Image by  Jorge Franganillo from flickr 

Image by  Jorge Franganillo from flickr 

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Malmo City Guide And Airport Transfer Service

The third largest city in Sweden, Malmö is an industrial city with emerging IT companies, evolving architectural developments and a wide majority of students in its population. The beautiful mix of the old and the new; from the historical buildings of Gamla Staden to the contemporary architecture of Västra Hamnen's waterfront, attracts visitors globally.


Oresund Bridge,Malmo     |    Image by Thomas Arvidsson from Pixabay 

Originally a fortified port, Malmö was founded in1272 and dominated the trade industry. The industrial revolution and the opening of the Oresund bridge in 2000, accelerated the business surrounding the port. Due to the presence of foreign companies and organizations in the city which provide employment to the majority of its citizens, the city bustles with culture and life.


Lilla Torg,Malmo        |        Image by  Jorge Franganillo from flickr 

The Oresund bridge is world-famous and is an evident example of the daring feats of construction and engineering of the city. An impressive modern structure, it is an 8 km railway and motorway bridge which provides traffic relief to the thousands of people commuting daily to work.

Wander around the Old Town and explore the myriad variety of small shops, quaint restaurants and sophisticated galleries. The city hosts a huge collection of museums and is a learner’s paradise. Explore modern design at the Form/Design Center located south of the historic Lilla Torg. A lovely space dedicated to modern art, design and architecture, replete with a courtyard and café, this museum is an art lover’s haven. Visit the gorgeous Malmöhus Castle and spend a day reimagining the life of Swedish royalty in the 16th century. The oldest preserved Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, it hosts an aquarium and museum, displaying various exhibitions from Nordic art to history of the city

Best Time to Visit Malmo

Malmo has an oceanic climate. Days last for 17 hours during summers but only 7 hours during winters. Summers are mild and pleasant whereas winters can get cold, with temperatures dropping to -3 °C. It’s a fairly windy city due to its location at the edge of the sea.

Considered to be one of the most eclectic cities of the country, spiraling modern skyscrapers line the landscape and centuries-old brick houses surround the city giving it a splash of diversity, this magnificent city finds a permanent place in your heart. 


Book your Airport Transfers in Malmo

Considered to be one of the country’s best, Malmo’s public transportation system is exceptional. With an extremely organized system of buses, trains and cycles, one is subjected to a completely different point of view of the city.

   Bus,Malmo        |  Image by 

Skånetrafiken manages the public transportation in the area and is responsible for all the transfers in Malmo. The company runs green buses for transfers in the town and yellow intercity busses for transfers to surrounding cities.

Train,Malmo        |        Image by interbeat from flickr 

Public transportation is preferred even for commutes of long distance due to its good coverage in the region. A thing to keep in mind is that tickets can be bought only online, vending machines or at a ticket office. You can’t buy tickets from drivers on buses and it is difficult to pay in cash. It is recommended to pay onboard using a Jojo Card. They are available at many retail stores including 7-11 and Coop stores and are preloaded with 200SEK. Credit cards are accepted by the yellow intercity buses but not the green local buses.

The railway system is also extremely efficient for transfers in and out of the city. The Öresund Line trains connect Malmö to Copenhagen and operate every 20 minutes during the day and hourly late at night. The journey takes around 35 minutes. Some of the X 2000 and Intercity trains also provide convenient and easy transfers to Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Kalmar.

Best discovered on a cycle, Malmo is interlaced with numerous bicycle paths to encourage people to opt for rides. Rent a bike at Travelshop, which is situated in central Malmö and pass mesmerizing and delightful parks on your way to the Emporia shopping center. Admire the view from the Oresund Bridge abutment and keep cycling along the famous Ribersborg beach till you reach the Western Harbour and the unique skyscraper Turning Torso. You can rent a bike from Malmö by bike and Donkey Republic too.

Taxis can be handy when you want to avoid crowds and travel without any waiting time. For easy, stress-free travel, Rydeu provides private transfers in and around the city. Rydeu strives to make every journey safe and enjoyable.


