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Coddled by river Main, Frankfurt is the central city of Germany. Apart from being the fifth-largest German city and the largest city in the Rhine Franconian sociolect area, this gorgeous city is also a major financial hub of the country. Frankfurt shares the significance of its name with France and Franconia - the city had its name coined after the Franks. A city with one of the largest varieties of museums in Europe, Frankfurt is a beautiful blend of traditional German culture and the modern ways of life. With a cluster of 12 outlandish museums called Museumsufer and a plethora of incredible sightseeing places like the Frankfurt Cathedral, and Römerberg, Frankfurt has proven itself to be an exotic holiday destination!

Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany        |        Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Frankfurt registered itself in the pages of history in the first century. The Romans were the first settlers in Frankfurt, who found their home in the area of Römer. The city, which is now swarmed by a myriad of touristy souls, was one of the most important cities that belonged to the Holy, Roman Empire. Following the suit of most of the significant cities that leave their marks in history, Frankfurt has faced a lot of ups and downs in the past. Losing its independence to Prussia, getting occupied by the French troops, and getting severely bombed during World War II are some of the knocks that the city had to face. Nevertheless, Frankfurt, justifying its culture and spirit, healed itself to emerge as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The city is culturally, ethnically and religiously so rich that the tourists and travellers never find a dearth of amazing places for themselves to explore!  

Frankfurt City Architecture
City Architecture, Frankfurt        |        Image by lapping from Pixabay 

Frankfurt, as a city, is warm to the ones that yearn to cherish it. The city prioritizes the convenience and comfort of its tourists and travellers. The city is laced with restaurants and cafes that serve delectable cuisines to give your tastebuds a taste of the German flavour! Frankfurt is a city of fine art and architecture, and hence a heavenly abode for the connoisseurs for the finer things in life!

From Römerberg - the seat of the city administration and a center for the enticing Frankfurt Christmas markets, imperial coronations, and trade fairs; Städel Museum - a place showcasing 700 years of ancient and modern art along with innumerable photographs, paintings and drawings, Museumsufer - an awe-inspiring site that Museumsufer on the banks of river Main is, the incredible arts and artifacts that it showcases are meant to give you goosebumps! - to The Palm Garden - a gorgeous botanical garden, Frankfurt Zoo - the second oldest zoo in Germany and The Old Opera House - a place with over 50 exotic events per year! -  the city has ensured to keep the touristy souls and travel bugs entertained!

All in all, the German city of Frankfurt is one of its kind! Rest assured, with the best time to explore the city being the late spring and the early autumn, the city should definitely be on your itinerary as and when you decide to explore Germany!

Image by lapping from Pixabay

Römerberg: Frankfurt's Old Town Center

Frankfurt's very own - albeit irregular- town's square with the Justin Fountain, Römerberg is Frankfurt's most picturesque spot at the heart of the city. The spot is swarmed by the tourists and travellers for its open-fronted shops, Wertheim House, Historisches Museum, and the famous Christmas market! The touristy souls also behold the sight of a cluster of eleven buildings. To get to this majestic place, all you need to do is book a ride with Rydeu! Choose from multiple budget-friendly and luxurious rides to be ferried to your location within no time!

Image by KarinKarin from Pixabay

Städel Museum

With paintings from the 14th century, Städel Museum showcases arts and artifacts with substantial historical significance. Along with guided tours and audio-guides, the museum also has a research library, workshop and talks, a cafe and a bookshop to ensure an adventurous excursion for the tourists! To reach the Städel Museum, all you need to do is book a comfortable budget-friendly ride with Rydeu! Choose from us or our suppliers and let us handle your comfort!

Image by Jorge Franganillo from flickr

Museum District: Museumsufer

Located on the north and south banks of River Main, Museumsufer is a collection of sixteen historical museums. A heavenly abode for the history buffs, this place is sure to give you goosebumps! The Museum of Ancient Sculpture and the Icon Museum are two of the sixteen awe-inspiring museums. You can ferry yourself to this amazing place by booking with Rydeu! From luxurious rides to pocket-friendly rides, along with 24*7 customer support, we have all you need!

Image by lapping from Pixabay

The Palm Garden

The largest botanical garden in Germany, The Palm Garden is beautifully spread across a 54-acre land! With exquisite botanical exhibits, the Europaturm, and some other incredible parks, The Palm Garden is sure to beat your blues and leave you with your upbeat self! Just book a comfortable, and customized private taxi with Rydeu, and ready yourself to explore the ancient art and architecture!

Image by Allie_Caulfield from flickr

Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Surrounded by the Senckenberg gardens, the Senckenberg Natural History Museum is the second largest museum of its kind in Germany! The museum is a modern museum of natural history, and will certainly be of prime interest to the nature-lovers! Let go of the stress of planning your journey to this incredible place, by booking a ride with Rydeu. Let us handle the stress, and let yourself handle the adventures!

