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Copenhagen Airport Transfers and Private Transportations

There is only one international airport on the mainland of majestic Copenhagen :Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.The city offers a myriad of travel options to its tourists. Copenhagen caters to the needs of every pocket, and rest assured,will never disappoint you! The airport transfers in Copenhagen range from public transport facilities such as trains, metro, and buses to private transport facilities such as taxis. 

Airport Taxi
Airport Taxi, Copenhagen       |     Image by  Håkan Dahlström from flickr

While the public transport facilities can be exhausting, but cost-effective, the private transport facilities will give you the authentic vacation-vibes and will never let you sweat it out. Additionally, the private transport services are safer, and customized. 

Copenhagen airport transfers range from budget-friendly to luxurious transport facilities such as : 

Metro or the regional train 

If you are concerned about your time, metro or the regional train would be the best options for you, to travel from the airport to Copenhagen! The metro or the regional train will drop you at the heart of the city - from Copenhagen airport to the city centre - under 15 minutes. All you will need is a 3-zone ticket, which can be brought at the airport ticket, and will cost around DKK 36.

While the regional train will drop you at the central station, metro would suit you best for travelling in and around the city.

Bus 5A

Though not for people who are on a time-crunch, bus 5a is also an option to travel from the Copenhagen airport to the city at a fair price. It will take almost 35 minutes, and will cost you around DKK 200-250.

Private Taxi

For transfer from Copenhagen airport, one can easily book a Copenhagen-airport taxi outside Arrivals. They cost around DKK 250-300. Alternatively, one can always trust Rydeu, which is undoubtedly the best option. Want the cheapest taxi in Copenhagen? Rydeu is always to your rescue! What's unique? Rydeu never lets you worry! You won't have to worry about your budget or safety, and could sit back and relax, engrossed in witnessing the beauty of the city, while Rydeu will ferry you safely to your accommodation, in your private ride!

Why Book Rydeu for Airport Transfers in Copenhagen

This enchanting city demands all your attention, which the exhausting public transportation system will eat into!

Why stress on a stress-relieving vacation?

In a city of picturesque landscapes, you should definitely avoid sweating it out, and focus on imbibing yourself with all the beauty around you!Wondering if that is possible? Yes, it definitely is! Wondering how? Well, everything is possible with Rydeu! We are here, because we care! 

Here are the major advantages of riding with us :

A broad array of offers by Rydeu and its suppliers!

Rydeu has a fleet of offers to choose from! You can either choose from a plethora of budget-friendly rides or from a myriad of luxurious transportations! One can either choose from the offers by Rydeu, and enjoy the perks of it or can directly choose from the offers by our suppliers! You are the one to call your shots! 

Apart from the interesting offers, Rydeu has a feasible cancellation policy!

We understand the certainty of uncertainty! Rydeu has a 24*cancellation policy for its customers. You can cancel an intracity ride upto 3 hours before the trip, and an intercity ride upto 24 hours before the trip!

Well, your 3 AM friends might ditch you, but Rydeu never will! We are available round-the-clock for our tourists! Your queries are our priority! In addition to being your 3 AM friend, Rydeu is your virtuous friend, who will never cheat! Honesty, and loyalty are our prime qualities! Rydeu levies no hidden charges on its customers! Everything is always on the table!

Rydeu does it's best to ensure the safety of its customers. In the present times of uncertainty and in the normal days, Rydeu will always keep you safe!

rydeu city image

Image by News Oresund from flickr

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup

The first airport in the world designed for the civil traffic, the Copenhagen Airport had its curtain-raising on April 20th, 1925, and became the largest airport in the Nordic countries. Located 8 kilometers south of the Copenhagen city centre, it is the 14th time that the airport has been awarded for being the most efficient airport in Europe.

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