Image by Boise Metro Chamber from flickr

Image by Boise Metro Chamber from flickr

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Bodo City Guide And Airport Transfer Service

Bodo is a municipality squatting in the Nordland county of the country and is known to be a part of the traditional region of Salten. A magical city which is home to some of the most dreamy villages such as Misvær, Saltstraumen, Skjerstad, Kjerringøy and Helligvær is knitted with ethereal beauty in every part of it, and these villages is a live example of it. Bodo happily nurtures a huge part of the country and is therefore seen to be the largest town in Nordland County and the second largest city in the northern part of Norway.

Lake Bodo       | Image by U.S. Secretary of Defense from flickr 

The lively atmosphere with a right amount of culture and history dangling in the air, architecture that swoops right into our hearts and makes this place secure a special position in our hearts. In the ancient times, the city was named to be one of the European capital of culture due to its perfect balance of everything that it creates for a traveller. From strolling through the city centre to watch the beautiful setting, the rustic architecture crafted in a baroque style, and the tiny shops tucked in the corner of the streets, everything will make you fall in love with the city. 

Bodo, Norway     |        Image by bikeventures from flickr 

It is usually said that the best places on the map are the ones which cannot be seen on the feed and we couldn’t agree more. Bodo is one of the most underrated places in Norway, therefore the most enchanting one. If you want to knock your feet out by visiting a different place, going far away from the hype, make sure to keep Bodo in your list. The history that you will be able to learn about in the city would be a little more than any other city, including the capital itself. For an ideal day out with your loved ones, you can consider starting your trip from Bodø Domkirke and then satisfying your taste buds at the local cafes and restaurants. 

Best Time to Visit Bodo 

Although it comes as no surprise that Norway is usually cold throughout the year, so is Bodo. However, if you are looking to visit the city when it adds in the beauty, make sure to book your tickets during the spring season which is from June to August. The temperature during these seasons are usually warm and assures a great trip to its visitors. If you are expecting to witness Northern lights in the city, you can expect it from September to April during the evening.


Book your Airport Transfers in Bodo

The largest city in the Nordland county of the country is quite huge. The long, slender city is quiet and serene which makes walking and observing the beauty that it has to offer the most preferable one. The weather in Bodo is usually nice which makes it more ideal if you want to explore the city on foot, if not, the city has a well functioning bus network system, car rental services, speedboat, ferry and taxi service in Bodo. 

Boat, Bodo       |        Image by Giåm from flickr 


Busses are considered to be a paradise for all the backpackers and solo travelers out there who are looking to smooth over their budget and travelling in a group, making new connections. During weekdays, the busses function at an interval of every 15 minutes from now and then, the Sentrumsrunden is the bus which you should catch if you are looking to commute to the city centre. The single ticket would be as cheap as an ice cream cone, it is recommended to take a pass if you are planning on staying in the city for long. 


Ferry and Speedboats are the other option if you are looking to explore the city in detail. You can get the speedboats in an area situated in a close proximity to the city centre, the boat will drop you at various locations such as Lofoten, Væran, Helgeland and Steigen. It takes hardly 5 minutes to reach your desired destination while taking a ferry or a speedboat. 

Bodo is a conveniently tranquil city, sometimes getting a public transport is nothing less than a challenge, especially at night when the city goes quite. Bodo private transfers are the best option if you want to travel keeping all the worries aside, if you are looking for a cheap taxi in Bodo, make sure to check out Rydeu’s service. 


Bodo Airport Transfers and Private Taxis Services

Bodo International Airport is situated just 12 kms or 1.2 miles away from the vibrant city centre which makes it easier for the travellers to reach without worrying much. The city has a lot of options to keep you satisfied and choose the mode of transportation that speaks volume for you, some of the most common modes for commuting are busses, and private taxis. 

Battery Bus
Battery Bus, Le Grand-Saconnex        |       Image by Matti Blume


If you wish to take a bus, you can choose between Line 1 and Line 4 to reach the city centre, the journey time is approximately 10 minutes as the airport is located surprisingly close to the city centre. You can take the bus as soon as you walk out of the main entrance of the airport, the busses run at an interval of 15 minutes, so it is highly advisable to check the routes and be there on time rather than waiting for a quarter to an hour to catch a bus. A single ticket can be bought for 43 NOK for adults and 22 NOK for the little ones. Busses are usually filled by the locals and you might not be able to find a seat, so if you are carrying luggage, make sure if you want to travel via a bus or not. If you’re not carrying a lot of luggage with you, you might as well wear comfy shoes and walk to the city centre. 

Bodo airport to city centre taxi is the best option if you have an early morning or a late night flight. Rydeu provides you the best rides at a cost effective price, for the best taxi service in Bodo make sure to check the online bookings to save your effort and enjoy the trip later. Bodo Airport to the city centre is just a click away. 


Must-See Attractions in Bodo

Often getting ignored in comparison to its flashier siblings of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, Bodo is a surprisingly beautiful place that is gloriously blessing it’s natives with the most picturesque view, the dreamy climate and the places to visit. The placement of the city in the extreme northern part of the country makes it one of the places which features the Northern lights at its best. The street art of the city is one of the many reasons why people who visit Bodo, fall in love with it. Apart from the numerous reasons, the sightseeing places in the city are what we live up for, here are the best places to visit in Bodo according to us. 

Any Frank Home
Anne Frank Home, Amsterdam
Image by  andrew_brooks86

Nordland Music Festival

Although this fits more into ‘things to do’ rather than ‘places to visit’ list, this is one of our personal favourites. The concert takes place at some of the most breathtaking viewpoints in the city and entertains the people for 10 days with its lively music, jazz and opera in the beginning of August. Make sure to check the internet if you are hoping to witness the event while visiting the city.


Kjerringoy, Bodo
Image by Harald Groven from flickr 


Kjerringøy Trading Post

At a distance of 40 kms from Bodo lies this museum was established by the Zack family. The local fishing post was provided with supplies in exchange for their catch. The timber constructed structures have been well preserved for all the visitors to witness and praise the art of rustic Bodo at its best. You can even opt to take a guided tour as soon as you cross the gates of the museum.




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