Airport Transfers in Berlin

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Berlin ensures none of its tourists and travellers are left stranded! Hence, as soon as the touristy souls land at the airport, the city employs a plethora of airport transfer facilities that cater to them. 

Berlin, U-barn        |       Image by sikiuandrade from pixabay

The German city of Berlin has a myriad of options for airport transfers, which are streamed into public and private transportation systems. The public transport system, albeit convenient and affordable, is quite exhausting. The private transportation system, on the other hand, is very comfortable, luxurious and imbibes the touristy souls with the authentic vacation-vibes!

While the tegel airport to berlin city transport system's public transfer facilities include the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and buses, the private transfer facilities include self-driven cars, bikes and taxis!

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