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Referred to as The Capital of Europe due to the presence of the headquarters of the European Union and NATO, Brussels offers an administerial as well as a cultural ambience. An ultimate European metropolis with a vibrant blend of languages and culture, the city also offers a wonderful mosaic of restaurants and clubs.

Brussels      |        Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 

Dating back to the stone age, the area was home to Roman occupation after which it was incorporated into the Frankish Empire. However, the city of Brussels was officially founded by Duke Charles of Lower Lotharingia when he constructed the first permanent fortification in the city around 979.



Streets of Brussels       |        Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 

Brussels is an atmospheric city with fascinating history packed into every street and alleyway. With stunning architecture and carefree vibe, the capital city is a beloved place to visit. It offers more unusual attractions along with the usual European staples such as art and architecture.

Contrasting architecture is apparent everywhere in the city. Hippie art installations face off against concrete 1960s buildings and the administrative offices spark against the magnificent royal mansions.

The Grand Place hidden away in the centre of the city, is guaranteed to take your breath away. It was originally built as a merchants' market in the 13th century. Admire the beautiful 15th Century city hall and the magnificent six guild halls scattered around the square. The Square glows with a different magical ambience at every hour of the day.

An art lover’s paradise, multiple art galleries surround you wherever you are. Conceptual art is showcased at townhouses, skating rinks and numerous unusual venues. With more and more students and young artists displaying their art at open studio weekends and event nights, there really is something for every art lover in Brussels. Discover the history of lace at the costume museum. Historically one of the significant industries of the city, the art of needlepoint lace has always been fascinating. The museum glorifies one of Brussels’ oldest crafts and highlights the details of ancient and new lace outfits. Many historical outfits are on display here and the exhibitions change constantly throughout the year.

A gastronomical heaven, food and drinks here in the city are always different. Scrumptious frites have to be double fried and the classic waffle is topped with a snowfall of icing sugar. Don’t forget to try Brussels’ own biscuit: the shortcrust cinnamon speculoos. Popular for its wonderful half-en-half, a heady mix of white wine and champagne, visitors flock from all over the world to try out the city’s delicious concoctions.


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