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linz To vienna Transfers

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Route Summary - Linz to Vienna

While the capital city of Austria attracts great attention with its beautiful and one of a kind presence, the riverside city is nothing less. Vienna is home to some of the best architectural beauties ever made. The cathedrals, castles, museums, theatres and many others hold significant importance in the region. In Linz, it is the old town and the riverside garnering greater attention. The old churches, castles and numerous baroque style structures attract several people here. The modern art museums along the Danube river are ethereal. 

To travel between these cities, public transport is not a feasible method. Often, issues with luggage may arise. Linz to Vienna taxi is an often chosen mode of transfer and a feasible one. One can also choose to book a private taxi from Linz to Vienna comfortably. With Rydeu, the Linz to Vienna taxi fare is quite feasible and suits everyone’s needs appropriately. The prices may vary depending on the vehicle chosen. 


Distance between Linz and Vienna - 184.5 km 

Journey time - 2 hrs


Surrounded by the Danube river and the Czech Republic border, Linz has numerous sites of importance. The cathedrals, castles and museums are the voice of the history of this region. The Electronica centre, along the Danube river, is an important tourist destination, focusing on life, the future and impact technology has on society. The area promotes arts and culture greatly with several festivals around the year. Modern art represented by Lentos, future technology in the Ars Electronica centre, city museum, Upper Austrian art association, etc. adds up to the engaging ones here. They speak about the eventful past and the hopeful future equally. The area also houses the cuisines from around the world. Traditional and old-style restaurants and cafes, along with the new ones form a major part of the food industry here. Wine taverns too are very common here, especially in areas with a more traditional approach. 


Presently the capital city of Austria, Vienna is located on the east side of the country. The Danube River passes through it. The place is quite famous for its artistic and intellectual aspects bred over the years. Numerous architectural and historical attractions are present here, giving insights into the past. The development of the place is often credited to Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. It is also the most populated city in Austria with approximately 1.9 million inhabitants. It also shares the borders with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The museums here feature brilliant artworks and other specialities of famous artists. Often quoted as one of the most livable cities in the world, it has around 6.8 million tourists visiting each year. Most major international organizations are situated here such as the United Nations, OPEC and OSCE and is the second-largest German-speaking region. 

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