Airport Transfers in Davos

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The serene and fascinating city of Davos can be reached by initially arriving at the Zurich airport. This is the closest airport and is around 160 km and is connected by multiple means to Davos. Public transport and private transfers are available in equal numbers beginning from the airport. It is connected to the region by trains, buses, taxis and private car hires. Direct trains to Davos are not available and have to be changed once or twice depending on the chosen route. Initially travel from the Zurich airport station to the main station and board a train headed towards Klosters. Passengers can down depending on the location of their accommodation. Another train from Zurich HB is headed towards this city. The journey duration for the first is around 3 hours and 30 minutes while the second consumes a little over 4 hours.

Metro Shuttle bus, Davos            
 Image by Dan Benedict Banaag from flickr 

 A night-time bus service from the airport to Davos runs daily, once a day. It consumes nearly 5 hours and usually reaches the city early in the day. This route can be preferred if travelling at night time. The pricing of both bus and train tickets starts from 10 SFR. The other two prominent modes of transfer, namely taxi and private car hire are cheaper and comfortable as compared to public transport. The pain of carrying huge baggage and waiting in queue lines for long times would be eradicated with these. Davos taxi hire services are available with a decent frequency and usually run between the cities continuously. They go easy on the wallet, making them much preferable. The ride from Zurich airport to Davos is a smooth sailing one. A transformation from growth to greenery is seen along the route and Davos nears. The ride takes less than 2 hours generally.  

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