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Lyon, also known as Lyons is known to be the third largest city of France. Situated at a distance of approximately 470 km in the south-eastern direction of Paris, the city is very close to Marseille. Lyon is the second most populous city in the country and is the capital of Auvergne- Rhone-Alps region. If you want to explore a place which is a perfect blend of architecture, history and gastronomy at its best. Due to the ethereal beauty of the city, a part of it has been declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts tourists from all around the world. Dating back to ancient times, the city was known for the fine production and weaving of silk.

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Lyon is known to be the cinematic capital of the country due to the significant role that it has played in the history of cinema. The light festival, referred to as Fête des lumières by the locals starts from 8th December and entertains people for 4 days with its jaw-dropping beauty which is why Lyon is also seen to be the capital of lights. The place is considered to be an absolute paradise for all the food lovers out there, due to the rich gourmet and popular French cuisine, Lyon is declared to be the culinary capital of France which helps the city in regaining its popularity amongst travellers. 

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The city offers a bit to every sort of traveller that visits it, from a historical geek to an adventure freak, the city will try to provide its best for everyone to explore. It is comparatively cheaper and more convenient for backpackers as compared to many other cities in France like Nice, Paris et cetera. It is also very compact which means that the best way to soak in every bit of the beauty and try numerous local dishes is possible by exploring the city on foot. 

Best Time To Visit Lyon 

If you are looking to visit the city centre when it is filled by the chaos of the foreigners during the peak season, be prepared to go a bit hard on your budget. Summer months which are June, July and August are considered to be the most expensive time to visit the city, the hotels are in high demand and so are the other things such as transportation, restaurant reservations. If you are looking to visit the city in the shoulder month when you do not have to spend too much and enjoy every leverage that the city offers, you can visit during the months of September to October. Cool autumn wind and serene streets with locals is what you would be able to find during the shoulder months. 

The months from November to April are seen to welcome the tourists in the cheapest airfare ever. The cold dark months also assure luxurious accommodation at an exceptionally low price due to the downfall in tourists’ rate. Make sure to pre book your ticket if you want to grab the best deals on hotels, airlines and sightseeing.