Airport Transfers in Interlaken

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To reach the artistic city of Interlaken, the Bern airport is the preferred route. The journey from Bern airport to Interlaken can be done through different modes of transfer. Preferably, trains, local buses and hired cars are chosen. A dedicated train route from the Bern airport to Interlaken runs round the year. The journey takes around 1 hour and 38 minutes, covering a route surrounded by lush green elements. Train in the route line 44 travels continuously from Bern to Interlaken and costs around Rs. 1400 - Rs. 2500. Alternatively, trains on route line 44 and local bus on route 21 can be used collectively. This method of transportation would cost around Rs. 800 combined. 

Train, Interlaken        |       Image by othree from flickr 

 Apart from the local trains and buses, Interlaken city taxis can also be chosen. This mode of transportation is quite expensive but consumes less time. The 51 km journey from Bern airport to Interlaken city is covered in under 40 minutes. This mode of transfer costs around Rs. 19000 - Rs. 23000. Those looking for reduced travel time and can spend the excess can easily choose this mode of transfer. The frequency of taxi services varies during the season months between June- August and the off-season months, being lesser in the offseason. 

 The other mode of transfer, which also happens to be the cheapest, is drive-through. The private car hire services to Interlaken are frequently available and can usually be hired before reaching the city. This mode of transfer costs around Rs. 490 - Rs. 800 and can be covered in 40 minutes. The road route from Bern airport to Interlaken is smooth and does not have many obstacles along the route. Modes of transport can be chosen depending on the budget and time availability. 

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