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Click by Sergei Gussev from Flickr

Click by Sergei Gussev from Flickr

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Guangzhou City Guide and Airport Transfer Services

A thriving commercial city, Guangzhou is the third largest metropolis in China. Often referred to as Canton, the city is a significant region in southern China. It is the economic and cultural hub and the capital of the Guangdong Province. The city has been regarded as a key maritime hub due to its location on the Pearl River and its proximity to Hong Kong. As soon as you land at the airport, take a Guangzhou airport taxi or any form of Guangzhou airport transfer provided by private companies in the city and explore this wonderful city. Take a tour of the architecture to see ancient temples and glittering structures made of steel. For excitement and fun activities, visit one of the four theme parks in Chimelong.

Since the very beginning, folks have lived in the region around Guangzhou. Guangzhou began life as a county called Nanhai during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE). It emerged as a significant industrial port in the Han Dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE), linking China to other regions of Asia and the rest of the world via the maritime Silk Road.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Guangzhou, China   |    Click by Xiquinho Silva from Flickr

Guangzhou was a popular destination among worldwide businessmen and traders due to its enviable position on the Pearl River Delta. It developed into a successful worldwide trade hub during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Guangzhou played a crucial role in China's connections to Western countries in the 19th century. As an integral economic and commercial centre, Guangzhou continued expanding and flourished after it created the People's Republic of China in 1949. It saw extensive growth and modernization, evolving as a crucial contributor to China's economic reforms and strategies for opening up.

Guangzhou's industry has expanded quickly in the past decade, and it has grown into a major centre for production and trade on an international scale. It is recognised for maintaining an economically strong economy that includes the fields of textiles, cars, electronics, biotechnology and petrochemicals. Transportation flourished to cope with the quickly growing tourism industry in the city. Private transfers service and Guangzhou airport transfer gained popularity to move in and around the city and to the airport. 

Huangsha Aquatic Market, Guangzhou   |   Click by Gavin Anderson from Flickr

When you are in this amazing city, hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La Hotel, W Guangzhou, and Baiyun Hotel offer you the best ambience and services. These hotels have rooms that have facilities like coffee machines, mini refrigerators, fantastic views of the beach nearby and the city, a bar and lounge, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and fun events with performances, you get it all. These hotels are in such parts of the city where there are private transfer services easily available from anywhere in the city or airport taxi service if you are getting there from the airport. 

Cantonese cuisine is one of the reasons Guangzhou is famous, and there is no way you can miss devouring it when in the city. Dim sums are the first thing you must try. Roast goose, Shrimp Dumplings, Cantonese roast pork, Wonton Noodles, and Steamed seafood are other dishes that will astonish your taste buds. 

Best Time to Visit Guangzhou 

Visit in any season or time in the city, Guangzhou has something to offer almost all time of the year. March to May can be considered the best time to visit Guangzhou. Spring has mild and agreeable conditions with temperatures that vary between 18°C (64°F) to 27°C (81°F). During this time, the city gets wreathed in rich plant life and colourful blossoms. However, keep in mind that both April and May can be somewhat rainy, therefore it is suggested that you pack an umbrella or raincoat.

The biggest and most famous fair— The Canton Fair, takes place in this season. It is one of the largest commercial events in China and is held two times a year in Guangzhou. Take into account that the fair draws an important amount of travellers and that prices for accommodations can be higher during these times if you wish to go. Take a taxi transfer or private taxi to reach the location of the fair.

Guangzhou experiences hot, humid summers with typical summer temperatures somewhere around 30°C (86°F) with daily temperatures of 35°C (95°F). It might appear hotter as a result of the high humidity. Furthermore, it is the rainy season, which can be identified by severe thunderstorms and massive downpours. 

If you've chosen to go during this time of year, pack flexible, comfortable clothing and get ready for high humidity and high temperatures. If you feel the heat as soon as you land at the airport, take a Guangzhou airport transfer or any other airport transfer service to reach your destination in the city.

Book Airport Transfer in Guangzhou 

Guangzhou is a city quite advanced in transport and tourism compared to many other cities in China and has a number of tourist attractions to visit. The local transportation modes like taxis, buses, and trains help to a great extent to move around in the city. 

Trains in Guangzhou 

There are three railway stations in Guangzhou and the trains follow one designated route in the city. This route then further divides into other directions when it surpasses the outskirts of the city in all directions with destinations like Beijing, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other cities in China.

The three railways stations are: 

  • The primary railway station has intercity routes where speed trains run to other cities. 

  • Guangzhou South Railway Station: This one has bullet trains travelling to cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai. 

  • Guangzhou North Railway Station: This has high-speed trains following a route to major cities in China. 

