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Image by  Jorge Franganillo from flickr 

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The third largest city in Sweden, Malmö is an industrial city with emerging IT companies, evolving architectural developments and a wide majority of students in its population. The beautiful mix of the old and the new; from the historical buildings of Gamla Staden to the contemporary architecture of Västra Hamnen's waterfront, attracts visitors globally.


Oresund Bridge,Malmo     |    Image by Thomas Arvidsson from Pixabay 

Originally a fortified port, Malmö was founded in1272 and dominated the trade industry. The industrial revolution and the opening of the Oresund bridge in 2000, accelerated the business surrounding the port. Due to the presence of foreign companies and organizations in the city which provide employment to the majority of its citizens, the city bustles with culture and life.


Lilla Torg,Malmo        |        Image by  Jorge Franganillo from flickr 

The Oresund bridge is world-famous and is an evident example of the daring feats of construction and engineering of the city. An impressive modern structure, it is an 8 km railway and motorway bridge which provides traffic relief to the thousands of people commuting daily to work.

Wander around the Old Town and explore the myriad variety of small shops, quaint restaurants and sophisticated galleries. The city hosts a huge collection of museums and is a learner’s paradise. Explore modern design at the Form/Design Center located south of the historic Lilla Torg. A lovely space dedicated to modern art, design and architecture, replete with a courtyard and café, this museum is an art lover’s haven. Visit the gorgeous Malmöhus Castle and spend a day reimagining the life of Swedish royalty in the 16th century. The oldest preserved Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, it hosts an aquarium and museum, displaying various exhibitions from Nordic art to history of the city

Malmo has an oceanic climate. Days last for 17 hours during summers but only 7 hours during winters. Summers are mild and pleasant whereas winters can get cold, with temperatures dropping to -3 °C. It’s a fairly windy city due to its location at the edge of the sea.

Considered to be one of the most eclectic cities of the country, spiraling modern skyscrapers line the landscape and centuries-old brick houses surround the city giving it a splash of diversity, this magnificent city finds a permanent place in your heart.