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Southend Airport,London        |          Image by Mike Burdett from flickr 

Southend Airport

 Located about 36 miles from the centre of London, nestled in the outskirts of Southend-on-Sea in Essex lies the London Southend Airport. The airport is efficient in its services and can be easily accessed. Train services are always running from one end to the other, carrying passengers to their desired destination. The extensive train services run throughout the entire week in every 15-30 minutes and operate from early morning to late at night. A line of regional and local buses run across Essex, including central Southend, Chelmsford, Stansted and towns across the south of the county. The bus stops are just a short walk away from the main terminal.    

The airport has a single 6,089 ft asphalt runway on its south-west/north-east axis. There is a four star hotel at the entrance of the airport which is owned by the Stobart Group which allows the passenger to stay in case of any unusual delay in the flight routine. The hotels are well-equipped with all the amenities for the comfort of its passengers. However, the hotel only allows a 2 day stay to its passengers. 

The airport is fully equipped with all important and necessary amenities, known to be one of the best airports in the world, the airport is nothing less than a lavish resort in itself. There’s a wide pool at the back of the airport, there’s a normal waiting area and a gigantic VIP lounge which has every amenity to make the stay comfortable. 

Ambience Near Airport

The airport has good WiFi, there are several check-in points and baggage counters to prevent any long queue. The airport has some of the best eateries such as Starbucks, Burger King etc, there are numerous eateries if you want to taste the lip-smacking food. There are many stores at the airport if you want to shop around and pick some souvenirs. The shops are duty-free and wouldn’t require you to splurge, you’ll get most of the stuffs way cheaper at the airport than at the shops themselves. There are many more facilities such as free parking, ATMs and currency exchange facility. 

The airport has a good security system along with tidy and smooth service. Southend was also voted as the best airport in Britain for three consecutive years (2013, 2014, and 2015)

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