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Catania City Guide

Sitting on the eastern coast of Sicily, Catania is situated on the edge of the most enormous volcano in Europe known as Mount Etna. Known to be the second-largest city in Italy, this magnificent city receives its charm from the Ionian sea and is seen to be the seventh-largest metropolitan city in Italy. Founded in the 8th century BC by the Chalcidian Greeks, Catania has survived through a calamitous earthquake in 1169.

Catania City        |        Image by lazer_taras

The beginning of the 14th century helped Catania in regaining the popularity due to its awe-inspiring art, rich culture and constitutional centre. The city has wrecked multiple times from the deadly eruptions of Mount Etna, the most major frightening explosion by Etna was marked in the year 1669.

Catania Sea        |        Image by 12019 / 10259

The vibrant town displays a picturesque surrounding embracing the rare art, architecture, the liveliness of the city and has now been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the money bearing Milan, Catania is known to be the economic hub of the country. From ancient times to the contemporary era, this place has always featured a plethora of intriguing places  from the Basilica Sant’Agata to Museo Civici.

Calling out all the party freaks out there, take your glass and be ready to sync along with the beats of the music. YES! Catania is not only a place with magnificent places for sightseeing but it is also considered to be a paradise for all the night-life addicts out there. Italy’s mouth-watering local dishes are no surprise to us but Catania altogether features an array of rare dishes to drool upon, when paired with booze and lively night-life must be experienced by every traveller out there. 

Soak into the serenity of the beguiling surrounding and witness the ultimate beauty of the place by visiting this tempting city. Take that flight and land on the town with a wide variety of options to explore from adventure lovers to all the foodies out there, you shall all find the satisfaction dangling in the air of this alluring town.

Catania Taxi Transfers

The fresh smell of the wet sand with breath-taking views of the city on one hand and the lively nightlife on the other hand welcomes the travel lovers to the city like none other, Catania. Now that you have successfully made it to this dream town, exploring the city is the next thing in your to-do list.

Bus, Catania        |        Image by badge1955

One of the many perks that Italy offers to its visitors is a wide variety of transport facilities according to every pocket, from backpackers to luxury lovers, Catania will provide numerous options for wandering around in the city. Busses, metros and private taxis are some of the options that you can consider for Transfers in Catania.

Metro, catania        |        Image by Bernhard Kußmagk


Busses are considered to be one of the widely chosen modes of transport for strolling through the streets and exploring the renowned places of the town. The tickets can be bought for 2-4 EUR and are valid for approximately an hour which makes Transfers from Catania a bit easier.


Metro is yet another option if you are looking for a faster transport facility. Although there are just seven stops so one might have limited access to wandering around. 


Private Taxi remains the best option if you are looking for rejuvenation, Rydeu provides assured private transfers to all its travellers. Hassle-free travelling has always been a dream for travellers, to rejuvenate the mind, serenity is a must. Rydeu gives a wide array of options to its travellers to get a cab according to their desire and affordability. Catania Transfer cabs are now just a click away.

Catania Airport Transfers and Taxis

Catania Fontanarossa International Airport is the major Airport and one of the most visited airports of the country. Catania Airport Transfers to the city can now easily be done via a Bus, Train and Taxis.

Bus, Catania        |        Image by badge1955

One can directly take a bus from the airport to the city centre. The tickets for one side can be bought in just 1-2 EUR and it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to leave the traveller amidst the beautiful chaos of the city.

P.S- The tickets are just valid for 90 minutes after buying so make sure to decide on a time slot before you spend those bucks on the ticket. 


The travellers can not enjoy the perk of Airport transfers from Catania in a train or a metro as there are no direct trains that land the travellers amidst the city. However, if you are willing to go through the difficulty of changing three lines along with your luggage, you can opt to take a train.

Airport Taxi

Catania airport private taxi service is advisable when you’re travelling with a lot of luggage. The public transport will indubitably have a crowd and will give you a headache while travelling with that luggage, therefore private transportation remains the best option to consider while looking for a relaxed trip. Rydeu provides best Catania Airport taxi with the price to give the client a rough estimation, witness a class apart service with us.

Catania_BasilicaCathedral        |        Image by 102859


1. Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agata-

Known to be one of the finest artistry of Norman and Baroque architecture, this cathedral is situated in the centre of the ancient town. Constructed in 1078 right above the ruins of the renowned Roman baths, this cathedral has been redesigned numerous times due to the deadly calamities that it has survived. Inside, all the art lovers can seek pleasure by witnessing the rare artefacts and luring paintings and the tomb of Ballerini. 


Catania_MountEtna       |        Image by 12019


2. Mount Etna

Due to the ethereal beauty of the surrounding area where magic floats in the air, this place has never failed to intrigue the visitors with its beauty. Lying at a height of 3329 m, Etna is considered to be the tallest active volcano in Europe, take a day trip to explore this wonderful place and wrap yourself in the arms of Mother Nature.

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