Geneva transportation in tram
Bus, Guangzhou    |  Click by lindsaybridge from Flickr


Buses are a popular way to travel within the city limits and to bordering towns. Both public and private bus services are readily accessible in Guangzhou's wide bus network. Over 1,200 routes are connected by more than 13,000 buses in the city. Bus lines in the city regularly charge 2 Yuan for a single ride. Guangzhou additionally offers night buses that are comfortable for passengers and are recognised by the prefix ‘夜’. You can use buses as a way of travelling to Guangzhou airport, but that will cause you a lot more trouble being a mode of public transport.

Taxi, Guangzhou    |   Click by Rutger van der Maar from Flickr

Taxi in Guangzhou 

Taxis are an essential part of the Guangzhou transport system as well as of the tourism industry. The locals use it to get on with their daily work, while the tourists use it for sightseeing and exploring the city. These taxis are in high demand, particularly at 7:30 and 9:00 am, when residents get off from their work. As a result, it could be hard to hail a Guangzhou taxi during peak hours.

Private taxi transfers are also quite popular in the city. They are provided by private businesses in the city for sightseeing tours and simply going to any destination you pick in the city. They are also a great form of Guangzhou airport transfer, like the Guangzhou airport taxi which is a more personalised way of travelling to reach the airport from the city or vice versa.


Being nestled beside Pearl River, Guangzhou has a number of ports and terminals offering ferry services. The city is connected via ships to the neighbouring islands and coastal regions, which include Macau and Hong Kong.


Guangzhou has a comprehensive metro system that is regularly used for local transportation. There are multiple lines in the Guangzhou Metro system which link different areas of the city and the surrounding area. The subway and private transfer services are two modes of transport you can choose to go for a Guangzhou sightseeing tour at night because it is fun to watch the city twinkling in the evening lights. 2 to 14 yuan is the basic pricing range for subway tickets in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Airport Transfer and Private Taxi Services 

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the main airport in the city, has frequent international as well as domestic flights flying in and out of the city. It is located approximately 28 kilometres from the city centre. There are a few ways to travel including private Guangzhou airport transfers like Guangzhou airport taxi and also public modes of transit. 

Battery Bus
Buses, Airport Transfer  |    Click by Can Pac Swire from Flickr

Rental Cars 

Rental cars are one of the many options for airport transfers in Guangzhou. These offer ease and flexibility, especially if you're trying to meet deadlines or are travelling with a lot of luggage. In order to get the advantage of better availability and pricing, it is recommended to make bookings well ahead of time.


Probably the cheapest and a convenient mode of Guangzhou airport transfer, the metro is widely chosen to travel to the airport from the city centre. The metro offers both Chinese and English services. If you are a solo traveller, it is recommended that you travel by subway within an hour of your desired locations.

The new downtown district of Guangzhou is easily accessible by Metro Line 3 known as the North Extension because of its location. The service is offered every day from morning 6 am until 11 pm. Apart from being used to travel to and from the Guangzhou international airport, it is also widely used for Guangzhou sightseeing tours. 


Airport shuttle buses travel between the airport and several Guangzhou locations including prominent hotels and bus stops. These buses provide a direct route and also have lots of space to carry luggage. For the most current data regarding specific bus routes, times, and prices, it is recommended to visit the official Guangzhou Airport website or ask locals to know more about bus timings and places. Buses are a pretty popular mode of Guangzhou airport transfer as it is a local mode. 

Guangzhou Airport Taxi 

Guangzhou airport taxis are nothing but local taxis which are easily available that help you to reach the Guangzhou international airport. Use licensed taxis with metres, or negotiate the rates before starting your ride The final cost depends upon traffic conditions and distance covered.
You can book a taxi to Guangzhou as per your flight schedule and decide on the pickup point around the airport. A variety of vehicles are offered for your transfer from the airport; minibuses, buses, luxurious cars and other cars, you can choose any vehicle as per your needs. Guangzhou airport taxi is by far the most opted mode of Guangzhou airport transfer by tourists. It is a form of Guangzhou transfer from the airport where you do not have to change any connecting vehicles, or even worry about luggage. This private taxi can help you with Guangzhousightseeing tours as well as to have a comfortable ride while exploring the city.

Explore Guangzhou Sightseeing 

Guangzhou is well-known for the tourist places, shopping and the culture rooted in the city. The best way to explore all the places is by getting one of the Guangzhou sightseeing tours available in the city. You can book a private taxi or any form of private transfer to travel to these places. Once you land at the Guangzhou airport, you can book a Guangzhou airport taxi provided by companies to reach your hotel. 

Tourists often use private transfer services and Guangzhou airport transfers in the city. The Manila train line and boats from Batangas Port are the two public transport alternatives in the city. Rest private transfer to visit all the Guangzhou sightseeing attractions in the city.

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