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Sightseeing Transfer in Brussels

St. Peter’s Basilica
Sonian Forest , Brussels   |   Click by Xiquinho Silva from Flickr

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, presents a captivating blend of historic charm and modern vibrancy. As the administrative heart of the European Union, it boasts a dynamic international atmosphere while preserving its rich cultural heritage. The city's architectural marvels, such as the Grand-Place with its ornate guildhalls, and the iconic Atomium, symbolize its unique character.

Brussels Ferry   |   Click by Paul Sableman from Flickr

Renowned for its culinary scene, Brussels tantalizes taste buds with sumptuous chocolates, waffles, and a thriving culinary culture. Its numerous museums, including the Magritte Museum and the Belgian Comic Strip Center, showcase art and creativity. With its central location and efficient transport connections, getting to Brussels is a breeze. Whether you're arriving at Brussels Airport, you can rely on convenient services like Brussels Airport taxi or Brussels Airport taxi,airport taxi or airport transfer, Pritave taxi or private transfer to seamlessly reach your destination. The welcoming ambiance and diverse experiences make Brussels an alluring crossroads of history, politics, art, and unforgettable travel moments with Brussels Sightseeing Tours.


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The Grand Place

The Grand Place hidden away in the centre of the city, is guaranteed to take your breath away. It was originally built as a merchants' market in the 13th century. Admire the beautiful 15th Century city hall and the magnificent six guild halls scattered around the square. The Square glows with a different magical ambience at every hour of the day.


Click by Miguel Discart from Flickr

Musée Mode & Dentelle

Discover the history of lace at the costume museum. Historically one of the significant industries of the city, the art of needlepoint lace has always been fascinating. The museum glorifies one of Brussels’ oldest crafts and highlights the details of ancient and new lace outfits. Many historical outfits are on display here and the exhibitions change constantly throughout the year.


Click by Aditya Karnad from Flickr

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Built during Léopold II's reign, this beloved park attracts tourists for its cluster of museums which cover art, history, military and motor vehicles. There are a total of three and a half million artefacts on display here. In the southern part of the park lies the Royal Art and History Museums full with antique surprises. Autoworld lies in the northern part and houses a huge collection of vintage cars.


Click by atelier91 from Pixabay

Old England Building

Originally a department store in 1899, the building is a piece of art itself. With a black façade and arched windows, it is nothing less than an art nouveau showpiece. Home to the fascinating MIM music museum which celebrates music in the grandest way possible, it boasts of more than 2000 historic instruments. Have a delicious meal at the rooftop café and admire the grandeur of the city.


Click by ErinSummer from Pixabay


Who said time travel isn’t possible? There are numerous places in France that have the power to make you travel back in time with their medieval history and the rustic culture thriving in the city and Bruges is indubitably one of those places. This compact territory has some gothic castles that must be explored by every traveller, for an ideal day out, you can consider sailing along the canals to soak the beauty of Bruges.


Click by Daniel Sánchez from Flickr


Aired with a mystery, Hasselt is called the capital of Belgian Limburg. Beloved for its Japanese Gardens which are wonderful for strolls, comic strip walks for the graphic art lovers, a world-leading free-bus system and a museum celebrating the joys of gin, this charming town manages to capture your heart. Your first stay here will definitely won’t be your last.


Click by HannekeV from Pixabay


Booming with a lively student population and a rich and deep history, Leuven is known for housing one of Europe’s oldest universities, KU Leuven. Founded in 1425, the university and its students lend a vibrancy to the city. Leuven is also the country’s reigning brewing capital, producing hundreds of delicious varieties. The area is home to the second largest brewery in the world, Inbev.


Click by 2427999 from Pixabay


Belgium’s biggest port, Antwerp attracts everyone, from hard-core party goers to diamond dealers, from fashion moguls to art fanatics. The city has excellently preserved its medieval heart despite severe World War II bombing. Decorated streets full with cobblestones, quaint cafes, a riverside fortress and a truly magnificent cathedral, Antwerp remains one of Europe’s most important cities.


Click by Dimitris Kamaras from Flickr


Ghent is a quirky city offering an eclectic blend of fascinating cultural cocktails and trendy, modern urban life. The marvelous medieval and classical architecture contrasts beautifully with large concrete post-industrial areas. A visit here guarantees a memorable time, with fantastic canal-side architecture, a vast variety of bars and fine restaurants.


Click by Angelika Spanke from Flickr


A grand cosmopolitan city, Luxemburg is the cradle of Europe, home to the most important European institutions. A city of thousands contrasts, Luxemburg is full of delights at every corner. From theatres and museums to Michelin-rated gastronomy, this capital city stuns everyone with its fascinating cultures and mindsets.


Click by Pedro from Flickr


The birthplace of the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, Clovis I, Tournai demands exploration. Streets full of mystery and history wait to be discovered by curious minds. One of Belgium’s oldest cities, Tournai is full of engaging museums for art, archaeology, social history and natural history, ancient gothic historic churches and Romanesque houses.


Click by Andrea Kirkby from Flickr


A charming town located in East Flanders, Belgium, Aalst is famous globally for its carnival festivities, celebrated every year before Lent. Plan your trip according to the Carnival of Aalst and have the most magical time of your life. Watch the exciting and fun-filled parade crossing the city, full of costumed volunteers and parade cars.

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