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Madrid City Guide

Nestled over the River Manzanares, Madrid is known to be the capital of Spain. Named as the second largest city due to the huge population that it embraces, the city is a hub for all the football fans all around the world and entertains a huge crowd throughout the year. There are places that are so beautiful that words fall short while describing them and Madrid is one of those places, a perfect amalgamation of culture, adventure, food and history, this alluring city must be on every traveller’s list.

Puerta de Alcalá
Puerta de Alcalá

Home to one of the oldest football clubs in the world, Madrid is a city that never fails to surprise its visitors with an array of options. History is the witness of some of the finest art and architecture that Madrid has featured along with showering its love and nurturing the unique artist Goya and Velázquez that have helped in gaining the popularity that this vibrant city currently holds. 

Madrid might not have The Leaning Tower of Paris or architectural history of Rome but Madrid displays the picturesque backdrop of the merry city. From ancient mansions to contemporary masterpieces, the quaint brickwork and the slate barb of Madrid baroque and the confection of the world-famous belle époque. Put purely, Madrid is a dream city for travellers.

Setting an exemplary example in the forte of cuisine, the travellers can witness the ultimate wholehearted hospitality that the city offers. From the old town cafes to modern themed bars, one can enjoy it all. Make sure to try some of the most popular dishes such as Cocido Madrileno, Callos a la madrileña and Oreja a la plancha.

Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Image by Mati Angulo via Pexels


Best Time To Visit The City

Imagine balmy temps blowing through the city when you take a walk with your loved ones on the narrow lanes overshadowed with branched leaves. If that makes the traveller within you come alive then make sure to book the tickets to this city either in Fall (September to November) or during the spring (March to May). The weather is the nicest during these two seasons when the city comes into its true form, featuring nothing but the best. 

For all the soccer fans out there, well, the love for the game will pull you pretty much during any time of the year. However, if you are looking to save up on the extra bucks, you can consider travelling during the winter season when hotels reduce their price due to the fall in the tourist’s rate. 


Madrid Taxi Transfers

Madrid is a city of Joy, adventure and rich culture encompassed in the centuries-old rustic buildings. Mouth-drooling cuisine is something that must be experienced by every visitor while visiting the city.

Bus Transportation
Bus Transportation, Madrid
Image by ra_fus

This is of no surprise that a city like Madrid entertains a huge crowd with love for soccer throughout the year, therefore gives the traveller an array of options to explore the places, rock the night-life with your buddies and soak in the ethereal beauty of the city at its best. Taxis in Madrid are most comfy, preferred and easy modes of transportation to observe the magnificent architecture that the country boasts.


Metros are known for interconnecting one place to the other, the metros connect one region of the city to the suburbs which makes travelling easy for the passengers who wish to reach their destination via a metro. A single ticket can be bought for 1.5-2 EUR.


Busses are yet another convenient transportation method for roaming around the city or from one sightseeing place to the other. A single ticket for one trip can be bought at a price as low as 1.50 EUR.

Madrid is known to be the most populous city in Spain and boasts a large area, nurturing its locals. Trains also referred to as Renfe is yet another transportation facility provided by the government, different lines have different fares to travel. For instance, a single ticket for Zone ½ can be bought for 1.5 EUR while a single ticket for Green Zone would cost around 8.3 EUR. 


Imagine having a private transport that picks you up directly from your accommodation, drops you on your exact desired location, sounds like a dream, right? Madrid taxi prices are usually high due to a large number of tourists that the city boasts, however, if chosen smartly, you can travel without going too harsh on your pocket. Rydeu provides the best taxi service in Madrid to all its clients, if you want to travel freely without the nuisance of the chaos of the crowd, explore the offers to grab the best deal. Book Cheap Madrid Taxi to travel from one place to the other In the snap of a finger.

Madrid Airport Transfers and Taxis

Now that you have finally reached Madrid, you will witness an array of transportations that you can opt for. Trains, Metros, Busses and Taxis from Madrid Airport to the city centre are some of the most preferred modes of transportations to reach to the city centre from the Airport.

Taxi Transportation
Taxi Transportation,Madrid
Image by ndrwfgg

While metros can land the passenger from one place to the other at a cost-effective price, the passengers should be aware and ready for the crowd that they are going to face in the cheap mode of transport which is preferred by more than half of the crowd residing in Madrid. The tickets can be bought in 4-5 EUR along with a small airport fee of 3 EUR which is added in the fare. 


Busses are nothing less than a paradise for the backpackers who wish to reach their accommodation without exceeding their target budget set for exploring the city. However, be ready to stand in the moving bus with all the luggage that you are carrying, if you are lucky enough, you might get a seat on the bus. The bus fare costs somewhere around 1.50 EUR and offers some rich sight of the city while dropping you off at the city centre.

Airport Taxi

Madrid Airport taxi transfers will save you from the hassle of travelling amidst the sweat or standing on a moving bus. Private Taxi transfers will not only provide you with all the comfort that you deserve but will also give you an option to choose your desired ride according to your budget and need. Rydeu provides a class apart Taxi service from Madrid Airport to the tourists wishing to reach their accommodation in the blink of an eye.

There are innumerable things that this city offers, it depends on the tourists how many places they can explore. During the 16th and 17th century when the Spanish Empire started spanning, Madrid saw a huge rise in the historical architectures and cultural monuments. Here are the most advisable places to explore in Madrid by Rydeu.

Royal Palace
Royal Palace
Image by ddzphoto via Pixabay

1. Royal Palace

An amalgamation of Baroque architecture with neoclassical styles, this Royal palace was constructed in the mid-1700s for a former king and is known to be the largest luxurious palace in the western part of Europe. Visit the inside of this palace to witness the unique works by Goya, Caravaggio and Velázquez.




Image by juanmaalmazan via Pixabay

2. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Home to one of the most successful football clubs in the world, this stadium is the place which is held accountable for the arrival of the majority of tourists all around the world. This gargantuan stadium is widely spread in the huge area and has the capacity to accommodate 85,000 fans all at once. 



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