Airport Transfers in Maastricht

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Maastricht Aachen Airport is the second largest hub for cargo flights in the Netherlands and is located northeast of Maastricht. Annually, 240,000 tons of air cargo are handled here. It is close to the German town Aachen and Belgian cities like Liege and Genk as well. The primary catchment area of Maastricht is within one hour driving distance to the airport.

With a tumultuous history, Maastricht was decided as the location for opening an airfield after much debate. The expansion of the airport accelerated during the early 1960s and domestic travel picked up as well. Since privatization of the airport in the early 200s, there have been significant investments made in the airport infrastructure.

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Airlines like Ryanair, Enter Air and Corendon airlines operate regular scheduled and charter flights from the airport.

The handling of the general aviation aircraft is done by the Jet Center which operates from a hangar which is located on the eastern side of the airport. There is a training organization for aircraft mechanics called The Aviation Competence Centre on the airport itself. A part of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation called The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre is located right next to the airport.

Trade Center Global Investments became Maastricht Aachen airport’s new operator in 2016. The intention was to increase the total number of flights and to operate the airport in a more sustainable way. Some unique features of the airport include having no capacity constraints, no specific slot coordination and guarantee of the best value. For a wide range of maintenance activities, the Samco Aircraft Maintenance B.V is responsible and it operates from a hangar situated at the east end of the airport.

A hotel is due to be opened during 2020 for the comfort of the passengers right adjacent to the passenger terminal building.