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Lucerne City Guide And Airport Transfer Service

Lucerne is located at the northern extremity of Lake Lucerne, where the beautiful River Reuss flows. This city is well built in the ancient heart, has beautiful heritage landmarks and pleasant nature, and is among Switzerland's most popular destinations.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Mt. Rigi, Lake Lucerne    |     Click by tomislav medak from Flickr

Lucerne has a wide range of activities which you can do. Many people come to Lucerne to see unique things to do and see the world-class conductors, singers, and orchestras due to the live show during the annual summer music concert and additional events, including blues, guitar, and occasionally drum bands. The Benedictine monastery of St. Leodegar was constructed in approximately 730, while Luciaria was referenced for the first time in 840.

Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne     |    Click by Bit Boy from Flickr

This city is modest and straightforward to navigate, with the city and most of lucerne top attractions within walking distance of the railway station. The most significant draw for mountain enthusiasts is Lucerne's presence as a home for some of Europe's most excellent stunning Alpine rides, with convenient access to Mt. Rigi, Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Titlis, and Jungfraujoch.

Book Your Airport Transfers in Lucerne


A trolleybus is an effective mode of urban transportation. In 1961, it superseded the Lucerne transit system. VBL operates the network, which includes six routes encompassing the city and extending to the surrounding villages of Horw, Eminem, & Kriens. In Lucerne, approximately 92 buses and 74 trolleybuses serve on 25 daily routes. The VBL webpage contains all the data, and the bundled trip tickets work there.

SBB Night Buses operate on Saturday and Friday evenings from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. There is an additional ticket for such buses, irrespective of your travel pass. On night buses, it's indeed safer to buy tickets directly from bus drivers.

Geneva transportation in tram
Train, Lucerne   |    Click by Steven Vance from Flickr


Trains in Switzerland are notable for their reliability. You just had to set your watch for the flight hours. The train network is swift, trustworthy, and comprehensive. Trains are the finest way to move about in Switzerland; there seem to be linkages to all significant Swiss cities at least once per hour from Lucerne. SBB is indeed the name of the state-owned rail company. Timelines can be obtained at Ticket-selling machines (switch to English on the initial screen) and counters in Lucerne's major railway station are accessible. Single and roundtrip tickets are available. Children under five travel free, while those aged six to sixteen pay half the ticket. If you want to travel extensively in Switzerland, purchase a half-fare card.

Boat, Lucerne   |   Click by Olivier Bruchez from Flickr


A hop-on hop-off boat tour or a Lake Lucerne cruise (available in 1/2/3 hour increments) is an excellent way to see Lucerne. Some tours include an audio guide, while others include food and wine.

Tickets can be purchased at the Lucerne pier (a few steps from the main train station) or the SBB, Rigi Bahnen, Pilatus Bahnen, Tourist Office Beckenried, Treib Seelisberg Bahn, and other train companies. The last three mountain rail offices mentioned sell combo tickets for the boat and mountain trip that are of good value.


Lucerne seems to have a rich cultural and historical heritage, and walking around the city is an adventure. One may start the sightseeing tour of the city at the Lucerne railway station's historic entryway, where you can also obtain maps at the Resource Centre for Tourists placed on the ground. Walk until you enter Lake Lucerne, also known as the "lake of four autonomous forest regions," and then cross the Chapel Bridge.

You will next stop at these beautiful places, such as Golden Age Lucerne Town Hall, Jesuit College and Chapel, Spreuer Bridge, Musegg Wall, Bourbaki Panorama, and the Hof church on Leodegarstrasse. One can go walking the streets of Lucerne and can get a boat tour of Lucerne Lake as it is Switzerland's most beautiful lake. Lucerne, by the way, is pretty lovely.

Car Rentals

Each street, bystander zone, and other limitations exist in Lucerne (particularly inside the ancient town); therefore, navigating inside such a small and multicultural city isn't recommended. However, if you want to visit other locations outside of the city, when you rent a car, that will be helpful. You may easily see the gorgeous Swiss slopes and hills if you possess a car.

When there is a high chance of snow, it is unnecessary to travel into the hills without adequate shackles and snow tires. Winter tires are essential in various areas. To rent a car in this city, you must have an international insurance certificate (Carte Verte), a valid national driving license, and a credit card.

Bike Hire

In Lucerne, there is a lake best appreciated on two wheels, and the surrounding region is a riding wonderland with MTB trails & global mountain cycle routes. Mountains adjacent include Burgenstock, Rigi, Stanserhorn, and Pilatus. Lucerne's oldest town is also motorbike friendly.

People can go to these beautiful places by bike while riding their bikes. Lucerne has a fixation with segregating pedestrians from bikers, and while walkers have the lakefront track, cyclists get the track a little further away from the lake. In addition, riding a bike disappears abruptly on roadways, which is problematic for inexperienced riders.

