Airport Transfers in Bodo

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Bodo International Airport is situated just 12 kms or 1.2 miles away from the vibrant city centre which makes it easier for the travellers to reach without worrying much. The city has a lot of options to keep you satisfied and choose the mode of transportation that speaks volume for you, some of the most common modes for commuting are busses, and private taxis. 

Battery Bus
Battery Bus, Le Grand-Saconnex        |       Image by Matti Blume

If you wish to take a bus, you can choose between Line 1 and Line 4 to reach the city centre, the journey time is approximately 10 minutes as the airport is located surprisingly close to the city centre. You can take the bus as soon as you walk out of the main entrance of the airport, the busses run at an interval of 15 minutes, so it is highly advisable to check the routes and be there on time rather than waiting for a quarter to an hour to catch a bus. A single ticket can be bought for 43 NOK for adults and 22 NOK for the little ones. Busses are usually filled by the locals and you might not be able to find a seat, so if you are carrying luggage, make sure if you want to travel via a bus or not. If you’re not carrying a lot of luggage with you, you might as well wear comfy shoes and walk to the city centre. 

Bodo airport to city centre taxi is the best option if you have an early morning or a late night flight. Rydeu provides you the best rides at a cost effective price, for the best taxi service in Bodo make sure to check the online bookings to save your effort and enjoy the trip later. Bodo Airport to the city centre is just a click away.