget to visit this beautiful place whenever in Manchester.

Image by  flöschen from flickr 


At a distance of 28.9 miles from the centre of Manchester lays the small yet serene village of Edale. Plan a beautiful day with your family in the heart of the city. It provides you with enough opportunities to have fun and rejuvenate your spirits or just enjoy its lush green terrain. The civil parish is truly a beautiful treat to look at. So, make a U-turn and extend your trip because Edale eagerly waits for you.

Image by pauldaley1977 from Pixabay 


One of the most famous cities in the whole of England is the majestic city of Liverpool. Located at a stretch of 35 miles from the core of Manchester, Liverpool can be easily and quickly reached out. The city is booming with restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, markets, and cutesy cafes. Liverpool is the perfect getaway for an exhilarating and fun trip.

Image by Matt Cody from Pixabay 


Lying at a distance of just 40.1 miles from the heart of Manchester lays the woeful city of Chester. The city is blessed with the best surviving Roman Fortress Wall in Northern Europe. The gothic blemishes in its contemporary setting imprint a stunning layout all over the city. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and make do of your time in this amazing place.

Image by SnapHappyUK from Pixabay


Tucked about 51.4 miles away from the city of Manchester is the charming and beautiful city of Blackpool. The town plus seaside resort has a fun, hip at the same time serene and calm atmosphere around the place that leaves you in absolute awe. The place is well-connected to different commute facilities so you can easily reach out.

Image by  Steven Penton from flickr


This large seaside town will urge you to dive in its beauty and indulge in the culture. It is eleventh most populous settlement in North West England. The town has a hearty crowd and fun activities going on throughout the year. As it lies at a close proximity of just 43 miles from the city of Manchester, you ought to visit Southport.

Image by  michael_d_beckwith from flickr


Located at a distance of just 15 miles from the heart of Manchester, the charming city of Bolton is an absolute must-visit. This town has formerly been the production centre for textiles and thus the large town is thick with history and heritage. Explore the dingy lanes or chic cafes around the town with your beau and plan a splendid day in the heart of Bolton.

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