Lucerne Airport Transfers and Private Taxis Services


Taxis departing from Zurich airport always display the iconic black and yellow taxi rooftop sign and are often black or white. They are available daily, at any time, and at most airports. Under typical traffic circumstances, a taxi ride from the airport to the city of Lucerne costs roughly 240€ and takes 45 minutes.

Lucerne taxi price from Zurich airport

Private taxi firms, as well as normal city drivers, will give you trips to Lucerne. A premium economy cab can carry a maximum of four persons, and the trip from Zurich airport to Lucerne is around 240€. The cost of the journey varies depending on traffic and other considerations such as luggage and vehicle size.

Battery Bus
Train, Airport Transfers   |    Click by martin_vmorris from Flickr


Zurich's train system is incredibly rapid and secure. The Swiss tour operator, SBB, is situated in the Check-in 3 zone, directly underneath the Airport Centre structure. One train will take you between Zurich airport and Lucerne without transferring trains. This rail is the IR70, which leaves from the airport every 30 minutes or less. A standard pass costs 12.50€ and lasts up to 1 hour and 2 minutes.

What does the train from Zurich to Lucerne cost?

A single 2nd class ticket to Lucerne charges adults 12.50€ and children 6.25€. (aged 6–16).

A single first-class ticket to Zurich costs 22.10€ for adults and 11.05€ for children (aged 6–16). On Saturday and Sunday, entry prices rise; a normal ticket would charge 18€.

Train fares may be bought at the ticket machines in Arrival 1 and 2, just at SBB ticket booths, which are accessible from 6:15 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., in the Service Center, or via your smartphone.

Best time to visit Lucerne

Climbing beautiful hills, a beautiful lake, and breathtaking stunning features converge to make Lucerne an attractive vacation spot. Lucerne, however, has a lot more to offer. Add to this a vast and exciting heritage, vibrant customs, and fantastic food, and you'll have the ideal destination to enjoy your vacation. However, the coolest thing about Lucerne is that it is a year-round resort that will never turn you away, no matter what time it is.

Based on the season, you will observe and feel different facets of this old city. Summer in Lucerne is a distinct playground from winter in Lucerne. All seasons may be enjoyed in their respective unique ways, although certain activities, such as skiing, are season-specific. 

With rising gorgeous hills, a pristine lake, and breathtaking natural splendor, what remains constant all year is its mesmerizing natural beauty as well as the kindness of the people. This city is where history lessons are abundant, and customs are respected and cherished.

The Lucerne Altstadt is a unique time machine that will bring you hundreds of centuries into the past to witness life in the past. Time has moved at different speeds all through Old Town Lucerne. Some delightful little stores and cafés have been family-owned for generations, in addition to modest squares with fountains. At the other end of the spectrum is Lucerne's lively nightlife, which will entertain you during the long winter nights.

Must-See Attractions in Lucerne

Lucerne is a must-visit place for art and culture enthusiasts who want to take the artistic and cultural route. The Lucerne Culture & Convention Centre contains a music hall and museum. 

Although it is the central focus for all cultural events in Lucerne, the structure is a work of contemporary design and architecture. The Rosengart Collection, a continuous show of paintings by 19th and 20th-century masters, is well worth seeing. You may also experience theatre and music in Lucerne throughout the year. The Piano Festival is a cultural extravaganza that gathers piano specialists from around the globe. The World Band Festival is a fantastic spot to catch some of the world's finest bands in action.

Peak Season:

Summertime in Lucerne will last from mid-June until mid-September, the city's most outstanding season. Despite a cold spring, travelers reap the benefits of the hotter summertime seasons to make the most of their trip. July and August are incredibly busy with visitors to Lake Lucerne, Jungfraujoch, and Mt. Titlis. Your sightseeing plans will be supported regardless of whether it rains a lot. Anticipate crowds & lineups for the entirety of the city's tourist destinations. This is the most considerable time in Lucerne, so plan for hotels, tours, and transport.

Shoulder Season:

Spring (semi to mid-June) and autumn (mid-December) are not popular with tourists. A portion of the snowfall persists throughout March, and most ski slopes remain in fine shape. Warmer Lucerne weather and fewer crowds are two additional aspects that make early spring an optimal time to go skiing. First, before the snow covered everything with white, the early fall months were still excellent for outdoor activities. Since the summer rush has subsided, you may appreciate Lucerne in relative tranquility.

Low Season:

A snowy winter (mid-December to mid-March) transforms Lucerne into a pristine white wonderland, but there are no visitors around to appreciate the beauty. With sub-zero temperatures, winter is a low season in Lucerne. The last tourists leave by the end of November as the city prepares for a cold Alpine winter. If you're looking for a restful holiday with no outdoor activities, this is the perfect time to visit Lucerne. There are no tourists to disturb your peace, and hotel and travel rates are at their lowest. On the flip side, most tourist attractions will be closed for winter.

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