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Route Summary - Catania to Palermo

If you still believe that paradise does not exist on earth, you probably have not visited Italy yet. A country so beautiful is home to cities that are even more alluring, Catania and Palermo are two of the most exemplary examples of that. While in Catania, Palermo becomes a must-visit for every traveller due to its historical buildings, laid back restaurants and the scenic view that it displays. Catania to Palermo in a private car is the best option if you are travelling with your friends and want to make this trip worth remembering. Sharing your private moment is something that no one wants, however due to the budget we all have to make some sacrifices, don’t we? Well, not anymore. Rydeu provides you with the leverage to choose your vehicle in your desired amount. 

Transfers from Catania to Palermo can be done through various ways yet private transfers are the best option to opt for. Book Catania car with Rydeu as per your desire. 


Distance From Catania To Palermo- 210.1 km 

Journey Time-  2 hours 27 minutes 


Sitting on the eastern coast of Sicily, Catania is situated on the edge of the most enormous volcano in Europe known as Mount Etna. Known to be the second-largest city in Italy, this magnificent city receives its charm from the Ionian sea and is seen to be the seventh-largest metropolitan city in Italy. Founded in the 8th century BC by the Chalcidian Greeks, Catania has survived through a calamitous earthquake in 1169.  The beginning of the 14th century helped Catania in regaining the popularity due to its awe-inspiring art, rich culture and constitutional centre. The city has wrecked multiple times from the deadly eruptions of Mount Etna, the most major frightening explosion by Etna was marked in the year 1669. The vibrant town displays a picturesque surrounding embracing the rare art, architecture, the liveliness of the city and has now been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 



Basking in the eternal glow of the most alluring country, Palermo is referred to as the ‘Kingdom of sun’ by the natives due to the picturesque surroundings and the love it bears for the sun. Where Italy ends and Africa begins, the culture of the city is bound to be mixed, which is why it is known as the magical city. If you want to dive into the royalty, getting away from the chaos of Naples, Palermo is the right place for you. Known to be the capital of Sicily, this place features lavish tombs while the rare opera performance held in Teatro Massimo will assure a timeless experience for every tourist out there. A city rich in history, culture, art cuisine that is worth every drool of our mouths, Palermo will dazzle you at its peak.