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Davos City Guide

Prominently known as an Alpine town, Davos is a magnificent city located in the Rhaetian Alps. This secluded place is situated distant from others in the country along the river Landwasser. Davos is highly known for hosting the World Economic Forum(WEF), an annual meeting between the political and business elites. The city is split into two parts, the Dorf in the northeast and the Platz in the southwest. The regions can be traversed easily by foot, one to another. Host to a number of snow-based events, Davos also conducts the Spengler cup ice hockey competition by the local hockey team HC Davos. The city is one of the highest locations in the country with an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

St. Peter’s Basilica
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This region has a seemingly great number of differences from the other parts of the country due to the settlements of Walser colonists in the past. The culture, dialect and customs are majorly similar to those of the German Walsers. It also has a historic prominence of being home to medicinal plants as mentioned by renowned doctors of the past. Davos attracts tourists round the year with the winter sports during the cold months and other adventurous activities during the summer months. Often visited during the hotter months when the temperatures are quite normal, winters here are a delight to watch too. The city is comparatively crowded when compared to its counterparts and offers a plethora of options during shopping. The local shops have a large number of local arts and artefacts.

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This beautiful city was primarily under notice when the German expressionist painter Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner moved here on a de-addiction program. Davos is home to beautiful places like the Schatzalp, Rinerhorn, Lake Davos, Sertig valley and the Kirchner museum. The city is more than just another exquisite skiing experience with all the others it has to offer. Among the adventurous sports, a special activity, mountain bike riding is a major attraction. The venture around lake Landwasser and the Madrisa Island adventure park are sought after activities, especially during the summers. The speciality of this place lies in the variety of attractions it offers depending on the seasons of the year.

Best time to visit

With all it has to present a tourist, Davos can be visited both in the summers and winters. The months between June and September are often considered the most appropriate to visit this city. Prior to this, during the winters of May, the climate falls dangerously low and also opens up numerous options for winter sports. Between July and September, the summer sports are often open with a booming number of adventure seekers. The mild temperatures during the beginning of summer offer for a bearable climate. When seen from the budget aspects, the hotels and spaces are less crowded during the off-season months in May and August-September. The prices are reduced greatly when compared to the mid-season. Booking the hotels and tickets prior would be a better choice given the chance of crowding. Plan your trip depending on your interests and budget to extract the maximum from your experience. Summer enthusiasts can look out for the July-September months specifically while those interested in a winter trip can choose May-June as their option. In either case, make your arrangements well in advance to get the best in your constraints.