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Route Summary - Hamburg to Rostock

We would be lying if we say that we can wrap the unparalleled beauty of Germany in a paragraph. The pictures that make our jaw drop, mouth wide open, yes, those places are none other than that of Hamburg. A place blessed with a tiny bit of everything, Hamburg is known for its innumerable baroque styled museums, not only is the city known to be a bearer of the most enticing sightseeing places to visit but it is also linked with some of the equally nice places that has to be in the list of every traveller, an example of which is Rostock. 

Hamburg to Rostock by taxi is the best way to explore the country without getting out of your budget. You can book Hamburg to Rostock taxis online or offline, however, booking it online would save you some effort. Rydeu provides the best Hamburg to Rostock taxi service. 


Distance from Hamburg to Rostock- 182.8 km 

Time taken- 1 hr, 47 min



Known to be the second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg is the second most famous city in the country after Berlin and the seventh-largest in European Union. The speciality of the beautiful city is reflected in the form of international law and world economics which includes consular and diplomatic missions as the international Tribunal for the law of the Sea. UNESCO Institute for lifelong learning is included as well. Hamburg is known to be a dream city for history lovers, the Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel were declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city boasts rivers and canals that are crossed by approximately 2500 bridges which is why Hamburg is known to be the city with the highest number of bridges in the entire city. 



Straddling the Warnow River on the northern coast of the country, Rostock is a city known for the university of the same name. Founded in the year 1419, the university is seen to be the oldest one in the history of the world and attracts a lot of students from all around the world. If you’re a fan of wrapping yourself up amidst the lush greenery of Mother Nature, make sure to pay a visit to Rostock Botanical Garden, known for its arboretum and the alpine gardens. A magical blend of rustic culture and baroque architecture, the city elegantly features a lot of prides in the form of architecture, a perfect example of which is the gothic St. Mary’s Church. If you are in the mood of meeting some friends or strolling through the main market, finding places to dine in, make sure to keep Neuer Markt main in your list.














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