Airport Transfers in Billund

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Billund Airport       |          Image by Кевін Бієтри‎ from flickr

Serving southern Denmark, is the artistic airport of Billund. With Godtfred Kirk Christiansen cutting its ribbons, the airport started with a 800-metre long runway. While the airport started functioning in 1961, it was only during 1964 that the newer airport was constructed. The following years saw an expansion of the airport. New terminals, lounge-areas, and a good number of other facilities were introduced as the director of the airport, Hans Erik Christensen, aimed to build a contemporary airport that could cater to the needs of the public better.

After the revamping of the airport in the late 2000s, a taxiway named "Mike" was constructed. The construction of the taxiway, amusingly, took only 14 hours. The airport has recorded a remarkable growth over the years, with now serving almost 3 million passengers. With the major renovations completed in 2002, the airport successfully registered itself as an efficient intentional airport. The airport ensures comfort and relaxation to the public by maintaining plush lounges, smoking areas, more than a dozen eateries, and a plethora of shops for the public to buy from.

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airpor tinterior      |         Image by TravelingOtter from flickr 

The airport has contemporary architecture, with three-levels and sixteen gates. The airport has an art exhibition every now and then, and boasts of unique facilities like massage chairs, aircraft spotting, Lego chairs, and table football. With a dedicated parking lot, Billund airport authorities reflect on their promise to prioritize the convenience and comfort of the travellers.

Known as West Denmark's international airport, Billund airport has two terminals laced with recreational facilities. 

The airport has a number of transportation options. Travelling to and from the airport is very convenient, given that the airport is only 4 kilometers from the city centre. The airport has a number of public and private transport facilities such as public buses, car-hire, taxis, and shuttle buses. The airport authorities do all they can to ensure a pleasant experience of the travellers. Therefore, in the summer months, the airport authorities offer free shuttle bus services for travelling from the airport!

Rest assured, once you are at the airport, you will feel at home, and will never confront any complexities!