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Ibiza City Guide

Far away from the eastern coast of Spain lies a beautiful island squatting on the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is situated approximately 150 km away from Valencia which attracts tourists from all round the world throughout the years, Ibiza Town, Santa Eulària des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany are the most significant settlements of this island.

Beach club,ibiza       |        Image by from flickr 

All the party lovers out there must’ve already surrendered their attention to this only by reading the name of Ibiza, yes, none other than your 24*7 party place, Ibiza has now become a hub for all the party animals out there. Summer club scene attracts the majority of youngsters out there to witness something unusual and adventurous, renowned for its pulse rising Electronic Dance Music, this place has a little surprise for every sort of traveller that decides to explore the magnificent island.


Ibiza Beach       |        Image by kazuhisa toba from Pixabay 

Due to the insane number of tourists that Ibiza has been warmly welcoming every year, this place has now been declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Ibiza and Formentera are together known as ‘Pine Island’ or ‘Pityuses’. Dating back to 654 BC when the island was founded by Phoenician, the island now belongs to the Balearic autonomous community. 

Sunbathing, water sports and crazy parties sums up the activities that one can enjoy. However, on an ideal night, you can get away from the chaos and sit in the slow music, enjoying the shores of water glibly hitting the sand and moving back and forth. While in Ibiza, do not forget to taste the mouth-drooling cheap food stalls that lines the narrow lane situated close to the ocean. 

Best Time To Visit Ibiza 

Whether you are an all night beach raver, serene seeker or a boho hippy, you shall all find this place hard to leave. The summers are usually packed with a number of famous DJs like David Guetta, Sven Väth and Armin van Buuren et al, the club era finds this place really hard to resist. 

The best time to visit this island is during the months of summer which is from May to October when the temperature is usually higher enough to let you flaunt that sexy beach body and parties are illuminated by the fire that you release. If you want to explore the island when the sun shines bright and the wind blows smoothly, make sure to book your tickets during the summer season. However, if you are looking to visit the famous music summit and watch your favourite artist go live, make sure to book the tickets accordingly. Usually the music fest happens during the summer months only. 

The months of June to September hosts the largest number of travellers, therefore everything is expensive at that time, from hotel rates to the food. If you want to save on those extra bucks and visit the place just to keenly soak in its beauty, you can plan your trip in the shoulder season (April through June) to go easy on your budget and enjoy exploring the lively island. 


Ibiza Taxi Transfers

Ibiza offers a variety of transport to roam around and explore the city. The city is a little compact which makes it perfect for wandering around on foot, rent a mountain bike or simply get a motorcycle or a scooter that can help you save the hassle to travel in a public transport and go smooth on your wallet. However, if travelling in comfort seems more like you, do not forget to check out the various modes of transportation that you can opt for. 

Bus,Ibiza     |        Image by CaBLe27 from flickr 


Choosing a bus is the most convenient and cheapest way to meander around the magnificent city, the one major perk that makes this mode as the most preferable one is that busses move frequently therefore the travellers aren’t asked to wait. The comfortable and air conditioned trip is something that will make you fall in love with the island even more. The busses link from one place to the other from the famous resorts to the underrated area. The busses leave after every 15 minutes for the comfort of the travellers. 


Ferries,Ibiza        |        Image by steve p2008 from flickr

Solo backpackers have just one dream, to get a public transportation facility at night, well, you dream just came true as this lively island is known for the vibrant parties it hosts and the Disco Bus Thar functions especially at night from 1-6 in the morning during the summer season. If you are looking to hop from one bar to the other and make some local friends while assuring the safety, this is the best mode of transportation that one can choose. The bus will either pick you up directly from your accommodation or can pick you up from the bar, make sure to book the seat online in advance to avoid the hassle of fighting for the tickets. One way trip would cost you around 3-4 EUR. 


Ferry and boats are nothing less than a dream for all the adventure lovers out there. If you are looking for transportation in Ibiza apart from the ones that run on the wheels, you’re at the right place. The boasts and ferries function from one beach to the other, Cala Salada, Cala Bassa, and Cala Conta are some of the most significant places to visit while in Ibiza. Situated behind Marina Botafoch, these water transportation vehicles can be found at the end of the dyke. 

If you are travelling in a group and have adrenaline rushing in the back of your throat, you can opt to rent a car along with your pals and move pretty much anywhere you feel like. There are different car rental companies that can rent the desired vehicle to you, however the only drawback that it holds is that it is usually very expensive, even a minute dent or damage can prove to be bad on your budget. 


Cabs in Ibiza are indubitably the best and most recommended modes to opt for if you are a party freak. Taxi cost in Ibiza is usually budget friendly and depends on the vehicle you’re opting for. Rydeu not only provides the best taxi service in Ibiza but it also assures you the safety that you deserve after all the partying and alcohol gushing. If you want to hire a personal chauffeur that picks you up from your accommodation and drops you off on various clubs and bars, book a holiday taxi in Ibiza with Rydeu and make the most of this trip. 


Ibiza Airport Transfers and Taxis

Now that you have finally arrived at the land of parties, lively nightlife and serene beaches, you can opt to reach the city centre from the airport via two modes of Ibiza airport transfers: bus and taxi. 

Battery Bus
Battery Bus, Le Grand-Saconnex        |       Image by Matti Blume


Busses are one cheap and preferred Ibiza Airport transports. The L10 busses can be found right outside of the arrival halls and take approximately 20 minutes to drop you off amidst the chaos of the vibrant city centre. The busses run from 6 in the morning till 12 at night during the summer season and from 7 to 11 when the cold winds start striking the coasts of this island. Ibiza is known for the adrenaline rushing parties that it hosts which makes it one of the most visited places in Spain, if you are choosing for a public mode of transportation be ready to get rugged amidst the huge crowd that chooses this as their mode of transportation. A single trip fare would fall somewhere between 3-4 EUR. 

Airport Taxi

Taxi from Ibiza airport to your desired accommodation is the best way to avoid all the nuisance of the crowd, especially when you have luggage. The travellers can find numerous Taxi from Ibiza airport right after making their departure. Rydeu provides you a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and is rated to give the best taxi service in Ibiza transport. Book your ride with us and travel in utter comfort. 


Es Vedra,ibiza     |        Image by Mario Vogelsteller from Pixabay 

1.Es Vedra

Situated at a distance of 30 km from the heart of the city, this small rocky island sits peacefully on the western side of Ibiza. The picturesque scenery of the setting sun dipped in crimson and yellow colour while the sky picks up the colour from the sea, the big rocky island will mesmerise you with a scene that will never get out of your mind. The mysterious stories told about this place lures the travellers to visit this place at least once, outside, you can find numerous food stalls and booze serving bars to relax and quench your thirst. 


Atlantis,Ibiza   |        Image by vallis-clausa from flickr 


2. Atlantis 

The island that you heard about, the mysteries that still are said to oscillate between the truth and the myth, yes we’re talking about Atlantis. The blue lagoon coloured water flowing peacefully emerging a tranquil sound while the ambiance provides nothing but the best with lush greenery and unique rock formations. Make sure to keep this place in your list while visiting Ibiza. 


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