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Kittila's position, one hundred ten lengthy hauls north of the Arctic Circle, the potential that darkness regulations the time-out. Down from the Levi Ski Resort, the greatest in Finland, and the Lapland nature being mostly synonymous with Santa's headquarters, the vicinity additionally pars around 200 mild Borealis sightings every time. It's now not the area to go for a sunny après- ski after a lengthy day on the pitches, however, the bitty megacity of Kittila is full of exploits and adventure!

St. Peter’s Basilica
Snowscape, Kittila    |   Click by @ S@ndrine from Flickr

The captivating wildlife, in particular reindeer and huskies( sled hounds), which have been used in the Arctic at least 9000 times, additionally attracts nature suckers to the Kittila area. Hounds had been a frequent mode of transportation some distance north till the proliferation of exchanges, snowmobiles, and airplanes in the twentieth century.

Meeting a wild reindeer formerly-in-a-lifetime time event for a multitudinous company to Finnish Lapland. They are beneficent at some stage in Lapland. To put it into perspective, there are greater reindeer in Lapland than people. The snowboarding is fantastic, the human beings are friendly, and the meals are succulent, however, the actual exhibit happens when darkness falls and the Northern Lights illuminate the sky. Not to point out the northern lights, which mostly must be seen in the course of the downtime on this. Finland is a lengthy United States of America geographically, and the timing of the seasons varies substantially between its businesses.

SnowVillage, Kittila    |    Click by Arend from Flickr

The first lasting snows of the season have a tendency to fall a great deal earlier in Lapland than away in the country. Winter, described as at least a centimeter of countless snow cover on the ground, lasts about seven months in this region, usually from November to  May. There are 37 national parks across Finland. Lemmen Joki park located in Inari and the Kittila region-Lapland are among the biggest and best known for its unique, untouched nature.

Kittila Airport and the Levi Ski Centre, Finland's biggest ski resort, have been indispensable to the area's rapid-fire improvement and growth.The subject opened in 1982, permitting keen callers to fly without delay to Kittila and immerse themselves in a downtime wonderland above the Arctic Circle. Still, Swedish annalist Olaus Magnus protected some Lapland area and the Kittila vicinity in his records of the humans of Northern Europe as previously as 1555. People in Lapland moved at a snappy pace with the use of atypical boards of wood that twisted up in front' They tie them on their bases, and with the assistance of the sticks in their hands, they pass over and down the snowy hills.' In different words, they went skiing.

The reason you should visit Finnish Lapland to see the Northern Lights is that it occurs ten times more frequently than in southern Finland. If you live in Finnish Lap-land, your chances of seeing this spectacular display are 100 times higher than in southern Finland. We once witnessed the Northern Lights from our backyard in southern Finland. When living in the Finnish countryside, it is simple to avoid streetlights and vehicle lights. And seeing the Northern Lights occurred unexpectedly. We got in our car and drove to the nearest field, where we marveled at the violet, green, and red night colors.


Levi's splendor can be viewed from the air in all its glory. The stunning fells and the feel of the open house are of your vacation as you method Kittila/Levi. As the surrounding turns into greater beauty, you comprehend you've arrived. Levi is one of the most available air journey destinations. Kittila airport is 15 kilometers from the Levi center and  bus, taxi, non-public minibusses, or limousine will transport you to your hotel.

All year, Finnair operates daily flights from Helsinki to Kittila. Several flights are scheduled every day throughout the top season. Finnair additionally flies to Rovaniemi, which is about a hundred and seventy kilometers away from Levi. The airport bus runs from the airport to the Rovaniemi bus station, the place where there are bus connections to Levi.

Geneva transportation in tram
Train, Kittila  |   Click by Phil Richards from Flickr


Levi is additionally without difficulty reached via train. Traveling through education permits you to make the time out an exploration phase of your vacation, and if you choose to keep time, you can take advantage of the night time trains. Bringing your auto on the mainly certain trains allows you to proceed with your trip easily as soon as you arrive in Lapland. The nearest railway station is Kolari, which is solely eighty kilometres (49 miles) away, observed via Rovaniemi, which is about a hundred and seventy kilometers (105 miles) from Levi center. Each education arrival in Kolari is served via a bus connection to Levi. There are additionally popular bus connections between Rovaniemi and Levi.

Bus, Kittila   |   Click by Sludge G from Flickr


Those who free their time and comfort journey by means of bus to Levi. As a delivered bonus, you can revel in the assorted Finnish panorama along the way. During the iciness season, Onnibus presents numerous bus connections, the quickest of which is Helsinki-Lahti-Jyväskylä-Oulu-Rovaniemi. Once in Levi, you can pay attention to playing around the surroundings and services.


When driving, you can format your route and end at fascinating places along the way. The roads in Lapland are famous with auto travelers due to the fact of the lovely surroundings that open up alongside the way. Levi's central vicinity in Northern Lapland additionally makes it a famous beginning factor for exploring the surrounding vicinity by means of car.

Holidaying by car is probably the best way to see Finland. It allows you to stop anywhere and everywhere and whenever you want, unlike public transportation. When travelling to Finland, a private airport transfer from Kittila provides an entirely new experience. You can, however, use the airport's low-cost and specialised airport transfer services. Because you can book your vehicles ahead of time, arranging a private airport transfer is no longer difficult.

Battery Bus
Car, Airport Transfers   |   Click by Ritzo ten Cate from Flickr

If you need an airport transfer from Kittila Airport, the best option is to pre-book a Private AirportTransfer which is affordable and inexpensive and will provide you with all of the luxury that you require while on a tour of the city.

Hotel Levi Panorama- Stay at this mountaintop hostel for elegant views of the surrounding landscapes. Ski in/ski out get right of entry is no longer free, as is customary, how, even if it suits your budget, why no longer take benefit of it? A stone's throw from the city center, Levi's Hullu Poro affords blissful lodging at a fraction of the cost, whole with a sauna, spa, and a couple of cafes. Game of Thrones Snow Village- Looking for a one-of-a-kind item? Make a reservation at this Westeros-themed first-rate hostel for a thermal snoozing bag.

Best time to visit

In Finnish Lapland, let's be in Levi, Lapland, Rovan, and Kittila in mid-December, the following is what is attractive about Finland. Get up at 8 am, and take a look outside your cottage window. There is no daylight as such, until after 11  am. The temperature is 25 ° C below zero. (minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit) On a clear day, you'll see a full moon hovering in the sky over the very deep snow, illuminating the  tall Lapland hills and the short, slender northern spruce. The skylight consists of colorful combinations of light blue, dark-, blue, and hues of gray. Like out of a Sci-Fi movie! Perhaps a walk on the moon? 

According to Finland,this blue-gray  is very common in Lapland and less common in southern Finland. Experience these wintertime colors of Finnish Laplfor and 1.5 hours just before or at the hewn of the day, and again shortly after the sun disappears.

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