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London City Guide

A place where you find everything one can dream of. Be it the lilac and lush greens of countryside scenery, dazzling lights of the city’s nightlife, the sunny blue sky floating over Queen Mary’s Garden  or the prestigious air around Buckingham Palace, London urges you to stay a little longer than you planned. London stands gracefully on the pristine waters of River Thames being the capital of England With a read of about 1,572 km², it happens to be the largest city of England serving a population of about 89.8 lakh people.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Soho,London       |        Image by garryknight from flickr 

The glorious Big Ben beams at you as you enter the city. The iconic structure is jaw-dropping and worth every bit of hype it gets. As a city that has an endless number of activities and attractions, one of the most amazing treats of the city is the London Eye. It is a gigantic ferris wheel which was originally constructed to celebrate the millennium which as of now offers picturesque views across the city. Grab your best party gear and explore the streets of Soho. Also you must visit to Luton Airport.


House of Parliament,London       |        Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

Jam-packed with clubs, bars, restaurants, and even music shops, this place is the life of the city's party scene. It is known that when the sun goes down, Soho is up and running. If you are looking for something serene and simple then enjoy the calming River Thames on Thames Cruise. The cruise runs in every 30 minutes covering the highlights of the city, like, the House of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and so on.

London's bright, vibrant, and cheerful culture wraps its visitors in a woeful environment and leaves you in awe of the city. Around 197 festivals are held across the city every year, Notting Hill Carnival, being the largest festival witnesses over a million year annually.  With festivals comes food. You ought to treat your taste buds with the wholesome English breakfast. Along with that, fish and chips, lip-smacking pies as well as the epic roasted ducks are the cuisine’s highlights. It truly proves to be a foodie’s paradise.

London is a beautiful mix of everything, exceptionally and pleasantly. It is a culmination of quality lifestyle with a plethora of surprises when it comes to rejuvenating your spirits. One must visit London at least once in their lifetime


London Taxi Transfers

The city of London is strategically planned with multiple commute options to make every place in the city easily accessible. His is one of the amazing qualities of the city. The well-mapped out transport system helps you navigate the entire city easily and comfortably. Not only tourists but also inhabitants of the city vouch for their extensive transfer system. This factor makes it one of best destinations to plan a vacation in. Some of the best means of travel are-  

The tube
The Tube,London       |      Image by garcia christophe from Pixabay 

The London Underground, popularly known as the Tube is the most popular means of commute in London. The efficiency is so brilliant that it is famous across the globe. The tube is also the oldest metro network in the world. It covers around 250 stations running almost 250 miles of track, carrying a billion passengers a year. It is safe, easy to understand, and pocket friendly. It makes Airport transfers in London smooth and hassle-free. Like this is the Overground, as the name suggests it is above the terrain of the city and was made in 2007.


Red Bus,London       |     Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay 


Another perk of a city sitting over a river is its capability to travel via waters. Yes, take the river boat to navigate the city. London waterways is another means of public transportation system in the city. The service is relatively faster and you enjoy some marvelous views of the city while traveling.

 Looking for a cheap but comfortable ride? Take the bus! The city has a good chain of buses running throughout the day. It connects each point in the city and witnesses over two billion passengers every year. Trams are another great option for a good ride. They are comfortable as well as budget friendly. The accessibility of places via trams is excellent.



London Airport Transfers and Taxis

London is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to easy and efficient airport like Luton Airport airport transfers in the world. It is a package of accessibility, convenience, and ease. The stress of travelling reduces if your destination is near to its respective airport and is well-connected to it. The airports are one of the most important modes of commute in London. Its facilities make it very popular for travelling purposes. Now that you have reached the beautiful terrain of London, grab your preferred choice of ride to explore the city.

Heathrow Airport
Bus Station,Heathrow     |     Image by interbeat from flickr

How to reach the city centre via Bus? 

A chain of wide, extensive and fast networks of bus services is always running from the city to the airport. The ride is about 50 minutes long and affordable as it costs around € 22 and above. Grab a seat on the running bus and plan a trip to explore the beautiful city.


An excellent service of train runs that connect airports to the city’s heart. A train runs every 15 minutes ranging from €25 (£22). The setting that comes with train transfers helps you to relax as well as enjoy the local scenery.  The well-connectivity, easy accessibility and hurdle-free ride is an excellent alternative mode of commute.

Taxi services from the Airport to the city centre

Ease your jet-lag by indulging in the comfort of London private taxi services. A happy journey is one where you do not have to stress about your belongings or route, the taxi services keep that handy for you. Treat yourself with a short, sweet and relaxed trip with availing the taxi services provided by Rydeu. A lot of taxis run from the airport and Rydeu presents you with the best options that go with your choice, luggage and even mood. London taxi transfers are a mix of the best combinations that there is. From premium rides to ones within a budget, Ryder promises to customize your trip for intercity transfers in London. So explore the alluring beauty of London after cutting short your time on transfer from London airport.


