Airport Transfers in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen Airport

The first airport in the world designed for the civil traffic, the Copenhagen Airport had its curtain-raising on April 20th, 1925, and became the largest airport in the Nordic countries. Located 8 kilometers south of the Copenhagen city centre, it is the 14th time that the airport has been awarded for being the most efficient airport in Europe. 

Floored with maribua and jatoba wood species, the airport is a unique reflection of Scandinavian art and architecture.

As contemporary as it can be, the Copenhagen Airport has innumerable shopping and dining options. Adding to the scenic beauty, the Nyhavn river surrounds the airport as if carefully cradling this masterpiece!

The airport had three state-of-the-art terminals, out of which, terminal 1 had to be shut down. Originally, the airport had started with a grass-runway, and it was only in 1941 that a hard-surface runway was opened. Apart from the various shopping and dining options, there are comfortable waiting areas, self-help internet-kiosks, bureaux de change, ATMs, and a prayer room at terminal 2.There are plans to increase the capacity of the airport to start serving forty million passengers. Rest assured, the airport will keep you busy as a bee during the waiting-hours!

Airport Inside
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Airport Transfer

The airport is now connected with a train line, connecting it to the city centre, and with Malmö, in the east of Sweden.

The travellers need not worry at all when it comes to Copenhagen airport transfers! There are a plethora of buses, trains, taxis, car-rental services, and metro at the service of the touristy souls! While public transport can be tiring, private taxis remain the most cherished, comfortable, and the safest way to reach your accommodation.

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