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The captivating sights and hustle of cosmopolitan provides Liverpool the best of both the worlds. The city gives its visitors the exquisite beauty of the Albert Dock and a nostalgic sting with the medieval layout of certain streets and buildings in the setting of this wholesome hip city. Having the perfect mix of all the realms, the city offers you picturesque sights of breath-taking landscapes whose image you will carry like a polaroid in your heart. Being tucked at a location that lies in close proximity to different major cities, Liverpool is the centre of attention of various visitors throughout the year. It is the fifth most populous city in the United Kingdom as it witnesses a population of about 2.24 million people. This makes Liverpool a true paradise for your touristy souls.  It is a true treat for both- local inhabitants and people on happy holidays. The charming city of Liverpool has so much to offer.

Museum of Liverpool    | Image by Andrew and Annemarie from flickr

Indulge in the enriching, warm, and diverse culture of Liverpool that reeks in every nook and corner. From picturesque sights to cute hip cafes, Liverpool provides you with endless opportunities that will let you unwind your soul and relax in the wholesome setting of the city. The city is the perfect amalgamation of rich heritage and modern swirl in every aspect. Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles. You have got to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard of them! The band has gifted the world with some outstanding music. As an ode to the band and taking pride in being the city from where it sprung- a lot of places are dedicated to it. Visit the famous cathedral if you want to calm your soul or attend the Museum of Liverpool to enjoy the work of local artists presenting different genres. The city is saturated with various art forms so sit back and unravel your mind in the musings of live music, museums, and theatre present in the city. It certainly is blessed with a plethora of opportunities that make you happy and live your dream vacation.

Liverpool Football Team      |     Image by Ben Sutherland from flickr

The authenticity of restaurants and local street food influenced by different cuisines is completely gratifying. Fall in love with the wholesome food in the city- a simple English breakfast and staple Brit-pie is scrumptious enough to make your melt away. It is also quite famous because of its popular football teams, that are, Everton F.C. and Liverpool F.C..


The city of Liverpool is really well- planned with multiple commute options to make every place in the city easily accessible. This is one of the amazing qualities of this charming city. The extensive transport system helps you navigate the entire city easily, quickly, and comfortably. Not only tourists but also inhabitants of the city vouch for their comprehensive and efficient Liverpool transfer system. And who does not want to holiday in a city which is so well-connected? This factor makes it one of best destinations to plan a vacation in. Some of the best means of commuting around the city are as follows-

Train,Liverpool        |        Image by martin 65 from flickr

One of the best means of transfers in the city is by trains. The rail services connect the central city to its suburbs as well as cities across the state. The rail line has direct links to nearby airports as well. Train services are fast, smooth, and great for people with a lot of luggage. You can hop on your desired train and not stress about the nitty-gritty of travelling at all.  The huddle free travel is a big advantage of commuting via trains.


Mersey Ferries,Liverpool      | Image by chumlee10 from flickr

Another perk of living in a city sitting over a river is its capability to travel via waters. Yes, the famous Mersey Ferries. Take the river boat to navigate the city. The waterways are another means of public transportation in the city. The service is relatively faster and you can enjoy some stunning views of the city’s terrain.


 Looking for a cheap but comfortable ride? Take the bus! The city has a good chain of buses running throughout the day. It connects each point in the city and witnesses over two billion passengers every year. Trams are another great option for a good ride. They are comfortable as well as budget friendly. The accessibility of places via trams is excellent.

Therefore, Liverpool waits for you to explore its every nook and corner. What are you waiting for?


The stress of travelling reduces if your destination is easily accessible. Liverpool is luckily one of the cities which do not have to make their visitors go an extra mile to access international means of commute. Liverpool Airport lies at the proximity of just 10 miles from the city’s core. The airport is one of the most important modes of commute for the city of Liverpool. It’s easy accessibility and proximity to the heart of the city makes it very popular for travelling purposes for both local inhabitants and tourists

 Airport Transfer, Liverpool Aiport
 Image by North West Transport Photos from flickr

A chain of wide, extensive and fast networks of bus services is always running from the city to the airport. A bus runs in every 30 minutes long throughout the day from 4 am to midnight. This is affordable as it is budget-friendly and low-key in nature. Grab a seat on the running bus and plan a trip to explore the beautiful city.

A train runs every 15 minutes connecting the airport to the city. The setting that comes with train transfers helps you to relax as well as enjoy the local scenery.  The well-connectivity, easy accessibility and hurdle-free ride is an excellent alternative mode of transfers.

Ease your jet-lag by indulging in the comfort of private taxi services. A happy journey is one where you do not have to stress about your belongings or route, the taxi services keep that handy for you. Treat yourself with a short, sweet and relaxed trip with availing the taxi services provided by Rydeu. A lot of taxis run from the airport and Rydeu presents you with the best options that go with your choice, luggage and even mood. From premium rides to ones within a budget, Rydeu promises to customize your trip for intercity transfers in Liverpool. So explore the alluring beauty of Liverpool after cutting short your time on transfer from the airport.


St. Georges Hall
St.Georges Hall       |        Image by ahisgett from flickr 

1. St. George's Hall

Tucked in the heart of the city, this 1854 Greco Roman architecture building stands tall till date. It is considered to be one of the most outstanding neo classical buildings in the world and as of today is a Grade 1 listed building. The building is 169 ft long and 74 ft wide hall with tunnel vaulted ceiling; it is considered to be the largest of its kind in Europe. The ceiling has figures that portray the essential qualities of Victorian Liverpool, that is, art, justice and science. The hall is the abode to one of the greatest brick arches in the world and is beautifully embellished with a priceless mosaic floor made up of 30000 tiles.

Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral        |        Image by ARG_Flickr from flickr 


2. Liverpool Cathedral-

Stands as the largest Anglican cathedral in the whole of Europe making it a rather significant building in the city of Liverpool. The epic tower is open to visitors all the time. It has a majestic grandeur which reeks of beauty during the Renaissance. There is the Great Space film and audio tour which is an interactive and insightful tour that helps the visitors to go on a journey discovering a series of stations. The 331 feet High cathedral proves itself to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Liverpool.


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