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The capital of Switzerland, Bern lies gracefully in the heart of Switzerland. The charming city has a lingering scent of history, arts, and craft that always dangles in the atmosphere. Its famous Old Town transcends you to ancient Europe with gothic ambience and medieval layouts. From enchanting cathedrals and museums to rusty hilly ranges and exhilarating hikes, this city unwraps your mind with its visual delights. The dainty city with a crisp blue sky full of cumulus clouds makes the perfect destination for you to plan a day trip. Its heritage sites and beauty of the Alps are the main attractions for tourists and pride of the locals. The lush greenery, pristine waters of River Aare, and monumental heritage sites make Bern the perfect escape from your daily mundane.

Aare River,Bern     |        Image by cs_one from flickr 

The cuisine of the city is known for its wide variety that pleases every tourist. Treat your taste buds at the famous Bellevue Bar or Schultheiss Stube restaurant whereas beer enthusiasts head to Max’s Beer Garden restaurant. Bern is highly popular for its high-quality sausages. The tourists are warmly welcomed to try their organic meat while the locals hold their pride in fermented cabbage. Rejuvenate your foodie spirit in the city which has the widest choices in culinary trends and categories.


Streets of Bern        |        Image by Christophe Schindler from Pixabay 

One of the best features of the city is the layout. There is eerie magic of the gothic streets in Old Town as well as splendid views of hilly ranges from Gurten. Despite being densely populated, it allows the outstanding, picturesque of the region stand out. A contemporary touch along with the restored heritage brings out the contrast and enhances the grandeur of the city. The brilliance of Bern lies in the fact that it is tourist-friendly. You can explore a variety of hotel, lodges and stays that the town has to offer. So plan your perfect romantic weekend or a long family trip by unravelling your soul in the heart of Bern.

A journey is fruitful when it comes to easy and convenient travelling. A chirpy and bright is only one trip away so plan your ideal day by sorting your conveyance before-hand. Explore the majestic city of Bern by different means of commute as per your preference. Forget about any bumps in the road, literally, and look forward to a hassle-free trip with these modes of transfers.

Train,Bern     |        Image by  FlugZüge from flickr 

 Transfers from trains are one of the easiest ways of transportation in Bern because of its high density of railway network. The extensive chain of trains makes commute easy, quick and comfortable.  The main railway station is nestled in the heart of the city and allows transfers to all towns across Switzerland. Local trains and trams are also a great way to get around the city. The Bern Ticket offers free travelling in the public transport zones 100 and 101, which covers almost all the city. You can avail a free ticket for transportation around the city if you book any kind of accommodation in Bern. The convenience of transportation is another highlight as the ticket machines at the tram and bus stops show which routes the short journey ticket is valid for.


Bus,Bern        |        Image by FlugZüge from flickr 

Bern is connected to a good chain of buses making it easily accessible for everyone. If you are someone who does not have a lot of luggage with a budget to follow then this could be your go-to option.

Taxi services prove to be another important means of transportation when travelling in the city. Sit back and choose the kind of ride you want according to your preference. Rydeu offers its customers the best options for taxi transfers. From rides within a budget to premium ones, your comfort is one click away.

The stress of travelling reduces if your destination is easily accessible. Bern Airport lies at a distance of 10 kilometres from the city’s core. The airport is one of the most important modes of commute in Bern. It’s easy accessibility and proximity to the city makes it very popular for travelling purposes.

Battery Bus
Bus,Bern  |  Image by sludgegulper from flickr 

A chain of wide, extensive and fast networks of bus services is always running from the city to the airport. The ride is about 20 minutes long and affordable as it costs around 4 Swiss Franc and above. Grab a seat on the running bus and plan a trip to explore the beautiful city.

A train runs every 15 minutes ranging from 6.85SFr to 10SFr. The setting that comes with train transfers helps you to relax as well as enjoy the local scenery.  The well-connectivity, easy accessibility and hurdle-free ride is an excellent alternative mode of commute.

Ease your jet-lag by indulging in the comfort of private taxi services. A happy journey is one where you do not have to stress about your belongings or route, the taxi services keep that handy for you. Treat yourself with a short, sweet and relaxed trip with availing the taxi services provided by Rydeu. A lot of taxis run from the airport and Rydeu presents you with the best options that go with your choice, luggage and even mood. From premium rides to ones within a budget, Ryder promises to customize your trip for intercity transfers in Bern. So explore the alluring beauty of Bern after cutting short your time on transfer from Bern airport.

Bern is the perfect amalgamation of culture, cuisine and commute. From the preserved beauty of heritage sites to the outstanding modern-day architecture, the city will make you want to stay a little longer. The locals boast of the longest weather-sheltered shopping promenades in Europe. Here also lies the Bern landmark is the bear pit, where bears have been kept on display at the city’s expense since 1480. There are a lot of sights you can explore by accessing the network of local buses, trains and taxis.

Old Town,Bern        |        Image by Prof. Mortel from flickr 

1.  Old Town-

Located in the medieval centre of Bern is the beautiful Old Town. Also, listen to UNESCO’s listings of World Heritage Sites. It is jam-packed with about six kilometres long arcades, hiding shops, tourist-friendly bars, artsy cafes, fine dining, and excellent restaurants. The breathtaking Renaissance fountains with colourful figures and the glorified cathedral surrounded by picturesque rooftops bring out the aesthetic of the place.



Bern Cathedral,       |        Image by Prof. Mortel from flickr 

2. Bern Cathedral-

Enjoy the snow-capped Alps from the 100 meters high Cathedral that leaves you with a view that you will cherish for life. The insides are wide and of high-ceiling where you can admire the 16th-century carved choir stalls and the majestic “Dance of Death” stained glass window.



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