Airport Transfers in Bern

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Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

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A good destination is one which is easily connected to different means of commuting and is easily accessible. Especially airports. The availability of airports makes transfers quick and swift. Bern lies at close proximity to Bern international Airport. A wide and extensive chain of bus services is always running from the city to the airport. The ride is about 20 minutes long and affordable as it costs around 4 Swiss Franc and above. Grab a seat on the running bus and plan a trip to explore the beautiful city. This means of travel is affordable as well as comfortable with a whole touristy vibe to it. 

Bus, Bern       |         Image by sludgegulper from flickr

A train runs every 15 minutes ranging from 6.85SFr to 10SFr. The setting that comes with train transfers helps you to relax as well as enjoy the local scenery.  The well-connectivity, easy accessibility and hurdle-free ride is an excellent alternative mode of commute.

Ease your jet-lag by indulging in the comfort of private taxi services. A happy journey is one where you do not have to stress about your belongings or route, the taxi services keep that handy for you. Treat yourself with a short, sweet and relaxed trip with availing the taxi services provided by Rydeu. Rydeu promises to customize your trip for intercity transfers in Bern. So explore the alluring beauty of Bern after cutting short your time on transfer from Bern airport.