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Lyon City Guide

Lyon, also known as Lyons is known to be the third largest city of France. Situated at a distance of approximately 470 km in the south-eastern direction of Paris, the city is very close to Marseille. Lyon is the second most populous city in the country and is the capital of Auvergne- Rhone-Alps region. If you want to explore a place which is a perfect blend of architecture, history and gastronomy at its best. Due to the ethereal beauty of the city, a part of it has been declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts tourists from all around the world. Dating back to ancient times, the city was known for the fine production and weaving of silk.

Lyon City        |        Image by Baptiste_lheurette

Lyon is known to be the cinematic capital of the country due to the significant role that it has played in the history of cinema. The light festival, referred to as Fête des lumières by the locals starts from 8th December and entertains people for 4 days with its jaw-dropping beauty which is why Lyon is also seen to be the capital of lights. The place is considered to be an absolute paradise for all the food lovers out there, due to the rich gourmet and popular French cuisine, Lyon is declared to be the culinary capital of France which helps the city in regaining its popularity amongst travellers. 

Lyon City Night View        |        Image by Thomas43

The city offers a bit to every sort of traveller that visits it, from a historical geek to an adventure freak, the city will try to provide its best for everyone to explore. It is comparatively cheaper and more convenient for backpackers as compared to many other cities in France like Nice, Paris et cetera. It is also very compact which means that the best way to soak in every bit of the beauty and try numerous local dishes is possible by exploring the city on foot. 

Best Time To Visit Lyon 

If you are looking to visit the city centre when it is filled by the chaos of the foreigners during the peak season, be prepared to go a bit hard on your budget. Summer months which are June, July and August are considered to be the most expensive time to visit the city, the hotels are in high demand and so are the other things such as transportation, restaurant reservations. If you are looking to visit the city in the shoulder month when you do not have to spend too much and enjoy every leverage that the city offers, you can visit during the months of September to October. Cool autumn wind and serene streets with locals is what you would be able to find during the shoulder months. 

The months from November to April are seen to welcome the tourists in the cheapest airfare ever. The cold dark months also assure luxurious accommodation at an exceptionally low price due to the downfall in tourists’ rate. Make sure to pre book your ticket if you want to grab the best deals on hotels, airlines and sightseeing. 

Lyon Taxi Transfers

Lyon Taxi Transfers in the city is not only easy but is also very convenient. There are several modes of transportation that one can opt for, such as Trams, Busses and Metros. Since the range of tourists is more in the city, the facilities provided for the comfort of its travellers are huge as well. Lyon’s public transport network comprises 4 metro lines, innumerable bus routes, 6 tram lines and 2 Funicular railways. 

Urban Rail, Lyon                          Image by UrbanRail

The visitors can enjoy travelling from Vieux Lyon to Fourvière from 5 AM to midnight. The ticket costs approximately 1.80 EUR for every sort of transport, you can also save some extra bucks by buying a ticket for 10 rides for only 16.20 EUR. If you are travelling in a tram or a bus, you can buy the ticket directly from the bus or tram driver, if you are travelling from a metro, there’s a vending machine from where you can buy your tickets. Lyon city cards can be bought in 22-24 EUR and permits you to travel unlimited from one sightseeing place to the other for the registered time. Lyon is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the beautiful Vieux Lyon and Croix-Rousse. To reach the beautiful city, Lyon, the travellers will have to take the flight for Lyon St Exupery Airport.

Fitness fanatics can explore the city on a bicycle, Lyon offers approximately 200 stations which rent bicycles to both locals as well as the tourists. Vélo'v bikes come in a red & silver colour and can be enjoyed for 24 hours in just 1.50 EUR, if you have planned a long trip, you can even consider renting the bike for a week in just 5 EUR. Boat rides are a great way to experience the lavish transportation in a cheap price, the docks can be found from Saône and will help you in travelling from one place to the other in just 2 EUR per hour. 

Taxi Service

Lyon Sightseeing Transfers are quick, cheap and comfortable with the private transportation facility, Taxis will assure on door dropping at every sight that you want to explore eradicating the trouble of walking from the dropping point to your sightseeing and vice versa while travelling to your accommodation. Make sure to explore the offers before booking your taxis.

Lyon Airport Transfers and Taxis

Now that you have reached this city with beauty dangling on the alluring sights of this place to assure the finest cuisine that can be ever found in France. Lyon Airport Transfers to the city centre can be done in 2 ways that is via a Tram, also known as Rhonexpress and a taxi from Lyon airport.

Taxi Service, Lyon      |       Image by Wikipedia

The Rhonexpress is the most preferred mode of transfers to reach the accommodation from the airport. The passengers can enjoy the leverage of reaching the heart of the city in just 29 minutes to drop you off at the main train station of Lyon, Part-Dieu. After landing on the train station, the traveller can opt to take a metro from there or a private cab. A single ticket can be bought in just 16.10 EUR but if you choose to buy the ticket online, you can avail a discount of 2 EUR. You can catch the tram after walking 5 minutes from the arrival terminal, you can follow the signs for P4/Gare express. For the travellers that are looking to have a convenient trip, we would advise you to avoid travelling through a tram as you will not be having the perk to reach at the city centre. If you are travelling with a lot of baggage, the tram travel is going to be very problematic and full of trouble, initiating a bad trip. 

Taxi Transfers from Lyon Airport

Lyon Airport transfers to the city centre is nothing less than heaven for travellers who are looking for a laid back trip. You can eradicate the inconvenience of travelling from the airport to the train station and then from the train station to the city centre by booking a taxi from Lyon airport. Book a ride with Rydeu and assure a comfy transfer from Lyon Airport to the city centre.

The second most alluring city of France is surprisingly underrated and undiscovered. Although the city isn’t included in the itinerary of the majority of travellers visiting the city, it sure does offer some of the most historic places, painted with the cultural colours of the country. Dating back to the ancient Roman period with rich history, Lyon has earned the title of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With the aim to entertain every sort of traveller, from adventure seekers to nature lovers, Lyon would not fail to secure a special place in your heart. Top places to explore in the city are mentioned below.

Vieux, Lyon                                           Image by loictijsseling via Pixabay

1.Vieux Lyon

If you want to explore Lyon at its best, start your day by visiting one of the most prestigious and the largest renaissance old quarters of the country situated in the city. Dating back to the ancient centuries when silk was the thriving and the rich silk merchants and retailers decided to settle in the city. The gothic laid back buildings in baroque architecture with a touch of French touch, there are approximately 300 buildings in the city of Saint-Jean and Saint-Paules. The visitors can explore the beautiful city with rich architecture and tall buildings.


Fourviere Basilica, Lyon                  Image by CETIAT via Pixabay

2. Fourvière Basilica

Situated on the Fourvière hill, this basilica is situated in the western part of the city and is known to be one of the most classic churches in the history of France. Fourvière Basilica is found in the oldest part of Lyon where numerous other pilgrimage sites have been found in the past. With a jaw-dropping interior and an iconic exterior, this church will sway you with its beauty and culture in the best way possible. The basilica is dedicated  to Virgin Mary, who fought against the bubonic plague and saved the city and its citizens from the contagious disease in the late 17th century. 


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