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Situated in the West Midlands, Birmingham is the second largest city in England. The city lies in a close proximity to the geographic centre of England at the intersection point of national railway and motorway systems. Regarded to be one of the most significant cities when it comes to industrial and commercial area, Birmingham lies at a distance of 110 miles in the northwest direction of London. 

Lake Birmingham       |        Image by wonjong oh from Pixabay 

Situated in the West Midlands, Birmingham is the second largest city in England. The city lies in a close proximity to the geographic centre of England at the intersection point of national railway and motorway systems. Regarded to be one of the most significant cities when it comes to industrial and commercial area, Birmingham lies at a distance of 110 miles in the northwest direction of London. 


Streets of Birmingham      |        Image by khamkhor from Pixabay 

Contemporarily,Birmingham remains one of the most important cities and the apple of Britain’s eye. Known to be a beautiful amalgamation of history, culture, cuisine and adventure, if you’re bailing out from visiting Birmingham, you better have a good excuse for it. 

The mouth-drooling cuisine is worth exploring while in the city, apart from the rich commerce field, the culinary background of the city appears to be quite rich when experienced. Some of the dishes that one must simply not miss are Faggots, perhaps the most appropriate example of Brummie cuisine, faggots will make you full but you just can’t get enough of it. Shrewsbury cakes have you ever had something which is regarded to be a crossover between a cake and cookies? If not then be ready for a surprise bursting into your mouth as this shortbread biscuit is bound to dazzle all the sweet lovers out there. 

Best Time To Visit Birmingham 

Although the city welcomes different sort of tourists at different times as per their needs, desire to witness, however, the best time to visit the city is marked to be in the season of fall and springs if you are in mood for some hiking and golfing. The months from March to May and September to November are regarded to be the shoulder season which is why it is very smooth on your pockets, the weather is pretty amazing with scenic views from the country. 

Winter seasons sometimes go to the extreme making heavy snowfalls, upto two inches and providing a great view to its visitors. Visiting during December will be the most inexpensive plan for Birmingham. Summer season is seen to be the peak season which welcomes too many tourists thereby raising the accommodation rates. 


Image by Mihaita Tatarusanu from flickr

Victoria Square

Known for being the heart and soul of the city, Victoria Square can be explored properly on foot. The alluring town hall is regarded to be the epitome of glorious Victorian architecture made of Anglesey Marble. Mistry’s fountain is so beautiful that it will take your breath away while the Symphony Hall with excellent acoustics and an auditorium which boasts some of the great artists on a regular basis. The renowned “Big Brum” clock can also be witnessed while exploring the place.

Image by  jaredkoh from flickr

Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery

Dating back to 1885 when the museum was constructed, it has worked and gained so much glory that contemporarily, the museum is considered to be one of the finest museums in Europe. Considered as a home to artwork by the painters of the 17th and 18th century, the museum also features artwork that explains the rich history of the city and the archaeological artwork from the Stone Age. The Ikon art gallery is a current art museum that majorly throws the light on contemporary art lovers wanting to explore it in Birmingham.

Image by  muffinn from flickr

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Spread widely across 15 acres of land, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is home to innumerable species and is renowned for its collection of bonsai trees and tropical birds that fly to this place. More than 7000 plant species are residing in the garden currently and a perfect example of the high level maintenance of this garden is a 250 year old tree that still stands straight, Omiya tree. If you want to spend some quality time amidst nature, make sure to include this place in your list.

Image by ell brown from flickr

ThinkTank, Science Museum

Calling out to all the science lovers out there to come and feast their eyes on this amazing science museum. Home to numerous science exhibits, the museum makes an amazing place for all the keen observers who thrive on science. The museum is home to aircrafts, locomotives, cars and tractors and chocolate packaging machines. From the world’s first and the heaviest machines to the woolrich generator, the museum has it all.

Image by  ell brown from flickr

National sea life centre

Sheltering more than 60 exhibits of marine life, National Sea Life Centre is one of the most visited places in Birmingham. If you are a nature lover, especially interested in marine life, we bet you are going to witness the unusual. The massive tank has a million litre capacity, the tourists can enter the tunnel and observe the beautiful species like giant turtles to penguins, whales and what not. There is a 4D theatre with informational cinema exclusively for its visitors.

Image by  Adrian Snood from flickr


Named after the renowned civil engineer Thomas Telford, Telford is tucked in the borough of Telford and Wrekin and is a huge town that lies at a distance of 24 km from Shrewsbury and is known to be the largest town in Shropshire. The rapid growth of the town has amazed its visitors from the core. The southern part of the country is home to Ironbridge Gorge which is declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Also known as Stratford-upon-Avon, this alluring district is regarded to be the birthplace of William Shakespeare and has regained a lot of glory due to the historical association with the God of Literature. If you want to witness the ultimate serenity of the surrounding, make sure to spend some quality time by River Avon.

Image by  milst1 from flickr


There are places that will make you drop your jaw and Childersburg is indubitably one of those places. With the power to entertain every sort of traveller, the city offers a lot of breath-taking places to its visitors such as DeSoto Caverns, Kymulga Grist Mill Park and Kymulga Covered bridge.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


In the beautiful scenic surrounding of Alabama lies this alluring city that is bound to take you in the past. You can spend some alone time by taking a day out to Guntersville Lake. Situated in a close proximity to the vibrant city of Birmingham, Guntersville is a mandatory place in every traveller’s list.

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Situated at a distance of 36 miles away from Birmingham, Staffordshire is a landlocked county in the West Midlands and is renowned for its vast variety of interests that it offers. While in Staffordshire make sure to visit the University of Staffordshire which is quite famous amongst the students all around the world.


We all deserve some getaway far away from the connotation of the contemporary world and modern surroundings and dig ourselves into the greenery of Mother Nature. Bankhead Farm Cottage is one of the places, the private place is one of the most visited places and tops the list of the travellers visiting Edinburg.

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Known for its 12th and 13th century Peterborough castle, the city is situated in eastern part of England. Situated at a distance of 76 miles from the vibrant city of London, the city offers some of the best places to visit for its travellers. If you want to dive into the divinity of history and culture at its best, make sure to visit this place without any doubt.

 Image by The Roaming Picture Taker from flickr


If you are a shopping fanatic, you might already be knowing about this place. The beautiful city in England is home to some of the most high end fashion brands that reside and is one of the most visited places in the UK. Make sure to explore the silk mill museum, the art galleries with baroque architecture and iPro stadium.

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