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Click by Manuel Joseph from Pexels

Click by Manuel Joseph from Pexels

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Beijing City Guide and Airport Transfer Services 

Beijing is known as the window to Chinese culture, rewarding it as a popular tourist city in China. It has great economic significance as a trading hub for the country. The city is one of the ancient capitals of the world and is hence a wonderland for history buffs. In every sector, be it tourism, politics, art and culture, or infrastructure, Beijing has excelled. As you land at the airport in the city, take a Beijing airport transfer, like a Beijing airport taxi, and your trip to explore this amazing city starts with your first ride to the city centre.

Your ride from the airport to the city centre will give you a taste of the city's beauty. Rich in architecture, culture, and historical landmarks like The Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, and the iconic Great Wall of China, which passes through the North of the city, Beijing is full of tourist attractions. 

St. Peter’s Basilica
Bheihai Park, Beijing   |    Click by Xiquinho Silva from Flickr

Beijing has a vast and interesting history. It is one of the ancient cities in the world, which witnessed great reforming wars and revolutions. The first settlements in the city date back to 1046 BC during the Zhou Dynasty when it was just a small town. The city became the capital during the Liao Dynasty in 938 AD. Centuries passed by and Neijin happened to go through revolutions and reformations under six dynasties. In the wake of the 20th Century, Beijing went through urbanisation and the tourism industry, infrastructure, Governmental Affairs, and trade flourished. Many ancient buildings and places stand tall and proud to tell their tales to date. You can book private transfer services to go on a tour visiting those places.

Ancient marketplace, Beijing   |   Click by Dom Pates from Flickr

The city hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008 resulting in further enhancement in the infrastructure. The city that we see today, has reached great heights of advancement in every sector. 

Sightseeing in Beijing is the most fun way to explore the city. All the Beijing hotels like The Peninsula Beijing, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt Beijing, Novotel Beijing Peace, and DoubleTree by Hilton are some hotels that take usher and entertain guests with warmth and provide excellent hospitality services. With pools, loungers, bars, restaurants, spas, and luxurious rooms, the hotels never miss anything to take care of their guests. Take an airport transfer service provided by many private companies and governments from the airport and travel to your destination in the city conveniently. 

Be it street food or gourmet, Chinese cuisine is nestled in every corner of Beijing. Dumplings, Mongolian Hot Pot, Beijing Style Tofu, and Noodles known as Zhajiangmian are all the delish food dishes you must try when in Beijing. Take a private taxi for yourself and head on for a thrilling food spree for a day in this beautiful Chinese city.

Best Time to Visit Beijing 

If you have to pick a season to call the best time to visit Beijing, then that would be either Spring which starts from March and extends till May or it can be a mixture of summer and fall which is September and October. Those who can bear slightly hard hot days get to enjoy National Day celebrations, Moon worshipping festivals, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, each one possessing its own significance aligned with nature and nationality. 

Spring in Beijing lasts from March to May, which is the peak tourist season here; trees bloom with beautiful flowers during this season, a scene not to be missed when in Beijing. The temperatures are quite high with Beijing weather peaking in humidity. June to August is yet another favourite season for tourists to come to visit the city; get ready to bear the highest temperatures compared to other seasons that Beijing experiences.

Book Airport Transfer in Beijing 

Beijing is a city advanced in technology, with great infrastructure, and a flourishing tourism industry.

It has numerous tourist attractions that showcase the culture of the city. To get around the city, Beijing has an extensive network of transport which includes buses, subways, trains, taxis, and rental services. Beijing airport transfers are also easily available from the city to the airport and vice versa. 

Geneva transportation in tram
Subway, Beijing    |    Click by Jorge Láscar from Flickr


Beijing Subway is a vast transport system connecting multiple important locations in the city through its multiple lines. It is quite crowded during peak hours, which are early morning and in the evening when locals travel for their work and return home at respective times. There are a total of 27 lines at present including two dedicated to trams that run in the city. 

