Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay 


Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay 


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Edinburgh City Guide And Airport Transfer Service

The hilly city of Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the seventh most populous city in the whole of the United Kingdom. The rich soil of the city is blessed with intense greenery and jaw-dropping beauty of countryside stretches. The scenic views are complimented with a medieval vibe that resonates with gothic culture. The city has a plethora of interesting sights like castles, neoclassical buildings, glorious gardens, and so on. The city is wrapped in an envelope of warmth and love throughout the year because of its kind services and gentle hospitality of the people. There is always something happening in every nook of the city, all you need to do is pay a visit and see for yourself.

Old Town
Old town,Edinburgh      |        Image by from flickr

Edinburgh is known for its medieval Old Town and elegant Georgian New Town. It truly represents the best of both worlds. The renaissance ambience has perfect blemishes of the contemporary world. Amidst the unfamiliarity of being in a new city, you will still feel like home. The city is rich in Scottish culture and heritage. It hosts an array of plays, musical shows and even literacy around the month of August. So, plan your vacation accordingly because the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has a lot to offer!


Streets of Edinburgh      |        Image by Julian Hacker from Pixabay

Explore the enchanting streets of the city as you hum along with the music of bagpipes. The museums, quaint boutiques, authentic gardens, farm-to-table cuisine, picturesque lowlands, as well as the official Queen’s residence add an enhanced flavour to your experience. The 16th-century alleyway is known to hold some dark secrets of the city, this serves as a pure fantasy like delight to history buffs. Edinburgh has its own eerie charm that can easily get under your skin. So, forget about every day 9 am drive to your office and cut yourself some slack. You deserve a vacation in the woeful city of Edinburgh.


Book Your Airport Transfer In Edinburgh

The perfect destination for travelling is one which allows easy exploring and Edinburgh is a city with one of the best transport systems. The public transport in the city is very friendly. Not only do the inhabitants use it themselves but also it is a credible source of commute for tourists. Here are a few ways to travel around in the city in a safe, reliable and comfortable fashion.

Bus,Edinburgh        |        Image by Paul Robertson from flickr


Buses are a very good option if you’re running low on a budget or want to save some extra bucks for roaming around in the city! The city has a well-connected chain of buses- The Airlink 100 Express Bus serves as a good option given its services.


Tram,Edinburgh        |        Image by daniel0685 from flickr 


Another amazing alternative for easy commuting around the city trams. The local trams in the city and the service they provide are well-liked by the inhabitants. Edinburgh trams are very popular among people too. The extensive layout of tram services makes sure every sight in the city is easily accessible. Also, Edinburgh Railway is one of the most efficient accesses of travelling in the country.


Bicycles are another safe, cheap and environmentally friendly way of transportation across the city. Say goodbye to toxic gases and embrace a healthy lifestyle. So, hop on a bicycle while enjoying the fresh air and amazing sights across the city. A lot of shops would allow you to hire one of these at a very affordable price.


Edinburg Airport Transfer And Private Taxi Service

About 8 miles away from the heart of the city lies Edinburgh Airport. The travel-friendly airport is one of the main ways to get to Edinburgh. It is the sixth busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the busiest in Scotland handling over 14.7 million people. Its well-connectivity and proximity to the city make travelling much easier.  Some of the ways to access this airport to/from the city are as follows-

Airport Bus
Airport Bus,Edinburgh        |       Image by Giovanni Prestige from flickr 


A chain of trams run all day in their timely slots connecting the city from the airport. Luckily, the airport does not lie very far from the city centre which keeps the network of trams running smoothly and quickly. The excellent service makes sure you have a hassle-free journey. The ticket starts from around 6.85€ for one-way travel taking only 35 minutes to reach the core of the city, So, get yourself a ticket and explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Good service of trams is a speciality of the city. It serves as an affordable and easy ride.


If you’re wearing your tourist boots then hop on a bus and enjoy the views of the Scottish beautiful terrain.  Experience a hurdle free journey with the excellent service of bus transfers from Edinburgh Airport. There is an extensive chain of buses that run throughout the day connecting the airport to the city. Transfers via buses are efficient, cheap and even safe! It takes about 5.14€ (£4.50) for one-way travel and covers the proximity in just 30 minutes. The cost reduces for children services.


Taxis are till date one of the best commute options. Book a transfer with Rydeu to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region while indulging in a laid-back ride. Edinburgh taxi services are the perfect blend of ease and comfort. From topnotch premium rides to cosy ones within a budget, we have got it all covered. Edinburgh taxi fares are moderate and range according to your needs and wants. The airport to Edinburgh city lies at a small stretch so you will not have to wait any extra time. Customize an easy ride for a problem-free trip to Edinburgh with Rydeu. So, hop on board and live the hassle-free life. A beautiful vacation is waiting for you.   


Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle        |        Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Places To Visit In Edinburgh

1.  Edinburgh Castle-

The magnificent Castle, stands tall as a stunning historic structure is built on an extinct volcano over hundreds of years. The castle is the city’s pride as it is Britain’s most visited tourist attraction. The beautiful fortress’s head dominates the entire skyline of the city brilliantly marking the historic significance of the city. It even has a dog cemetery in it. The place is one of the best options for you to spend a good day with your loved ones to rejuvenate your spirits.



Palace of Holyrood house
Palace of Holyroodhouse       |        Image by liakada-web from flickr 


 2. Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey-

The official residence of the British monarch also known as the Hollywood Palace is one of the top sightseeing places in the city. The abbey was founded in 1128 by King David I and since then has blessed the soil of Scotland. It eventually became the royal family’s main abode in Scotland. The place is now open for tourists to visit as it serves as a home to cafes and gift shops. A must visit when you are in town.


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