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Squatting on the west coast of the country, Bergen is an alluring city and municipality in Vestland, known to be the second largest city in Norway, it sits on the peninsula of Bergenshalvøya. Also referred to as the city of seven mountains, Bergen is known to be the administrative centre of Vestland due to it being the economic, cultural and historical capital of the area. Dating back to 1070, the city was founded by the renowned king  Olav Kyrre and was named as Bjørgvin which stands for the green meadow amidst the mountains. Initially, the city was the capital of the country until the 13th century. 

Bergen        |        Image by Juan Enrique Gilardi from flickr 

Known to be an international hub for shipping, aquaculture, the subsea technology and the offshore petroleum industry, Bergen is also a national centre for tourism, media, finance and higher education. If you’re a soccer fan, you’re already aware of the name SK Brann which is considered to be the main football team of the city. In 1100 a castle was constructed on the northern top of the  Vågen harbour which helped Bergen in regaining its glory and becoming politically and commercially important. Tourism rate has immensely increased since when the notable buildings started coming in sight some of which includes the 12th century church of St. Mary’s, Bergenhus fortress and Håkonshallen. In 1979, Bergen was declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 


Streets of Bergen       |        Image by Martin Krajíček from Pixabay 

Home to some of the most prestigious universities such as Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, there are some places that simply have a lot to offer and we would be doing injustice if we wouldn’t be including Bergen in that list. West Norway Museum of Decorative Art has a collection worth drooling over, if you want to soak in all the beauty that this place has to offer, make sure to witness the Bergen International Music Festival which is held every year. 

 A visit to Bergen would bless you with the best meal of your life. The sneak peak into the city’s lifestyle would have you bursting with new energy and rare dishes that can be experienced only in the city. While in Bergen, make sure to try Fårikål or the Mutton Stew which is the gastronomic pride of the place, mutton and cabbage are layered in a huge pot along with peppercorns 

Best Time To Visit Bergen 

Although the west coast of the country is often surprisingly beautiful and seldom dramatic, make sure to pack a raincoat just in case. Numerous visitors choose to visit the city during the summer months that is from the months of May to September. The cherry trees around the Lille Lungegårdsvann area will bless your eyes with the most panoramic views of all time. 


Photo by Nextvoyage from Pexels

Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

With a dramatic view and jaw-dropping sight of the serene river flowing by, the colourful Tyskebryggen or the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf is known to be one of the most tourist attracting places in the city. Marked by several restaurants, workshops, studios and boutique shops, the narrow alleyways and an ancient wooden merchant is home to this UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a must visit for those who love to see an amalgamation of manual beauty mixed with natural one.

Image by  Dan Lundberg from flickr

Mount Fløyen (Fløyfjell)

In the northeastern direction of the country, you can find this glorious mountain with a peak of 319 metre. The panoramic view that the hill provides is irreplaceable and is to be witnessed either early in the morning or during the evening when the sun sets right into the arms of Mother Nature. Make sure to wear comfy shoes to reach at the top, if you’re more into exploring the city with the help of public transport, you can also opt for Fløibanen, an 844 metre long funicular railway that successfully transfers approximately a million of explorers to the zenith of the hill every year.

Image by denisbin from flickr

Grieg Museum (Troldhaugen)

A mini trek towards the southern direction from Bergen would land you at Troldhaugen, regarded to be the former house of the renowned Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg. Constructed in 1885, the home was nicely preserved and currently is home to the Grieg Museum. The composer lived along with his wife, Nina in the house which is now surrounded by a number of newly constructed homes to cherish the life and the work of Edvard. While visiting this place, the visitors can also explore the private workplace sitting by the lake and Troldsalen, a music performance hall.

Image by  Reading Tom from flickr

Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

Dating back to the 18th century when merchant homes resided, currently, this is one of the most significantly preserved one from that era. Finnegården has been a home to Hanseatic Museum since the very beginning. The building still has its original interior and has not been touched since the starting and features furnishings, weapons and equipment.

Image by Bernt Rostad from flickr

Bergenhus Fortress

Perhaps one of the most driving places and the dominating 16th century beauty that features the beauty in its truest forms is this fortress. Still considered to be one of the most significant structures in Scandinavia, a highlight of this fortress would include Haakon's Hall (Håkonshallen). The fortress was an asset of the king Håkon Håkonsson, the fortress was entirely damaged once which was fully reconstructed in 1950 after the damage. The impressive hall entertains visitors throughout the year.

Image by UltraView Admin from flickr


The fifth longest fjord in the world and the second longest in the country lies amidst the Vestland county in the region of Hardenger. Stretching from 179 kms from the Atlantic Ocean till the interior of Norwegian mountains. Fruit blossom during the springs draws beauty from the entire world and dangles it in the air in the form of the beautiful trees. Only through Instagram, you can dive into the serenity of this place, imagine witnessing the live beauty.

Image by AnneCN from flickr


On the southern shore of Maurangerfjord sits this beautiful and the largest village in the district of Mauranger in Kvinnherad municipality. Squatting on the deep valley with narrow mountains wrapping it, this village has been a major tourist attraction for more than 150 years. Book a day trip to Sundal with Rydeu and enjoy an exemplary trip.

Image by Visit Sognefjord from flickr


Called as the ‘king of all the fjords’ by the natives is the largest and the deepest chord in the country which is situated in the northern county in western part of the country. It stretches 204 kms inland from the northern coast of Bergen and is a must visit if you want to take your social media down with the most ecstatic pictures of all time. Important landmarks of Sognefjord include Nærøyfjord, Flåmsbana railways and Aurlandsfjord.

Image by TimOve from flickr


If you are visiting Norway but not including Ulvik in your itinerary, you better read this before deciding on missing out a place as magical as this. In the innermost reaches of Hardangerfjord, in the heart of the Apple growing region of the country lies this beautiful village which is framed by numerous mountains. A trip from Bergen to Ulvik will bless you with the most memorable trip of your life.

Image by  AnneCN from flickr


Often ignored by the visitors in comparison to its flashier siblings of Oslo, Bergen, Skudeneshavn is the heart and soul of Norway. Squatting over the northernmost zenith of Karmoy island in western part of the country, this is the most historical and beautiful town of Norway which is sometimes also referred to as ‘White Lady’ of Norway. So fellas, if you’re in the mood for some alone time in this beautiful town, go book a ride from Bergen to Skudeneshavn with Rydeu.

Image by Paul Skeie from flickr


In the borough of Arna in Bergen, Vestland County soars this alluring village which is situated in a close proximity to Lake Haukeland from where it extricates its beauty. There’s so much that the village has to offer to all the visitors that are read to take it all, one significant example of which is Espeland Falls.


Situated at a distance of 28 km from the city centre of Bergen, Krokeidet gastronomy is overflowing with a smorgasbord of various cultural influences and flavours that offer locals and visitors an incredible culinary experience.

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