Image by Tojota from Pixabay

Image by Tojota from Pixabay

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Innsbruck City Guide And Aiprort Transfer Service

Squatting in the dramatic landscape of the Alps, Innsbruck is known to be the capital of Tyrol region and the fifth largest city in the country. Situated right above the serene river Inn, tucked amidst the broad valley in the gigantic mountains of Karwendel Alps in the northern direction and Serles to the south, Innsbruck is popular across the globe for its renowned winter sports centre. The colourful city is the biggest draw in its location as it is surrounded by numerous snow-covered mountains which bless the city with ultimate serenity and beauty.

Innsbruck        |        Image by Photo:N from Pexels

The city is situated in close proximity to some of the most visited places in Europe such as Germany and Italy which makes Innsbruck a one time stop for all those who are looking to make their Europe trip worth reminiscing till eternity. Innsbruck has a little something for every sort of traveller out there. While the adrenaline junkies can go all gaga over the wide variety of winter sports that the city provides, one can ride cable cars to the zenith of the mountains while soaking in the magnificent view that resides. The serene seekers should wear comfy shoes as they have to climb the Town Tower to slickly escape from the Hurly-burly  atmosphere to the silence of nature.


Old Town,Innsbruck       |        Image by Much Ramblings from flickr 

Apart from the kicking winter sports, Innsbruck also boasts the best contemporary architecture, from rustic churches to the old town to the city, the rich history dangles into its air while the Ambras Castle was home to Archduke Ferdinand II and is a must visit for every history lover out there. Make sure to spend at least 2-3 days in the city to get acquainted to its culture and explore the activities that it offers. 

The mouth-watering Austrian cuisine had a profound effect over the central part of Europe, coffee is considered as water and is paired with almost every meal when it comes to Innsbruck, some of the most famous regional dishes are Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel, and some dessert Apfelstrudl

Best Time To Visit Innsbruck 

When the mountains are capped with snow scrapes and the view is scenic, it marks the best time when the city calls. Innsbruck is a place known for its winter sports and attracts the tourists all round the globe majorly during the months of December to April. The maximum temperature during this month is 10 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature goes to -3 degree Celsius so make sure to pack some woolens while busing during this season. 

May to August marks the summer months when the city lights up with tourists and the highest temperature that can be witnessed during this season is 21 degrees while the lowest temperature goes to 11 degree Celsius. September to November marks the fall season when nature transforms and features the best colours. This is not the peak season therefore visiting during this season would be easy on your pocket. 


Book Your Airport Transfer In Innsbruck

The scenic city boasts a lot of sightseeing places to explore that are situated close to each other so exploring the city on foot is still the best option to stroll through the streets and visit places without going out of your budget. From the heart of the city the Golden roof is merely 210 kms away while the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is situated at a distance of 230 metres. The travellers can also opt to take a guided tour and go for a trail or an adventurous tour amidst the mountains. Public transportation in the city is monitored by the Public Transport Authority of Innsbruck and the main way to get around the city are busses, trams and private taxi in Innsbruck

Bus,Innsbruck       |        Image by Oberau-Online from flickr


Busses cover every part of the city from the most lively places to the most underrated ones, there are approximately 21 bus lines that operate throughout the day. The travellers can also enjoy the bus service during the night time when the city lights up in the most amazing colours, thereby providing the facility to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. The hop on bus service is amazing for all those who want to visit sightseeing places in the city. 



Tram,Innsbruck        |        Image by Peter Wolf from Pixabay 


Trams are yet another preferable option to squander around the city, there are approximately 4 tramlines that operate throughout the city. Line 1 and line 3 function just in the city whereas line 6 starts at the ending point of Line 1, the line has been working since 1900 and is known as Forest Tram. 


Private taxi in Innsbruck is the best option if you want to enjoy the tour without worrying about the timing, getting in the line or about the seats. Rydeu is the best taxi company in Innsbruck to provide the best service at a pocket-friendly price. 


Innsbruck Airport Transfer And Private Taxi Service

We all want to slip right into the arms of comfort as soon as we arrive at the airport, although Innsbruck airport provides numerous options to leave its passengers amidst the vibrant city centre but the best option for airport transfers in Innsbruck is a private cab.

Battery Bus
Airport Bus,Innsbruck       |       Image by jeffedoe from flickr 

The traveller can opt to take a bus from which is present right outside the terminal which leaves you at the city centre. Bus route F connects the airport station to the train station of the city merely in 20 minutes. Trains are present right outside the terminal and function 24*7 for the comfort of its travellers. Innsbruck airport private taxi hire is the best option for all those who want to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. 


Places To Visit In Innsbruck

Innsbruck is not only a great place for adventure lovers, it is also a great place for the keen observers who prefer visiting historical sites to absorb the knowledge and the culture possessed by the city. Some of the most recommended places to visit in Innsbruck are mentioned below. Innsbruck car rental will provide you with the leverage to meander around the city without any hassle.

Attstadt von Innsbruck
Image by Pixelteufel from flickr

Altstadt von Innsbruck

The old town of Innsbruck is one of the most supreme attractions in the city. Some of the buildings in the place have resided there for the last 500 years and are still standing gloriously stunning everyone with its eternal beauty. Not to forget the fact that the minute medieval details required a lot of maintenance, the area features a lot of rustic cafes and restaurants so make sure to grab a bite before you leave. 

Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen
Image by Elsemargriet from Pixabay 


Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen

If you want to witness the beauty of Austria’s largest natural park from the zenith of Nordkette, make sure to visit this place. You can take a cable car to ride up to the place and reach at the top in just 20 minutes and bless your eyes with the scenic view of the snow-capped mountains.  



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