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The captivating sights and hustle of cosmopolitan provides Liverpool the best of both the worlds. The city gives its visitors the exquisite beauty of the Albert Dock and a nostalgic sting with the medieval layout of certain streets and buildings in the setting of this wholesome hip city. Having the perfect mix of all the realms, the city offers you picturesque sights of breath-taking landscapes whose image you will carry like a polaroid in your heart. Being tucked at a location that lies in close proximity to different major cities, Liverpool is the centre of attention of various visitors throughout the year. It is the fifth most populous city in the United Kingdom as it witnesses a population of about 2.24 million people. This makes Liverpool a true paradise for your touristy souls.  It is a true treat for both- local inhabitants and people on happy holidays. The charming city of Liverpool has so much to offer.

Museum of Liverpool    | Image by Andrew and Annemarie from flickr

Indulge in the enriching, warm, and diverse culture of Liverpool that reeks in every nook and corner. From picturesque sights to cute hip cafes, Liverpool provides you with endless opportunities that will let you unwind your soul and relax in the wholesome setting of the city. The city is the perfect amalgamation of rich heritage and modern swirl in every aspect. Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles. You have got to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard of them! The band has gifted the world with some outstanding music. As an ode to the band and taking pride in being the city from where it sprung- a lot of places are dedicated to it. Visit the famous cathedral if you want to calm your soul or attend the Museum of Liverpool to enjoy the work of local artists presenting different genres. The city is saturated with various art forms so sit back and unravel your mind in the musings of live music, museums, and theatre present in the city. It certainly is blessed with a plethora of opportunities that make you happy and live your dream vacation.

Liverpool Football Team      |     Image by Ben Sutherland from flickr

The authenticity of restaurants and local street food influenced by different cuisines is completely gratifying. Fall in love with the wholesome food in the city- a simple English breakfast and staple Brit-pie is scrumptious enough to make your melt away. It is also quite famous because of its popular football teams, that are, Everton F.C. and Liverpool F.C..