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Cork City Guide And Airport Transfer Service

One of the largest cities in Ireland, Cork is an island between two River Lee channels that combine downstream at the eastern end of the city centre. From here, the seafront and docks along the river flow outwards towards Lough Mahon and Cork Harbour, known as one of the greatest remaining harbours in the world. Want to experience the city at its raw best? Take a walk from the designated walking route from St. Finn Barre's Cathedral and University College's riverside quadrangle up the hill to the red and white Shandon Church. You'll come across a lot of the city's chatty folks along the way. But there are more things to watch, visit, and experience in this beautiful Ireland city than just this walking tour.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Healy Pass, Cork   |   Click by Giuseppe Milo from Flickr

As per legend, the city's history began at the origin of river Lee in the majestic Shehy Mountains, which are home to the famed pilgrimage site of Gougane Barra (Finbarr's rocky cleft). St. Finbarr, the patron saint of Cork City, is said to have established one of his early monasteries on an island in the centre of Gougane Lake. According to legend, he then went to traverse the river valley where he had founded the monastery, which is now the location of Cork City's St. Finbarr's Cathedral. His story still lives on in the valley, and St. Finbarre's legacy is what gives the city and valley their essential spiritual identity and beginnings narrative.

Mizen Head, Cork   |   Click by Mizen Head from Flickr

Cork was a prominent town and a busy port during the Middle Ages. Although, it would seem no more than a village with a population of probably not more than 2,000. Wine (the drink of the upper class) was imported whereas Cork exported animal hides and woollen garments. Furthermore, the city’s industrial aspect flourished during the late 20th Century and tourism got a new face. What we see today is a city full of tourism, business, and a vivid culture boasting a variety of history. 

Apart from a great history, the present times in Cork are equally or more fun and the places are only worth visiting to experience the magic they are capable of doing. There are various destinations to go to, from long-distance hikes and breathtaking drives to farms, prisons, festivals, and Christmas markets to visit. Blarney Castle, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City Gaol, the popular English Market, Blackrock Castle, other museums and beautiful cathedrals around the town makes Cork tourism super popular around the world. 

Keeping aside the best places to visit in Cork the city has a bunch of delicacies you must try, consider it mandatory when in the city. The Irish food revolution began in this region, and the city is packed to the brim with fantastic restaurants, cafes, and one of the best foods Europe has to offer. Franciscan Well Ale, Toonsbridge Mozzarella, Scúp ice cream, Clonakilty Black Pudding, and Gubbeen Smokehouse Chorizo are the locally preferred food dishes in the region. As per the stay is concerned while vacationing in the city, Rochestown Park Hotel, Maryborough Hotel, Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel, and Clayton Hotel Cork City, among others are the famous Cork hotels that offer a luxurious stay with plenty of indoor activities to do. 

With delicious food, a fun-filled shopping spree, historic places, beautiful monuments, and interesting city tours, Cork has to offer something for everyone, always. 

Book Your Airport Transfer In Cork

The Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (CMATS) represents an efficient travel strategy to use and set a transportation plan. In order to support Cork transportation, it lays out a framework for the planning and execution of transportation infrastructure and services. Being one of the largest Irish cities, Cork has a well-managed and efficiently operated transport network with various modes of transport to commute.

Geneva transportation in tram
Bus, Cork  |  Click by Ed Webster from Flickr


Bus Éireann operates a broad bus network in Cork City, with most city bus services travelling cross-city and outside of the city centre. Some orbital lines serve inter-suburban travel and connect to both UCC and CIT. The major settlements are served by frequent bus services. There are town-to-town and rural bus services in remote regions. Greater distance bus services leave from Cork's major bus station, located at Parnell Place in the heart of the city. Local travel within Cork is approximately €1.10; a ticket to Kinsale costs €11; and a round-trip ticket to Blarney costs €5.60. Buses are regular from 7 am to 11 night, Monday through Saturday.

Train, Cork    |  Click by William Murphy from Flickr


Cork's primary train station is named Kent Station. You will get hourly InterCity services to Dublin from here. The trip can be as long as 2 hours and 20 minutes. On the Cork - Cobh/Midleton railway route and between Cork and Mallow, passenger rail services link Kent Station with Cobh, Midleton, Rushbrooke, Carrigaloe, Fota Island, Little Island Glounthaune, and Carrigwohill.


With so many amazing tourist places to visit, taking a taxi ride makes the most convenient way of touring the city. Since travelling can take up more time, many travellers choose Cork city taxi or a private taxi. Nowadays, taxi companies offer taxi rides to Cork at great discounts because it is convenient and time-saving. Rydeu provides such convenient, easy-to-get private taxis in Cork that will take you in and around the town.

Cork Airport Transfer And Private Taxi Service

Cork airport is 6.5 km away from the city centre by road. Various bus, train, cabs, and private taxi transfers are the various modes of airport transfers available. Bus Éireann runs 226 and 226A leave from Parnell Place Bus Station and travels to Cork Airport before continuing to Kinsale, a local town. Bus Éireann 252 which operates only during summers follows a route that starts from Parnell Place Bus Station and goes to Innishannon, Bandon, Clonakilty, Owenahincha Cross, Rosscarbery, Leap, Skibbereen, Ballydehob, Banter, Glengarriff and Kenmare. Kent station is the nearest railway station, it is a hub of the rail network that has trains departing to the city centre and other parts of the city. A local bus or cab from the station can take you to the airport.

Battery Bus
Taxi, Airport Transfers   |   Click by Chris Pomeroy from Flickr

Private taxi transfers are another popular and probably the most suitable mode of transport to reach the airport. An advantage of taking private taxis over public transport to the airport is you can manage your luggage easily, schedule your rides as per your flight schedule, and have the vehicle and its space all by yourself. 

Places To Visit In Cork

Cork is the second-largest city in Ireland. Hence, there are plenty of things to do in Cork. The people here have a distinct sense of individuality and pride. Visit what locals refer to as "the genuine Irish capital," ring the renowned Shandon Bells in the church overlooking the city, or explore the dungeon-like Cork City Gaol to get a peek within an Irish prison.

Best time to visit Cork

Cork is a city situated at a place that splits the River Lee into two branches before it reaches the ocean at Cork Harbour. Cork weather is known to be unpredictable at times. A modern city that boasts a vibrant culture, vivid tourism, and enticing delicacies, you need to plan a vacation here that lasts for over a few days. The city attracts the maximum number of tourists during summer which lasts from June to September. This is the peak tourist season that offers various events, festivals, and city tours. The weather is warmest during this time compared to other months of the year. It varies between 16 to 20°C. Winter is usually calmer and considered the shoulder season by visitors. Even though the Cork weather can occasionally become very chilly, the average temperature is around 90 degrees. Since the days are so short, preparations for the activities can sometimes be interrupted by snow. But, there are several attractions in the city that are also enjoyable in the winter, and tourists searching for excellent shopping deals will also really appreciate this season. 

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