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Hong Kong City Guide and Airport Transfer Services 

Hong Kong, without any doubt, is a high-rise civilization amid the most picturesque of island settings. It's tough not to fall in love with Hong Kong right away. When you realise how memorable the food culture is, how thrilling the nightlife is, and how much shopping there is to do, you fall in love for sure. Land at the Hong Kong airport, take any form of Hong Kong airport transfer like the Hong Kong airport taxi to the city and just get lost in the mesmerising feels of the city right away. 

Although there isn't a particular set way to explore this wonderful city, read on to know more about the city below and get lost with us in the intriguing history, the fun of sightseeing, and the pleasure of truly exploring the city.

The widely stretched and intricate history of Hong Kong is challenging and as interesting as it gets with every event that occurred in the past. The first settlements in Hong Kong are traced back to as old as 6,000 years ago, during the Neolithic era. Indigenous people from the Tanka and Punti tribes lived here. The natural harbour from where Hong Kong earned its name, as the "fragrant harbour," and the rich China business, especially opium dealing, provided the basis for the city's initial growth.

St. Peter’s Basilica
St. Andrew's Church     |    Click by Paul Sullivan from Flickr

The city has grown over the years as more land is reclaimed from the adjoining sea. Following the First Opium War with China in 1841, Hong Kong Island came under the authority of the British Empire. This territory was handed over to the British by the Treaty of Nanking, which turned it into a trading harbour. The Japanese ruled Hong Kong during World War II for four years from 1941.

According to the "One Country, Two Systems" tenet, Hong Kong's authority was transferred to Chinese administration from the British reign, in 1997. The city that we see today, has witnessed numerous wars and flourished through all of them, to become one of the most visited cities in China. Some of the pieces of history can be found in the remnants and museums scattered around the city for people to visit. Private transfer services available in the city will take you around all the historic places to jump in the past and live it just one more time. 

Hong Kong Park  |  Click by Amanda from Flickr

It is said that a visit to any new city is incomplete unless you try the cuisine there. Hong Kong cuisine, influenced by Cantonese cuisine, is popular not only in the city, or the country but all around the world. It goes without saying that seafood in Hong Kong is the first thing you must try when in the city. Wonton Noodles, Clay Pot Rice, Egg Tarts, Stinky Tofu, and Curry Fish Balls, to name a few, are the dishes that will give the real taste of the city.

Take a private taxi to hop around all the eateries and street food joints to enjoy your food trip without any struggles. 

Hong Kong is well known as a shopping lover's dream. It has a wide range of shopping areas, including Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, and Central, where shoppers can discover luxurious items shops, global brands, street markets, and electronics retailers. In addition to chic nightclubs, pubs, and live music places, the city has an enviable party culture. Take taxi transfers available in the city to go for your fun shopping spree in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong hotels like The Peninsula Hong Kong, The Upper House, Island Shangri-La, The Langham, and Hotel ICON are a few that will take care of your stay in the city and entertain you in every way possible. These hotels are in such parts of the city and are easily accessible via taxi transfer from anywhere in the city or airport taxi service if you are getting there from the airport. 

Overall, if you see, Hong Kong has not even a single reason to disappoint you. It loves its visits and ushers them with utmost warmth and love. There is something for everyone in the city that will leave a sweet memory. 

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with a pretty hot and humid summer, dry winters, and decent spring and autumn seasons. The best time to visit Hong Kong can vary depending upon the activities you choose to go for in the city.

With severe humidity, the temperature can rise as much as 31°C (88°F). Summer i.e. from June to August, can still be nice if you don't mind scorching temperatures and love spending time outdoors. Typhoons frequently strike Hong Kong during the summer months. Though they can disrupt your plans, frequent severe rain and typhoons are to be expected. 

Hong Kong is often thought to be best visited from March to May during the Spring season. With temperatures ranging from 18°C to 24°C (64°F to 75°F), Hong Kong weather is warm and comfortable. The time is perfect to enjoy all the outdoor activities as it is not too hot and rainy during Spring. The Cheung Chau Bun which usually is during May is a must visit festival in Hong Kong. 

It commemorates the region's distinctive celebration of the birth of the Buddha and is passionately followed by the island of Hong Kong's rural inhabitants.

Spring or Summer, transportation in Hong Kong is easily available to take you anywhere in the city. Airport Transfer, Hong Kong airport taxis, other forms of local transport and private taxi are all accessible to give you a convenient ride pretty much to every corner of the city.

