Airport Transfers in Berlin

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Photo by Ingo Joseph from Pexels

Berlin Airport          |          mage by geraldfriedrich2 from pixabay

Named after Otto Lilienthal, The Berlin Tegel Airport is the main international airport in Berlin. The airport has been efficiently catering to the needs and wants of the customers for more than half a century now. The airport's premises were earlier a part of the Jungfernheide forest, which was used by the Prussians as a hunting ground, and it was only in 1906 that a hangar was built for testing airships. 

The Tegel airport shares a few memories dating back to the country's historical era! During World War I, the airport was dedicated to the military training of aerial reconnaissance, whereas during World War II, the airport was destroyed by the Allied air raids, soon after it had begun serving as a training ground for the military training of the Flak troops. 

Apart from the two famous wars, the Tegel airport played a key role in Berlin's part of the Cold War era.

Berlin Airport
Berlin Airport         |         Image by geraldfriedrich2 from pixabay

The airport, which has seen much destruction and devastation in its past, is now a place of wonder! It is so beautifully built and efficiently operated that no man could guess the tougher times that it has burnt through! 

The Tegel airport is one of a kind, and focuses on catering to the needs and wants of the tourists and travellers. The airport, though small, has a number of facilities to make sure that the touristy souls are comfortable and entertained! The airport has two airport lounges which you need to pay for accessing, a hotel within its premises, sleep cabins and pods, day rooms, free WiFi, showers and a few eateries and shops for some window shopping on the go!

With everything that has been mentioned above, we are sure you would have a memorable experience at the Berlin Tegel Airport!