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Is Frankfurt good for tourists?

With half-timbered buildings huddled in its quaint and medieval old town, homely apple-wine local pubs serving wholesome regional meals, village-like suburbs filled with cafes and bars, vintage shops, and graffiti, and lush gardens, flower beds, and riverside paths, Frankfurt is an unexpectedly conventional and enchanting city. 

There are innumerable places to visit in this gorgeous place. The Historic Old Center, also known as Altstadt, is the city's principal tourist attraction. This is a recreated Old Village that seeks to replicate the biggest timber-frame town in Germany that previously stood here, which was badly damaged during the World War II bombing. After exploring the lovely Old Town, you can take a short romantic walk down a street to meet the River and enjoy the view of one of Frankfurt's other outstanding landmarks. The Eiserner Steg is a great place to clip on a love lock or take some magnificent photographs of Frankfurt's cityscape, which stretches out before you.


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