It is also a great form of airport transfer service if you are travelling solo or do not have heavy luggage with you. It is easier to navigate through subway lines as the signs are written in both Chinese and English languages.

Taxi, Beijing  |  Click by Michael Coghlan from Flickr

Beijing Taxi 

Taxis are a more personalised mode of transport in Beijing. You will see them on streets at every corner, taxi stands. You can hail them from anywhere in the city; write your destination in Chinese characters if you cannot convey it to the driver verbally. The taxis are metered making the rate game easier for tourists. Private taxis are available too in the city, you can find them online. 


The bus system is quite robust in Beijing. You will see Beijing buses running on the streets frequently carrying numerous passengers at a time. It is the primary option for the locals to travel in the city as it is convenient for short and long distances and is also affordable. 

The signs on buses are written in the Chinese majority of the sign making it difficult to understand for tourists, however, you can take help from the internet and also from locals to understand them. Buses also make a great form of airport transfer as they are frequent and cheaper than other forms of Beijing airport transfer options.


A traditional mode of transport, rickshaws in Beijing are still a popular mode of local transit. These are three-wheeled bicycle-like vehicles, pulled by a driver from the front. It is a convenient and fun option to go for sightseeing tours on these rickshaws. The drivers take you through the narrow lanes of Beijing showing you every interesting spot and attraction on the way.

It is advised to negotiate the fare before you board the rickshaw, the rates vary depending upon the distance to be covered and the area that you are travelling in, also the number of passengers boarding it.

Private taxi transfers are more personalised and have a feature of pre-booking as per your needs. Beijing airport taxis too are similar forms of airport transfer services that you can find online. One of the reasons why tourists prefer private taxis over other local modes of transport is that the taxis pick you up from the spot that you mark and drop at the predetermined spot by you. They have great deals and discounts too for every ride.

Beijing Airport Transfer and Private Taxi Services 

Beijing has two major airports that serve the city: Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport. Beijing, having an extensive network of transfer, has a strong transport system connecting the city route to the airports. Beijing airport transfers include buses, trains, and Beijing airport taxis. 

Battery Bus
Bus, Airport Transfer     |   Click by Daniel Bongardt from Flickr


Beijing airport shuttle buses operate between the airports and the city, multiple times a day. You can hop on these buses at the bus stops in the city. The ticket rates are pretty cheap compared to any other form of airport transfer in Beijing. Similarly, bus stations near the terminals at the airports, help you get to the city centre. It might get a little difficult to travel to airports by bus if you have heavy luggage, in such cases, you can always book a taxi in Beijing to the airport.

Beijing Airport Express Trains 

Beijing Airport express trains are a quick and convenient way of Beijing airport transfer. The trains run from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 and connect to multiple metro lines leading to the city centre. You get free Wi-Fi onboard throughout your journey, making the travel time more productive and entertaining. 

Beijing Airport Taxis 

Taxis are easily available at the Terminals of the airports. Make sure you convey the destination that you have to go to or the hotel name correctly if the driver speaks only Chinese. Taxis are a convenient mode of airport transfer in Beijing as they pick you up directly from the airport and drop you at your exact destination.

Private airport transfers like Beijing airport taxis, provided by private companies work the most. These are more personalised services that you can pre-book and schedule as per your flight landing and take-off timings. You also get an option to choose the vehicle that you want to travel in, which can vary as per the number of people travelling to or from the Beijing international airport. These are also good for Beijing sightseeing tours as they are you can plan them yourself. 

Explore Beijing Sightseeing 

Beijing is an ancient city with enormous options of tourist attractions to visit.

Beijing sightseeing tours are one of the easiest ways to explore the city. Book a private transfer like a private taxi, online, to go on your sightseeing tour. Once you land at the Beijing international airport, book a Beijing airport taxi provided by companies to reach your hotel. These private transfer services are quite popular in the city as they are widely used by tourists. 

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