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The largest city of Germany, Berlin is the chief urban centre of the country. Germany's greenest city is surrounded by the state of Brandenburg, and is the most populous city of the European union. The city stretches across the banks of the river Spree, which flows into the river Havel. Courtesy to the rivers Spree, Dahme and Havel, Berlin comprises many lakes and southeastern boroughs throughout its stretch. With its 1/3rd area comprising forests, gardens, parks, rivers, lakes and canals, the city comes in a complete package for nature lovers!

Berlin City
Berlin City        |        Image by noelsch from pixabay

The city of Berlin made its way into the historical records for the very first time in the late 12th century. The city has great historical significance, and still sings the songs of its glorious historical past! From 1417 - 1701, Berlin became the capital of Margraviate of Brandenburg. The city also became the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich at different time periods in history! It was only after World War II that this majestic city was divided!

The city, traditional in its culture, is scientific, and is a land of politics and media! Berlin's flourishing economy is credited to its high-tech firms and the service sector, which includes a plethora of creative industries, research facilities, convention venues and media corporations! The high living standards of the people of the city are testament to the city's prosperity and an ever-so-flourishing economy!

City Architecture        |        Image by wal_17261 from pixabay

Although the city's first-ever written records date back to the late 12th century, Berlin's founding year is 1237. The city so majestic is no stranger to the tough times! Berlin witnessed its own downfall in the aftermath of the Thirty Years' War between 1618 and 1648. The city lost one-third of its houses and over a half of its population! Soon after, "The Great Elector" - Frederick William - introduced a policy that promoted immigration and religious intolerance in order to bring back the country on its feet and restore normalcy.

The city suffered the second wave of shock when it was briefly occupied by the Russian army during the Seven Years' War, under the rule of Fredrick II. 

The city's economy and population flourished during the Industrial revolution in the 19th century. Berlin emerged as the main railway hub and economic centre of Germany. The city further suffered a few shocks and damages during World War I, World War II and the Nazi Movement. Nevertheless, Berlin restored its normalcy and soon became better than it was before!

The city is enchanting and casts a spell on the ones who let themselves loose in its beautiful surroundings! With its exotic sightseeing places like The impressive Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building, Berlin Wall Memorial and the Museum Island, unique culture and delectable cuisines, Berlin is set to hold your hearts captive!

Rest assured, the city so historical yet modern, with all of its exquisite places and unique characteristics will definitely be worth your time and dime. If you do decide to explore the city, try and make your plans around the months from May to September.

Image by maja7777 from Pixabay


This historical symbol of a new era in German politics has survived wars, Nazis, fire, bombing and the country’s division in the past! Designed by Sir Norman Foster, Reichstag houses the German parliament! You can ferry yourself to this wondrous place by booking a comfortable ride with Rydeu! With multiple offers to choose from, riding to Reichstag with Rydeu will be the best decision you will have ever made.

Image by Caro Sodar from Pixabay


The city's most famous park, Tiergarten, covers a distance of 5 kilometers, and is in its prime in the spring and summer months! With a spot for sunbathing, beers, sausages, and monument-hunting, Tiergarten offers an adventurous day out to adventure enthusiasts! Book a ride with Rydeu to this wonderful place! Rydeu levies no hidden charges on its customers, and will prove to be your best travel-buddy.

Bathing Lakes

Brandenburg is a north-eastern state surrounding Berlin and a land of 3,000 lakes! With some lakes suitable for sunbathing and some for swimming, this spot is surely one of a kind! Don't ponder much! Book a customized ride with Rydeu, and be on your way to this interesting place!

Image by  rauter25 from flickr


Germany is a land of modern theatres, and Schaubühne is one of its many state-funded theatres! Founded in 1928, and built in Bauhaus style, it plays host to a number of famous regulars! Choose an offer and ride that suits you, ride with Rydeu to this amazing place and enjoy some theatrical performances under one of the most famous roofs!

Image by modi74 from Pixabay


One of the most famous flea markets in Berlin, Mauerpark sells everything from clothes by local designers to CDs with rare records! Since the prices keep rising, one needs to find the best time to explore the place! Rydeu offers taxi services to Mauerpark! With its 24*7 customer support and an offer cut-out for every touristy soul, Rydeu is definitely the best travel partner one could ever wish for!

Berlin is a mesmerizing city, soaked in ethereal beauty! The city casts a spell on the touristy souls with the innumerable awe-inspiring sightseeing places for them to explore.

Some of those amazingly wonderful places are -

Image by moerschy from Pixabay


Lehnitz is a place located in the German state of Brandenburg, in the administrative district of Oberhavel. The city is incredibly beautiful and is approximately 264 kilometers from Berlin! From Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz to Berlin TV Tower and Brandenburg Gate, Lehnitz entails awe-inspiring places for the tourists and travellers to explore!

Image by Thomas H. from Pixabay


A lake in the German city of Wandlitz, located in the state of Brandenburg, Wandlitzsee is a sight for soaring eyes! The lake is breathtakingly beautiful and is swarmed by the nature-lover touristy souls throughout the year! There are multiple eateries surrounding the lakes where one can satiate one's hunger pangs after spending some time by the lake!


A German biosphere reserve in the southeast of Berlin, Spreewald is a land of forests! The city has wetlands and canals along with a few museums, which showcase some extraordinary historical art and artifacts! From Dorfkirche Burg to Weidenburg Arena Salix, the city has a lot of amazing places! Rest assured, Spreewald is worth a visit!


Germany's eight most populous city, and the most populous city in the German state of Saxony, Leipzig is heaven for art-lovers! The city is laced with art galleries, museums and concert halls! Rest assured, Leipzig will be worth your time and money, and should definitely be on your itinerary!

Image by liggraphy from pixabay


A major port and a land of parks, Hamburg is a small and cozy city in northern Germany! The city is approximately 289 kilometers from Berlin, and has a plethora of incredibly wonderful sightseeing places like Speicherstadt, HafenCity, Elbphilharmonie and Planten un Blomen - to name a few!

Image by Heike Georg from Pixabay


An enigmatic locality in the southwestern Berlin borough of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Wannsee has two lakes - Großer Wannsee and Kleiner Wannsee - separated by the river Havel. From Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz and Liebermann-Villa am Wannsee to Schloss Glienicke and Evang. Kirche Peter Und Paul, Wannsee has amazing places to keep the touristy souls engrossed and entertained!

Image by sabrinafindeisen from pixabay


Approximately 30 kilometers' ride from Berlin will take you to this amazing city! Rüdersdorf is surrounded with the best of nature, and will surely prove to be of utmost liking to nature lovers! The city is famous for its lime-buring tradition and has some great sightseeing places like Pfarrkirche Rudersdorf -- Kath. Pfarrkirche Hl. Florian and Kunst Und Kultur In Der Tenne Krugleitnerhof to keep the tourists and travellers entertained!

Image by Anh Tuan Phan from Pixabay


By a trip of approximately 102 kilometres from Berlin, you can give your soul a chance to bask in the beauty of the German city of Dresden! The city, which is the capital of the state of Saxony, stands unique with its art galleries and museums! From the Zwinger Palace to Brühl’s Terrace, Dresden comes in a complete package of mind blowing places!

Image by LoboStudioHamburg / 398 images from pixabay


A ride of about 25 kilometers southwest of Berlin will take you to the enigmatic city of Potsdam! The city is the capital of the state of Brandenburg, and is nestled on the river Hazel. With Sanssouci Palace, Sanssouci Park, the New Palace and Pfaueninsel, Potsdam is a perfect day trip from Berlin!

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