Malmo Airport Transfers and Private Taxi Service

Transfers from Malmö Airport, formerly known as Sturup Airport, are extremely easy and convenient.  Your journey begins at the airport itself and a lot depends on the method of airport transfers chosen

Airport Bus,Malmo      |       Image by Håkan Dahlström from flickr

The airport is located 28 km from the inner city of Malmö and this distance is covered by car in almost 30 minutes.

Airport transfers are extremely easy due to the shuttle bus service Flygbussarna. This service connects the airport and Centralstation, the main railway station in the city. The bus service has numerous stops in its route and it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Studentgatan, the bus stop in the centre. The bus operates hourly every week except on Saturdays, when it runs less frequently. The tickets can be purchased at the airport and in the city, yet it is recommended to book the tickets in advance as they are cheaper. You can also book your tickets online with Omio.  If accompanied by a paying adult, two children up to 7 years can travel without a ticket. Gråhundbus coaches provide easy transfers to Copenhagen 30 minutes after every Ryanair flight arrival. Wizzair's bus is another alternative which provides convenient transfers to Copenhagen.

Taxis are a convenient choice from travelling from the airport especially at night when there is no public transportation and you have a lot of luggage. The taxi stand is located directly outside the terminal of the airport. The taxi market is deregulated hence there isn’t any fixed price. It takes around 550 SEK and up to 25 minutes to reach the city center by taxi. It is always recommended to use the services of well-known firms.  Rydeu provides an easy solution for all your travel woes with easy airport transfers. They are cheap, affordable and leave you hassle-free to enjoy the journey to your destination.



Malmo Museer
Malmo Museer       |        Image by vitamindave from flickr 

Must-See Attractions in Dubai

1. Malmö Museer

Situated in the Malmöhus Slott, Malmö Museer includes three of the most popular museums in the city, the Malmö Konstmuseum, which houses exhibitions and displays ranging from Swedish furniture to historic Nordic art, Stadsmuseum which discovers the vast history of Malmo and a beloved Aquarium which is famous among children.


Vastra Hamnen
Vastra Hamnen      |        Image by Infomastern from flickr


2. Västra Hamnen

A vibrant area situated just 2,5 km from the Old Town, Västra Hamnen showcases the modernity of the city. Take a stroll in the area and window-shop at the numerous quaint boutiques with your friends and family. You can also enjoy a marvelous cup of coffee and marvel at the wonderful Öresund bridge and the Turning Torso.


Malmo Travel Tips

How to get from Stockholm to Malmo?

Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is well known for its iconic city hall. It has the world’s first open air museum and Abba museum. Malmo on the other hand, coastal city in the southern Sweden, is known for its beautiful city parks. The cities are approximately 615 kilometres apart. If you’re planning to travel between these cities, it will take you nearly 7 hr 15 min to cover the distance via E4. You have many options to choose from; You can fly to Stockholm, this is the fastest way to reach your destination. You’ll reach in merely 1h 39m and it will cost you anywhere between €32 - €194. You can take the train from Malmö Centralstation to Stockholm Centralstation which will take nearly 4h 30m. The journey will cost you around €29 - €70. There another option for train as well. It is via Eslöv. You can take the train from Eslöv station to Stockholm Centralstation. It will take nearly 6h 10m to reach your destination and will cost you from €30 - €46. The Bus transfer is one of the easiest ways to commute. You can take the bus from Malmö central train station to Stockholm, the journey will take 8h. It will cost you anywhere between €30 - €100. You can also prebook a taxi or a private transfer to travel between the cities. A taxi will cost you around €670 + waiting charges (if any). Whereas, a private transfer not only provides you with premium services but an array of offers to choose from. It is budget-friendly, premium and provides quality service. A private transfer will cost you nearly €1135. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable transfer provider, visit At Rydeu, you can choose from an array of drivers. With a secure online booking process, pay later option, and free cancellation, enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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