Airport Transfers in Cologne

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Image by Paul Schütte from Pixabay

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The architectural city has the Cologne airport as the middleport. To reach this city full of culture from the airport, a number of methods can be chosen. One route which is commonly chosen is the rail mode. This connects the airport station directly to the central station, located in the midst of the city. It is a 15 minute journey which costs 3 EUR. Those with a KolnCard are given a free trip. This card can be purchased as a day trip allowance when more trips are done during the day. These trains come under the S-Bahn category. Tickets can be purchased directly from the vending machines at the station or the KolnCard can be ordered online prior to arriving at the airport. 

S-Bahn, Cologne  |  Image by Thomas Depenbusch (Depi) from flickr 

Trains from the station run 3 times in one hour and this frequency usually does not get altered. The regional express can also be used from the airport and this is a faster route. The distance is covered in under 12 minutes. Apart from these, a single bus runs to the city from the airport. It travels for once every 30 to 60 minutes. This frequency causes a delay in reaching the city in time.

Taxis in Cologne

Private taxis, cabs and car hires are other popular modes of transfer to reach destinations. Numerous unofficial vehicles wait outside the airport which can be selected to reach the required place. Taxi services run on a distance basis usually. They take directly to the place of stay or visit instead of changing multiple modes continuously. 

Private car hires start from the location chosen. Most of them start directly from the airport. Driving enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful journey through the city with its culture and history visible throughout. They are charged based on the number of days hired. Rydeu provides you a variety of options to choose from and plan the best from your trip. A wide range of taxis and private cars are offered which are on the basis of your facility and fits your budget smoothly. These options will help you enjoy your tour to the maximum extent without the pain of struggling with your baggage from the airport.