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Also known as England’s second city, the beautiful city of Manchester, sits quietly in the northeast side of London in a bowl-shaped terrain bordered by the Pennines in the North and East. The dazzling nightlights of the city, lush greenery of the nearby countryside, and plethora of outstanding museums and galleries presenting the visual treats of the majestic city will make your jaw drop. Manchester is the sixth biggest city in the whole of England is home to almost half a million people.People who are welcoming, kind, and are said to have a great sense of humor. The diversity in Manchester is brilliant and vivid.

Take That Concert, Manchester
Music Concert, Manchester       |      Image by Dark Dwarf from flickr 

Another amazing aspect of the city is its warmth. The friendly people and their kind hospitality with blemishes of great sense of humour add to the terrain’s generosity. If we go back in time then the land of Manchester has witnessed industrial revolution as well as had a great influence on Marxism. It is also the origin of famous bands like The Smiths and Oasis. You will find a plethora of amazing music festivals, concerts, and live shows throughout the year. It is known for the rich musical inheritance it has and how gloriously the city embraces it. It is said to be the birthplace of indie music. Manchester’s association with music makes it fun, chic, and even happening throughout the whole year.This shows how rich the heritage and culture the city has.


National Museum
Manchester Art Gallery        |        Image by  It's No Game from flickr 

Take a break from the mundane of your everyday life and explore the antique showrooms, vintage record stores, and authentic boutiques. You sure would not get bored. The city is jam packed with fine dining, topnotch restaurants, and cutesy cafes. The place is filled with endless surprises and activities. Take a stroll in Heaton Park or admire the beauty of Manchester Art Gallery. You do you.  As the city is the home of two of the best football teams in the world- Manchester City and Manchester United, sports enthusiasts will find their homage in the radiant culture of the city. So, what are you waiting for? Take a sniff of the serendipity and serenity in the calming air of Manchester. The city vouches an experience that you will remember forever.