Airport Transfers in Bologna

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Bologna airport
Bologna Airport      |          Image by kitmasterbloke from flickr

This International Airport squats at a distance of 7 km from the merry chaos of the beautiful city Bologna and is named after a renowned electrical engineer, Guglielmo Marconi the Nobel laureate and one of the most significant names in Italy. There is one terminal at the airport which has 24 departure gates, although there is just one terminal, the area covered for it is so much that it encompasses numerous entertainment, shopping, parking, check-in facilities. 

This airport is like a city in itself, with numerous shopping stalls featuring high-end brands to small scale brands at a price like nowhere else, the multi-cuisine dining restaurants and bars with rare wine from Italy are something that every passenger must enjoy. The WiFi has excellent speed and entertains the passengers till the arrival of their flights, the airport lounges are made for people wandering around to wait for their flights. The passengers can enjoy various perks like the charging port, ATMs and cash machines to fill your pocket with cash before stepping into the alluring city, the currency exchange facility allows the foreigners to prevent themselves from getting looted by the local pawn shops for exchanging their currencies. 

Bologna Airport         |   Image by Dr Korom from flickr 

The parking facility is provided for the comfort of the travellers, Kiss and Fly facility allows the travellers to enjoy 10 minutes of parking on P1 and P2 parking areas. In case of an emergency, the airport also features a pharmacy for its commuters. The airport displays an array of options to its passengers to reach their accommodation.