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Route Summary - Frankfurt to Strasbourg

What’s one country which pops up in the mind of every traveller when they’re travelling in a group and want to witness it all at one place? The answer to that has to be Germany. With an array of activities from peaceful sightseeing for the serene seekers to the adrenaline kicking adventurous games for all you playful souls out there, Germany holds the capacity to bless you with nothing less than too much. The historical museums help the country in regaining the cultural pride and the soothing music in the background helping you in gaining the feeling of ecstasy is priceless. 

Frankfurt to Strasbourg by car is the best possible way to explore a bit of both of the cities without getting indulged in the tedious process of standing in a line to have a ticket and then fighting over the seats rather than lurking out of your window to enjoy the view. Private transfers from Frankfurt to Strasbourg is the best option if you want to cherish your time with your loved ones. Frankfurt to Strasbourg taxi cost varies as per the desired vehicle. 


Distance from Frankfurt to Strasbourg- 182 km 

Time taken- 2 hr, 52 min


Known for its extraordinary museums which are present in abundance, the museums mostly cover the topics of art, science and history, the city has a lot to offer if you want to explore it on foot. A highlight of the city’s significance would make us give the names of Römerberg: Frankfurt's Ancient Town Center, Städel Museum, Museum District: Museumsufer, The Palm Garden and Senckenberg Natural History Museum. While in Germany, one simply can not miss the culinary magic that the country possesses, especially Frankfurt. German sausages have been taking a lot of space in our refrigerators and well, our hearts. Make sure to hog on Grüne Soße, Handkäs mit Musik and Frankfurter Rippchen. The beautiful cities are linked to some of the best places to escape midst nature without travelling too much or going too heavy on your pocket. 




There is a perfect combination of German and French architecture in Strasbourg and visitors heartily enjoy the enormous multitude of Street musicians which can be seen dispersed all over the city. Strasbourg is an energetic city which boasts of an outstanding architectural heritage. It is marked by its profoundly rich history and is located at the boundary of Germany in Alsace, Strasbourg is the capital and vastest city of the Grand Est region of France. Home to numerous European institutions, it is the delighted emblem of democratic values. A youthful city replete with multicultural layers of history, Strasbourg forms a perfect bridge between past and present. Revel in the grand beauty of this old town, decorated with medieval half-timbered houses, scenic canals and soaring Gothic cathedrals.



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