The chic and fun breath of streets that make you experience the serenity of the contemporary world, modern architecture and glorious grandeur of museums, and the intense flavours of London street food, London presents itself as a tourist’s paradise. Make a trip around these jaw-dropping sites by using Rydeu taxi services. Some sightseeing places that are a must-visit if you want to take a sniff of the thick culture and beauty of the city are as follows-

London Eye
London Eye      |        Image by Chait Goli from Pexels

1.  London Eye

Standing high on the South Bank of River Thames, this giant ferris wheel is one of the most iconic places in the world. The cantilevered observation wheel witnesses over 3 million visitors every year. The wheel is about a whooping 443 feet tall, making the whole experience exhilarating. It is the highest public viewing point in the city. It consists of 32 air-conditioned ovoidal passenger capsules. One complete revolution takes about 30 minutes to complete. The experience is completely worth the time and price. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city while floating in the sky. A ride you will always remember. London Eye truly is a must visit for every tourist.


Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace     |        Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 

2. Buckingham Palace

Time to take a bow in front of the royal monarch. The impeccable grandeur of the Palace, stretches of serene and sophisticated gardens as well as grand ornate gates are worth all the hype. Take a trip to the place to see how to live life king size. Quite Literally. The palace has about 775 rooms, facilitating 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. If you're in the city during summertime then don't forget to attend the Royal Welcome Exhibition. The event unfolds a lot of activities and visual delights.

One of the most popular tourist attractions, the museum Anne Frank Huis draws 1.25 million visitors every year. The somber atmosphere, with the remembrance of the atrocities faced by Jews more than half a century back reigns fresh in the minds of the visitors.



London Travel Tips

How to travel from london heathrow to london gatwick?

The direct travel option from london heathrow to london gatwick is to take a private transfer or transfer service. It will take approx 1 hour to reach the destination. You can book a private transfer service from our website, Rydeu & unlock door-to-door service at a fair price.

What is the best way from gatwick to central london?

The best way to get from Gatwick to central london is by train. The train will take you to Victoria from there you can book a private taxi to reach your destination. The train runs throughout the night, and the fares are from £14 for the 50-minute journey. You can also visit our website to book a private transfer from Victoria for a hindrance-free journey at a fair price.

What is the best way to get from gatwick to london?

The best way to get from gatwick to london is by Gatwick Express Train. It is the most convenient, reliable but expensive option compared to the bus, though they offer good deals. Take the Gatwick Express Train to Victoria, then get a private taxi from there. The train journey will cost you £19.90-£39.60.

What is the cheapest way from london to rome?

The cheapest way from london to rome is by bus. The ticket price starts from $67.00 and takes about 1 day. The bus departs from Victoria coach station, London, and arrives at Tiburtina Bus station, Rome. Although, taking a flight is a much more convenient option than a hectic bus ride.

How much does a cheap transportation from paris to london cost?

The cheapest transportation from paris to london you can get is a bus/shuttle which costs around $36-$44. It departs from Paris Gallieni Porte Bagnolet or Gare Paris Bercy and takes around 8 hour to arrive at Victoria bus station, London.

How much is a transfer from stansted to london price?

The standard price of a transfer from stansted to london starts from £75 and the trip duration is about 1 hour, although it may change as it depends upon several factors, such as traffic, timings, and weather conditions.

What are some central london zone 1 hotels?

Here are a few hotels you can find in central london zone 1: Cedars House Hotel is located less than a mile from the West Croydon subway station and offers comfortable but modest accommodations. Euston Square Hotel is a short distance away from the British Museum and Regents Park. It combines enough amenities with a modern ambience. The Royal Houseguards is situated near Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross, perfect for soaking in the magnificent views of the River Thames.

What is the cheapest way to get from melbourne to london?

The cheapest way to get from Melbourne to London is by train which costs around $345- $903. Alternatively, if you want to get the best possible deal on flights, the cheapest flight you can get from Melbourne to London in around $400-$1,200.

What is the cheapest way to get to ibiza from london?

The cheapest way to get to Ibiza from london is by train. The train departs from Victoria coach station, London, and arrives in Barcelona. After spending an overnight in Barcelona, take the evening ferry departing to Ibiza at the cost starting from €84.

What is the cost underground heathrow to london?

The Standard Adult Fare of underground heathrow to london is £6.00 (one-way), whereas the same costs £3.30-£5.30 with an Oyster card or contactless card and takes around 30 minutes to cover the distance from Terminal 2 or 3, Heathrow.

What is the cost of a tube ride in london?

The cost of a tube ride in London for a single journey in zone 1 is £5.50-£8.70. On the contrary, the same tube ride fare with an Oyster or contactless card will cost you £2.40. Go for the one you think is the best deal for you and experience a hassle-free journey.

What is the distance from stansted to central london?

London Stansted is just a few minutes from the M11 motorway. The distance from stansted to central london is around 40 miles via M11. You can get there in approx 1 hour by private transfer taxi, 50 minutes by Stansted Express train service,1.5 hour by renting a car.

What is the flight time london to granada spain?

The flight time from London to Grenada is approximately 8 hours if you book your flight on British Airways. The flight will first land in St Lucia in about 6 hours, then take a short flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada, taking around 2 hours to cover the distance.

Do london taxis take american credit cards?

Yes, the taxis in London accept credit/debit cards, and they are not subject to any surcharge which was around £1 earlier. This lets passengers pay for their journey cashless. Still, if you want, you can pay cash for your journey as there's no hard and fast rule regarding that.

How to travel from london heathrow to london?

How to travel from london stansted to london city?

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