Airport Transfers in Birmingham

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Birmingham airport
Birmingham Airport          |          Image by kitmasterbloke from flickr 

Situated at a distance of 7 miles from the merry city centre of Birmingham, this airport sits in the Borough of Solihull. Initially referred to as Elmdon Airport, the airport came into action on 8th July, 1939 when it was used by the Air ministry during the time of the Second World War majorly for flight training as well as war time production. Known to be one of the busiest and most visited cities in the UK, Birmingham Airport is now the seventh busiest airport in the UK which has entertained a total of 13 million passengers in the year 2018. 

Currently, the airport has 2 terminals Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 which are linked to the Millennium Link. Opened on 3 April 1984, the airport has gone through a lot of reconstructions due to the adjustments for the arrival and departure of the passengers. The check-in as well as the arrival is situated at the ground floor of the terminal whereas there are numerous shops in case you want to do some quick souvenir picking for your loved ones, there are several restaurants and cafes to satisfy your taste buds on the first floor of the airport. The duty free shops provide its visitors with the leverage to ho gaga over the reduced price of some of the best gifts, alcohols and pretty much everything. 

Birmingham Airport         |         Image by ell brown from flickr

Terminal 2 opened in the year 1991 and is considered to be the major base for some of the airlines such as Air France and KLM British Airways. The check-in desk and the arrival areas of the airport are situated at Terminal 2. The passengers can avail the free WiFi facility and enjoy binge watching their favourite series in case of any delay in their flights.