Image by Stavros Kallis from Pixabay

Frankfurt Cathedral

A gothic masterpiece built in Red sandstone, the Frankfurt Cathedral certainly stands out amidst the rich ancient art and architecture! The cathedral is 95-meter tall and stands out as a majestic skyscraper in the city! In order to reach the Frankfurt Cathedral, all you have to do is book a pleasant ride with Rydeu! With a fleet of offers and 24*7 customer support and much more, Rydeu has everything you need!

Image by lapping from Pixabay

The Hauptwache

A cluster of historic buildings and modern architecture, the Hauptwache is one of the busiest spots in Frankfurt! Apart from getting a glimpse of the rich art and architecture, the tourists and travellers could treat themselves to the exquisite market that this phenomenal place is also famous for! Book a budget-friendly or luxurious ride with Rydeu to this amazing place! Rydeu levies no hidden charges on its customers! Ride with Rydeu, ride with confidence!

Image by tacker from flickr 

Frankfurt Zoo

A zoo that is spread across a 32-acre-land, Frankfurt zoo is a home to 4500 animals from 510 different species! Germany's second oldest zoo will not only expand your knowledge but will also give you an adventurous experience! Rydeu offers private taxi services to Frankfurt zoo! With its unbelievable perks, comfort and safety, Rydeu ensures that you never regret a dime spent on your trips!

Frankfurt is a mesmerizing city! The city spellbinds the ones who truly aspire to devour its beauty! Frankfurt is laced with enchanting places, and no one in their right mind would dare to miss out on any of them!

Some of the most amazing places in Frankfurt for the tourists and travellers to witness the beauty of are

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay


Approximately 174 kilometers from Frankfurt, lies the very pretty city of Baden! The city is so vibrant that a mere step in its boundaries will rid you of all your worries, and will turn you into a sprightly being all over again! With Lichtentaler Allee, Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Baths, Merkur Bergbahn, and a lot more exciting places, Baden should definitely be on your itinerary as and when you decide to explore Frankfurt!

Image by Peter H from Pixabay


Approximately 89 kilometers from Frankfurt, lies the town of Heidelberg! Nestled at the heart of Neckar River, the town showcases Renaissance architecture along with remarkable sightseeing places like Altstadt, Schloss Heidelberg, Alte Brücke, and Kurpfälzisches Museum. Rest assured, a visit to Heidelberg will be etched in your heart until time immemorial!

Image by lapping from Pixabay


A ride of about 30 kilometers from Frankfurt will take you to the wondrous town of Hanau! The town is so mesmerizing, the tourists and travellers won't be able to resist its magic! The town was first mentioned in the books of history in 1143, and the new town was built in the 16th century. From Brüder-Grimm-Nationaldenkmal, and Wilhelmsbad to Historisches Karussell Wilhelmsbad, and Schloss Philippsruhe, the town has enough reasons to compel you to give it a visit!

Image by Th G from Pixabay


A journey of about 181 kilometers will take you to the historical city of Rothenburg! A city known for medieval architecture, half-timbered houses, and cobblestone lanes, Rothenburg is laced with tourists and travellers throughout the year! Some of its best sightseeing places include the Town Wall, Rathaus, Marktplatz, and Burggarten!


A perfect blend of French and German, Strasbourg is a city that lies at the Franco-German border! The city, emulating the cultures of the two majestic cities, leaves the touristy souls enchanted! Strasbourg lies at around 217 kilometers from Frankfurt, and boasts of amazing sightseeing places like the Strasbourg Cathedral, La Petite France, Parc de l’Orangerie, and Barrage Vauban, for the travellers to explore!

Image by Holzauge222 from Pixabay


From Cologne Cathedral and Cologne Chocolate Museum to Hohenzollern Bridge and Dusseldorf Old Town, Rhine does not have a dearth of amazing places to keep the tourists and travellers entertained. One of the major European rivers, with its sources in Switzerland, Rhine is about 123 kilometers from Frankfurt!


Cradled by the rivers Tauber and Main, Wertheim is a town located at the confluence of the two incredibly beautiful rivers! The town is best known for its medieval heritage, and is approximately 88 kilometers from Frankfurt! With Wertheim Castle, Historischer Marktplatz, Kloster Bronnbach, and Wertheim Village, Wertheim has proven itself worthy of being on your itinerary!

Image by Lilen23 from Pixabay


The new swan stone castle was meant to be a replica of the Hohenschwangau Castle - where King Ludwig II had spent his childhood - but only with more grandeur! The castle is an awe-inspiring sight! This 213 feet-tall castle is approximately 120 kilometers from Munich and should definitely be one of the places you plan to visit, should you visit Munich!

Image by lapping from Pixabay


Located at the heart of river Rhine, Mainz is a town known for its medieval heritage! The town is laced with half-timbered houses, and medieval market squares! The town has a myriad of wondrous sightseeing places, some of which are St. Stephen's Church, Mainz Cathedral, The Gutenberg Museum, and Marktplatz.

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