Airport Transfers in Eindhoven

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Eindhoven Airport is the second busiest airport in the Netherlands and is located on the edge of town, west of Eindhoven. The distance between Eindhoven Airport and the city is only  nine kilometres.Your journey begins at the airport itself and a lot depends on the method of airport transfers chosen.

Airport Transfer
Airport Transfer        |       Image by Misanthropic One from flickr

Transfers from the airport in Eindhoven are straightforward when using the bus. There is a regular bus connection between the airport and the center of Eindhoven. The AirExpressBus offers a frequent and convenient line service between Eindhoven Airport, Den Bosch, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Tickets for the airport shuttle which runs between the train station and the airport can be bought at the airport bus stand itself. Additionally, bus 401 connects the airport to Eindhoven's main train and the bus station in the city center and a ride costs around €3.50.

Taxis are a convenient choice from travelling from the airport especially at night when there is no public transportation and you have a lot of luggage. The center of Eindhoven can be reached from the airport using a car in 15 minutes. Rydeu provides an easy solution for all your travel woes with easy airport transfers. They are cheap, affordable and leave you hassle-free to enjoy the journey to your destination.