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Route Summary - Manchester to Liverpool

Don't subject yourself to a lifetime of regret by missing out on Liverpool on a trip to Manchester! The magnificent city of Liverpool is truly one of a kind! The city offers the tourists and travellers a variety of incredible experiences that deeply and  beautifully impact their hearts, minds and souls! Don't jump to conclusions just yet! It is not just the city, but also the route between the two cities that enchants the touristy souls! The route between Manchester and Liverpool is all set to captivate you in its ethereal beauty if you do decide to travel by a private taxi! Laced with huge trees, carefully resting in the arms of nature, the journey by road from Manchester to Liverpool is breath-taking! Not just that! You can stop by and treat yourself with the traditional English breakfast in the countryside!

All you need to do to experience this rarity is travel from Manchester to Liverpool by taxi! Rydeu offers taxi services from Manchester to Liverpool! With a plethora of offers to choose from, budget-friendly and luxurious rides, no hidden costs and a 24*7 customer service to cater to the smallest of needs of its customers, Rydeu is all set to be your best travel-buddy!

Distance between Manchester and Liverpool -  Approximately 35 miles

Journey time - 1 hr



Also known as England’s second city, the beautiful city of Manchester, sits quietly in the northeast side of London in a bowl-shaped terrain bordered by the Pennines in the North and East. The dazzling nightlights of the city, lush greenery of the nearby countryside, and plethora of outstanding museums and galleries presenting the visual treats of the majestic city will make your jaw drop. Manchester is the sixth biggest city in the whole of England is home to almost half a million people.People who are welcoming, kind, and are said to have a great sense of humor. The diversity in Manchester is brilliant and vivid. Take a break from the mundane routine of your everyday life and explore the antique showrooms, vintage record stores, and authentic boutiques. The city vouches an experience that you will remember forever. 


The captivating sights and hustle of cosmopolitan make Liverpool makes itself the best of both worlds. The city gives her visitors the exquisite beauty of the Albert Dock and a nostalgic sting with the medieval layout of certain streets and buildings in the setting of this wholesome hip city. Having the perfect mix of all the realms, the city offers you picturesque sights of breath-taking landscapes whose image you will carry like a polaroid in your heart. Being tucked at a location that lies in close proximity to different major cities, Liverpool is the centre of attention of various visitors throughout the year.  It is a true treat for both- local inhabitants and people on happy holidays. The charming city of Liverpool has so much to offer.