Travel with Peace of Mind with Rydeu Safety Measures.
Strict Health Safety & Sanitization Procedures Performed For Every Service.

We know safety is on everyone's mind these days and we want to put yours at ease, so that you can feel comfortable riding in one of our vehicles.

How does Rydeu ensure a safe trip?
Chauffeurs wear masks strictly throughout the trip
Vehicles are sanitized and disinfected before and after each ride
social distancing
Chauffeurs observe social distancing upon greeting passengers
Air conditioning
Air conditioning to be always set on “Fresh-air” mode only
prepaid booking
Pre-paid booking options to avoid any direct contact with driver
Chauffeurs will provide mask if customer doesn’t have one
All vehicles to have separate Hand sanitizers for customer’s usage
Chauffeurs will sanitize the luggage after assistance
How can you take care of yourself ?
mask lady
list-item-iconDo not travel if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms (Such as fever, cough and sore throat etc) or tested positive for coronavirus.
list-item-iconAlways wear a face covering while stepping out.
list-item-iconWash or sanitize your hands regularly.
list-item-iconDo use tissue papers to sneeze and cough and dispose of it properly.
list-item-iconMaintain social distancing as much as possible whenever you are in a public place.
list-item-iconHandle luggage yourself to maintain safety throughout your journey.