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The capital of Switzerland, Bern lies gracefully in the heart of Switzerland. The charming city has a lingering scent of history, arts, and craft that always dangles in the atmosphere. Its famous Old Town transcends you to ancient Europe with gothic ambience and medieval layouts. From enchanting cathedrals and museums to rusty hilly ranges and exhilarating hikes, this city unwraps your mind with its visual delights. The dainty city with a crisp blue sky full of cumulus clouds makes the perfect destination for you to plan a day trip. Its heritage sites and beauty of the Alps are the main attractions for tourists and pride of the locals. The lush greenery, pristine waters of River Aare, and monumental heritage sites make Bern the perfect escape from your daily mundane.

Aare River,Bern     |        Image by cs_one from flickr 

The cuisine of the city is known for its wide variety that pleases every tourist. Treat your taste buds at the famous Bellevue Bar or Schultheiss Stube restaurant whereas beer enthusiasts head to Max’s Beer Garden restaurant. Bern is highly popular for its high-quality sausages. The tourists are warmly welcomed to try their organic meat while the locals hold their pride in fermented cabbage. Rejuvenate your foodie spirit in the city which has the widest choices in culinary trends and categories.


Streets of Bern        |        Image by Christophe Schindler from Pixabay 

One of the best features of the city is the layout. There is eerie magic of the gothic streets in Old Town as well as splendid views of hilly ranges from Gurten. Despite being densely populated, it allows the outstanding, picturesque of the region stand out. A contemporary touch along with the restored heritage brings out the contrast and enhances the grandeur of the city. The brilliance of Bern lies in the fact that it is tourist-friendly. You can explore a variety of hotel, lodges and stays that the town has to offer. So plan your perfect romantic weekend or a long family trip by unravelling your soul in the heart of Bern.

Image by bboellinger from pixabay

Old Town

Rich with a cultural display, Romanesque churches, stony streets, medieval-styled corners with jaw-dropping views of the River Rhine proves to be one of the best spots in the city you need to explore. The enchanting beauty of the Catholic churches and blemishes of modern art on the old squares are worth taking a picture at. The Old Town consists of many places such as the famous Basler Münster.

Image by  Prof. Mortel from flickr

Bern Cathedral

Enjoy the snow-capped Alps from the 100 meters high Cathedral that leaves you with a view that you will cherish for life. The insides are wide and of high-ceiling where you can admire the 16th-century carved choir stalls and the majestic “Dance of Death” stained glass window.

Image by dalbera from flickr

Zentrum Paul Klee

Situated on Bern’s eastern outskirts is Zentrum Paul Klee, a phenomenal modern museum for one of the most influential artists of the early 20th century. Works of Klee like his paintings are represented here. They are presented in ever-changing temporary shows on set themes, so you will see that no two visits to the centre will be the same.

Image by  Ray Swi-hymn from flickr

Bern Historical Museum

This is Switzerland’s second-largest institution in this field. The Bern Historical Museum handles historical and ethnographic collections going back to the Stone Age. This is not only for history lovers but also for any person who seeks to grab more knowledge.

Image by Thomas Zbinden from Pixabay


Don’t forget to visit the famous Swiss Federal Assembly. The insides of the building are jaw-dropping. It highlights the dominant Neo-Renaissance facade, and bursts sculpture, stained glass as well as beautifully carved wood. The marvellous building is the city’s pride and attractive sight for tourists.

Image by ClaraMD from Pixabay


the beautiful city of Thun lies at a distance of just 29.4 km away from Bern. The city is situated near the majestic Lake Thun. The town is known for its jaw-dropping picturesque sights and amazing natural landscapes. The city is home to a lot of exciting activities- from hiking to different water pursuits.

Image by marcelkessler from Pixabay


this beautiful valley is nestled in west-central Switzerland about 26 km from the city of Bern. It is the home to a number of hilly landscapes, lush greenery and basins formed by rivers Emme and Ilfis. The valley has some excellent beauty that is a true visual delight. A must visit when in Bern.

Image by athree23 from Pixabay


lying at a stretch of 34.8 km from the heart of Bern, Fribourg is a woeful city situated in the district of La Sarine. It is blessed with the pristine waters of River Sarine. The medieval styled city has gothic blemished to it that takes us back to the time of Renaissance. One ought to make a trip to this enchanting city to rejuvenate your spirits.

Image by deensel from flickr


Neuchatel is located at a distance of 52 km from the centre of Bern. It is famous for its rich medieval-styled layout of the city- the Collégiale Notre-Dame, built in the 12th–13th century, now Protestant and containing the monumental tomb of the counts. The city has some really attractive sights and hip cafes and restaurants. Because of its close proximity to the city of Bern, you should visit the town and bask under its crisp blue sky.

Image by Jess & Peter Gardner from flickr


Nestled in the canton of Fribourg lays this beautiful medieval town of Gruyeres. It is known for its cheese production, rich heritage, and vivid culture. Lying at a distance of just 120 km from Geneva’s heart, this place is ought to be visited.

Image by C B from Pixabay


lying at a distance of 126.4 km from Basel, this beautiful bilingual town lies on the southeast shore of Lake Murten. The medieval styled municipality is the home to many archaeological sites and provides a good view of Swiss lush greenery. A must visit when in town.


the beautiful bilingual city of Biel lies at a distance of 39.6 km from the city of Bern. The town is filled with the splendid natural beauty of the Swiss greens, home of Lake Biel as well as Lake Region and the rugged Mount Jura. Do visit the city when around.

Image by  nagel83 from flickr


lying at the proximity of just 28.6 km from the city of Bern is the beautiful outdoor garden. It is also a petting zoo and play area. The garden is home to a lot of insects and nocturnal animals. It is unique, pretty and fun. A highly recommended place whenever in Bern. So put on your travelling socks and explore this exciting place.

Image by Werner Sidler from Pixabay


Explore the traditional culture, medieval architecture and mountains with white peaks in this amazing city of Lucerne. Plan a trip to the city when in Zurich as it lies at the proximity of 52.6 km.

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