Book Airport Transfer in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has an extensive network of transport. The routes not covered by MTR, which is the subway of Hong Kong, are designated for buses, taxis and other kinds of private transport in the city. Hong Kong airport transfers from the city to the Hong Kong international airport are also not a big hassle to find as the service is provided by many private companies in the city.

Geneva transportation in tram
Bus, Hong Kong    | Click by hans-johnson from Flickr


The bus system in Hong Kong is massive and extends to almost every part of the town. There are numerous bus kinds, including minibus and double-decker buses, making the bus transportation system well-organised. Buses offer a fantastic method to visit diverse neighbourhoods and are typically more affordable than the MTR. However, during rush hours, traffic jams may have an impact on businesses. Buses also make a good option as an airport transfer service in Hong Kong.

MTR (Mass Transit Railway) 

The extensive and efficient subway system in Hong Kong is referred to as the MTR. It encompasses the majority of Hong Kong, including Kowloon, the New Territories, Hong Kong Island, and even a part of Lantau Island. The MTR is famous for its effectiveness, consistency, and cleanliness. Tourists as well as residents use it often to get between multiple areas fast. This is a great way to go sightseeing in Hong Kong as well. 

Taxi, Hong Kong    |  Click by Rémi Lanvin from Flickr


In Hong Kong, taxis are commonly accessible and they come in a variety of colours that signify distinct areas of service. Green taxis drive in the New Territories, whereas red taxis service Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  Private taxi transfer is quite popular now in tourist countries. Certain companies provide Hong Kong taxi and private transfer services which passengers can book anytime, anywhere to go anywhere in the city or suburbs.

These are personalised services where your luggage, timings, and even halts can be managed effortlessly. You can book Hong Kong airport taxis as well to reach the city centre or your hotel from the airport.


The "ding-dings," or iconic trams of Hong Kong, function along the northern coast of the island. Trams offer an interesting and cost-effective way to discover places like Central, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay. They move at a slower pace, giving you a take on the city's sites and sounds. Go on a sightseeing tour in Hong Kong in these trams for experiencing a fascinating trip.

Hong Kong Airport Transfer and Private Taxi Services 

Hong Kong International Airport is the only airport in Hong Kong that serves the city with domestic and international flights. It is located around 40 kilometres from the west of the city centre. Hong Kong airport taxis, buses, and private Hong Kong airport transfers are a few means of transport along with other public modes to reach there.

Battery Bus
Bus, Airport Transfer      |   Click by Hanuman from Flickr


Hong Kong has a robust bus network that operates in all regions of the city. There are several bus routes connecting HKIA with various areas. In contrast to the Airport Express, the buses, Hong Kong transfers from the airport, offer cheaper rates and run from early in the day until late at night. Bus stations are located outside of the terminals, and every bus is clearly marked with its own particular route.

Airport Express 

The Airport Express is a specialised train service that operates from the city centre and HKIA, conveniently. It has plush chairs, cost-free Wi-Fi, and separate space for luggage. With extra stops at Kowloon Station and Tsing Yi Station, it is around 25 minutes from Hong Kong Station. You can easily get down and take other forms of transport or reach your destination from these stations. It is a widely chosen form of airport transfer in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Airport Taxi 

Taxis are probably the most opted airport transfers in Hong Kong. They are easily available at the terminals of the Hong Kong airport. The local taxis coloured in green and red colours have two different routes that they follow to the city centre and vice versa.

Hong Kong airport transfers that are private like Hong Kong airport taxis, are widely opted for by tourists. You can book a taxi  to Hong Kong per your flight schedule and decide on the pickup point around the airport.

A variety of vehicles are offered for your transfer from the airport; minibuses, buses, luxurious cars and other cars, you can choose any vehicle as per your needs. Hong Kong airport taxi is by far the most opted mode in Hong Kong for airport transfer by tourists. It is a form of Hong Kong transfer from the airport where you do not have to change any connecting vehicles, or even worry about luggage. This private taxi can help you with Hong Kong sightseeing tours as well as to have a comfortable ride while exploring the city.

Explore Hong Kong Sightseeing 

Hong Kong is well-known for its seafood, shopping, and various tourism activities.

The best way to explore these places is by getting one of the Hong Kong sightseeing tours available in the city. You can book a private taxi or any form of private transfer to travel to these places. Once you land at the Hong Kong airport, you can book a Hong Kong airport taxi provided by companies to reach your hotel. Tourists often use private transfer services and Hong Kong airport transfers in the city. 

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